[Suggestion] COV Scanner

  • Name: COV Scanner (Configurable Ore Value Scanner)

    The COV Scanner is a fully reprogramable OV Scanner. The COV Scanner maintains a private list of blocks/ores to detect with customizable ore values. The COV Scanner is also capable of negative ore values which deters miners from mining certain blocks including when the blocks are in the way of a desirable block. When calculating ore value around a player, negative ore values are excluded unless enabled by the player. Because of these higher level features, the range of the COV Scanner is reduced to a 7x7 area and additional power used based on how many ore value entries are currently stored. Scanning blocks into the COV Scanner's memory will also consume power.

    How to use:
    The COV Scanner automatically adds the ore values from the OV Scanner used in the recipe. When right-clicking while holding the M key, the player is presented with a list of usable commands to configure the player's COV Scanner. When right-clicking a block while sneaking (holding shift), the block's id and metadata is added to the COV Scanner's internal ore value list and the player can then enter the ore value and optionally remove the metadata. This means after construction of a COV Scanner, players will need to track down all the physical ore blocks they wish to include. Ore value entries can also be copied from COV Scanner to COV Scanner. The recipe for transferring entries is two COV Scanners in a vertical stack. The receiving COV Scanner is placed on top and the COV Scanner being copied from is placed on the bottom. Copying entries consumes power based on how many entries the COV Scanner being copied from has (capped at COV Scanner's max power storage).


    • /covs [help]
      Displays the list of commands for configuring a COV Scanner
    • /covs help <arg>
      Displays instructions on how to use the said command.
    • /covs select <index>
      Selects <index> in the COV Scanner's ore value list for quick editing. Default is -1 which automatically selects the last ore value entry added. When a new ore value entry is added by the player, the selected index is reset to default.
    • /covs list [<page>] [<amount>]
      Displays a list of <amount> ore value entries starting at <page>*<amount>.
    • /covs set [<index>] {id | meta | value} <value>
      Sets the id, metadata, or ore value for the ore value entry at <index> to <value>.
    • /covs clear [<index>] {meta | value}
      Deletes the metadata or ore value. Deleting the metadata would only have the COV Scanner match the block id. Deleting the ore value simply sets it to 0.
    • /covs remove [<index>]
      Removes the ore value entry.
    • /covs reset [yes]
      Wipes all ore value entries on the COV Scanner. Omitting "yes" tells the player to reenter the command with yes added at the end.

    I honestly haven't got a clue for a balanced recipe. I'm thinking something like this:
    :OD Scanner: = OV Scanner
    :Gold Dust: = Glowstone Dust
    :Glass Fibre: = Gold Cable

    :Gold Dust: :Gold Dust: :Gold Dust:
    :Advanced Circuit: :OD Scanner: :Advanced Circuit:
    :Glass Fibre: :Energy Crystal: :Glass Fibre:

    If the devs feel this is a tier 3 tool, I won't complain having the recipe use a lapotron crystal and glass fiber instead.

  • Ore-finding tools are kind of overpowered if not balanced very well. (mainly because of EE3).

    The concept is good, but the recipe and energy costs should be pretty well balanced.

    I also don't know how should the energy costs be calculated, but my suggestion for a more balanced recipe would be to make it Tier-3 and UUM only. Such as replacing 2 of the gold dust with UUM, and the other gold dust with glowstone dust, the theory being using the stimulation of UUM with energy to produce "rays" that detect ore blocks and use glowstone dust to "mark" them, then use the other UUM to detect number of "marked" blocks.

    Additionally, for such as powerful tool, it must be Tier-3, so lapotrons and glass fibre.

  • I don't see anything wrong with making this tier 3 even as 'vanilla' IC2, but EE is a crappy reason to make *any* balance decision, the right decision is not installing EE in the first place.

    I'd also suggest blacklisting lava and nether-rack so this doesn't introduce the nether-lava problems of other mods+geothermals.

  • 1. Good idea.
    2. No slash commands, please.
    3. Click "in air" should give out calculated value.
    4. Click on any block (solid, liquid, ...) should open GUI to set or delete value for such block.
    5. (May be) "M"-click to scan all ores in current position and open a GUI to show quantity and ask values. Great energy consumption.
    6. If possible compare blocks via "creative mid-click" result.

  • Wait, am I misunderstanding or you're also speaking of making an OV-scanner like with values that can be changed for each ore ? I know this is akready in the config but ... that could become really OP: just make: The ore you want the most 100000, the second 1000 ... so you're absolutely sure to find what you want (assuming on a 7*7 zone finding more than 99 Iron ore is impossible ^^) ... But in fact I like the Idea (that I already had, but didn't suggested because that could be done using configs), it just needs to be a bi more expensive and to consume a lot of energy :)

    Soon with Molten Salt Reactors, right ? :D

  • If used like Mat said, it could be OP, allowing for Ore-tracking.

    Oh, and ANYTHING is OP if EE3 is installed. simple as that. Diamonds out of dirt...

    Tough i like the idea, i fear it is highly exploitable.

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