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    well, if the devs just re-wrote the force-field code a bit and make said bits of (fake) wall 1 block ID w/ dmg values for a few blocks (stone, cobblestone, dirt, glass*,planks) it would be totally do-able, but it would pose the same problem as the force-field did, massive cpu usage for a large field.

    note: reduce the possible max. dimensions to 5x5x1

    a further note: having a toggle solid/nonsolid by redstone current wouldn't be simple, so, I say have the projector project fake blocks for the time being :/
    (throw on/off toggle on the back burner)


    if you could turn a log into 6 wooden planks, you could burn those in a genorator and get more energy than if you burned the logs into charcoal and used that.
    charcoal=4k EU
    1plank=750 EU (6planks=4.5k EU)
    and, when making charcoal, you have to supply your furnace with fuel or EU(electric furnace and induction furnace)

    Out of curiosity, I wonder if Eleron (Redpower mod creator) used separate Block IDs for all those vertical slabs, covers, pillars, and molding or if he/she managed to put them all under the Block ID of the whole version of the block.

    (insert facepalm here)**
    obviously, he/she only used a few, since there are only 255 block IDs possible in the first place, along with the fact that 100 or so of them are allready used by vanilla items, and he/she uses a bunch* for other parts of his/her Red power mod...

    *actually not that many
    **divide that by zero, thats how I feel when I read this question.

    well, this doesn't seem important enough to go and make my own thread about so ill say it here.

    a modified REstone block that, when placed to encircle a few blocks, the inside of this circle would be impervious to force fields, so that you could make archways thru forcefields that would always be open.

    RAR = 8Fblocks (field blocks? idk, im not very good at the whole creative naming thing :()
    A=advanced circuit

    EDIT: possibly replace the advanced circuit with a freq transmitter?

    the whole charge thing I don't like, tho I would like a sort of battery pants (so you can use em w/ a jetpack...)
    tho not crafting with batteries at all :3
    it would require Energy Crystals, since like, batteries are large and bulky.
    the recipe would be....


    R=redstone C=Cable E=Energy Crystal I=iron pants.

    it would hold.... 250k EU. (since some of the energy capacity of the crystals is lost during assembly*)

    *yeah, I just dissed steve's crafting skills. HAYO

    ahem, lets cut to the chase...
    re. stone is WAY TO FRICKIN EXPENSIVE!!! :cursing:
    to fully coat a reactor and make it safe takes a ton of iron, not to mention all that tin. ;(

    What i'm suggesting is a slight (+10) boost in blast resistance for re stone, and a new crafting recipe.
    3obsidian+1stone=1re stone. (shapeless)
    this would not replace the old 8stone+1plating = 8re stone...
    so, obsidian isn't entirely TO overpowered, since you would still need a ton to cover a reactor properly.

    ahem, I find no problem with the current system, and if you realy want to turn something off, remove a cable and stash it in a chest and replace it later...
    also, whats the problem with extra energy overflowing?

    I don't really like the sound of a super-compressor, im perfectly happy with using 2 compressors, I can throw a couple stacks of metal to be made into alloy in, and its overly easy to occupy myself with other stuff while they do there magic.

    what i'm trying to get at is, that compressing doesn't take much energy, and there's what... 4diffrent things to compress?
    sure, there's only so many things to smelt with an induction furnace or crush in a macerator, but that has to deal with o-so-important metal.
    and* im pretty sure everyone else would agree that the dev's time would be better spent on fixing bugs and working on T4 tech than on 'the thumper'

    *yeah, I just started a sentence with 'and' HAYO :thumbup: