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    Implementing something like this would be posible, but i bet the next suggestion would be to make these containers work with all machines (annoying modifications ned everywhere) ...

    sorry for not being specific enough, but this would be an item, not a block, that would store lava to be used in geothermal gen.s (mainly) and could be used to re-claim cells that you want back. (by emptying cells into tank, then using tank for watever)

    note: apon further brainstorming, possibly make the tank lava-only, making it easier to code and to be solely for geo-gens.

    (please note that I will refer to refined iron as steel)

    ok, people complain about how cells are only one use and make geothermal gen.s obsolete compared to a solar farm.
    no, not the ones that you ride around in and shoot rockets out of.
    the ones that hold fluids.
    the specifics:
    a tank would be crafted with 4tin in the corners and 4steel forming a chest-shape around an advanced circuit.
    the tank would have a damage value, like battery, and would hold up to 30units of liquid (mabye more/less, its debatable)
    you fill up the tank by right-clicking with it on water/lava, like cells.
    to take the fluid out, you can either put it in a geothermal gen. or put it in the crafting grid with an empty cell.
    but.. I want to keep the tank!
    no worries, the o-so-talented devs could implement a simple code to leave the tank in the crafting grid(reducing it's damage value)while using up the cell and producing a filled cell in the output of the grid, the reverse would also work, emptying cells into the tank.*

    note: this would add 3 items to the game: tank, lava tank, and water tank.
    when using an empty tank on a water block, it changes the tank into a water tank, with a damage value of 1, going up to a max. 30damage.
    using an empty tank on a lava block would change it into a lava tank with a damage value of 1, with a max 30.
    the emptying mechanism would work like the damage system of batteries (summing it up)

    I hope someone out there can decipher this and get the general idea. (sorry about my poor organization)

    *its done with saws in redpower, so its possible

    I'd say it'd be a more useful tool to a longer term player than a griefer, as it should probably have a similar amount of uses, just be rechargeable. It'd be easier for a griefer to get a lava bucket or a real flint and tinder.

    if you play legit for a while, then wait till theirs nobody around, then grief, you can get away with it sometimes :P

    I would not hate this, as it does not add more ores to the ground, which is annoying

    I still think it'd be kind of useless tho

    I dont like the whole useful-metal from useless-sand thing either, it was just a omgwtfbbqthatsoverpowerd moment that I had to reply to.

    You may hate me for this, but what would be more realistic AND easier would be to replace Tin with Aluminium. If you Wikipedia Tin you will see that it has very few modern uses, and the Aluminium basically does what Tin does in IC. Yes, the cable would need to be changed around, since aluminium is more conductive and tin cable can be made so cheaply. What could be done to balance out have Aluminium cable would be that you have to mine Bauxite Ore instead of Aluminium (which is how it is done) and then macerate it to get Aluminium dust, so that you can't just make High-Voltage-Low-Loss cables right off the bat.

    this has been stated many times, no ores that have 1 or 2 uses.

    so, I find that nukes are overly expensive, 5 :Uranium: for just 1 :Nuke TNT: ?

    suggestion: more refining, less resource input

    step 1: acquire uranium ore
    step 2: macecreate it (get... 2 uranium dust?)
    note: uranium dust would not be usable for fuel ingots
    step 3: mix uranium dust w/ gunpowder (3gunpower+1dust)
    step 4: acquire 2weapons-grade uranium
    step 5: mix 8 weapons-grade uranium w/ 1 UU matter
    step 6: acquire 8 explosive-uranium-units (EUU)
    step 7: place into empty cells
    step 8: compress
    step 9: use the EUU in place of gunpowder in regular TNT recipe.

    this process would do 2 things:
    1. make nukes cost more EU and less uranium ore
    2. reduce nuke griefing (cant just join a server, mine a bit, then blow it up, gotta hijack a lab first :P)

    note: I know theres a thread for a new nuke recipe allready, I got my idea from there, and I expanded a bit, by all means delete this thread.

    albaka has said that he doesn't want to add ores with just a few uses.

    instead I recomend a process of combining iron dust+tin dust=aluminum*

    1iron dust+2tin dust=1aluminum dust (smelt for ingots)

    *it may not work in real life but... its minecraft dude, did you lost your reality and found it in a video game?

    I would like to be able to substitute the diamond in the fiber cable recipes for an ender pearl (later to be eye of ender) and instead of the usual 4, get 1 cable instead (since ender pearls are easy to get :/)

    keep in mind that it would leave the regular recipes intact.

    EDIT: yep, overly cheap, how about replacing all the glass in a fibre recipe (leaving the diamond) would yield 1 extra cable? so 1diamond+2redstone+6pearls=5cables.

    EDIT2: okay, I enlarged the roof of my mod-farm to allow ender spawning, and I see your point on how many pearls you end up with, but w/ 6pearls=1cable while still having to use up a diamond... I see no problem there.

    I've found that in certain area, EE and IC2 play very well together. EE lets you turn cobble into redstone and coal to make your machines, and even provides lava for your GeoGen. Once you're collecting diamond for your dark matter, convert your diamond ore into gold ore, and then macerate it to get twice as many diamonds than placing and digging the diamond ore to get your diamonds.

    eh, 1gold ore=2gold dusts
    2 gold dusts=2 gold bars
    2 gold bars= 8 iron bars
    8 iron bars= 12 glowstone blocks
    12 glowstone blocks= 1.5gold ore.

    problem, physics?

    this would make the game run even slower, it takes a decently good CPU to run a small workspace without lag, because of the calculations of the EU per tick going thru wires and such, this idea would add yet another calculation for every single bit of wire.... just no, just, no.