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    He's talking about a modular energy storage device, one that you can throw your spare batteries and energy/lapotron crystals into and use like a Batbox or an MFE Transmitter. The alternate effects being that your crystals and batteries become charged, but taking them out also removes their storage from the unit's capacity.

    I think this is an all-around great idea and can see this as a replacement to our current energy storage devices. Not necessarily with the same recipe or number of slots that Hotbread came up with, mind you, but the concept is sound. Instead of having 3 different blocks for your energy storage, you have just ONE block and put better batteries in them and perhaps put in a transformer to change the voltage I/O. It's quite versatile, and you can tech it up by replacing the storage with better, higher-capacity components.

    I thank you, good sir, for digging through all my clumsy writing and finding the true core of what im trying to get at, and then refining and expanding on it.
    diamonds for you.
    wait... wheres the diamond smiley!?

    I myself play with optifine, to reduce the lag on my early-1600s PC, and it causes alot of mods (BTW, R-power, EQ-exchange) to have random textures from the normal textures.

    note on rubber trees: furnace face=just wood furnace side=full resin hole dispenser face=empty resin hole
    copper=gold ore
    tin=iron ore
    uranium=coal ore
    and all the machines and ect. have some odd textures...

    EDIT: using a texturepack wont help, incase your wondering, the textures will simply swap to the texturepack's variety of the item/texture.

    Soo... something similar to this?

    heh, I never looked in the add-ons section of the forum :S
    but, from what I can gather, that simply charges tools/smaller batteries from a single battery-unit.
    what im suggesting is a transformer/energy storage box combo that can be upgraded as you advance up the tech tree and make better batteries...

    so, today, I accidentally went and removed my LV transformer from my wiring system and replaced it with a MV transformver, It blew up MANY HOURS OF HARD WORK, so here's a solution I came up with:
    a new block MinecraftSheep
    what its called: MEUS (multi-energy-unit-storage)
    how it works:
    the MEUS takes power from all sides except for its output side, that's wrenchable to change what way its facing and ect.
    "but, what use is it if it doesn't store energy?"
    when rightclicked, it brings up a GUI with a 12 slot invintory and an 'output slot'
    now, when you place energy storage units 'RE batteries, energy crystals, lapatorn, ect.' into the MEUS, it uses those items to store/dispense energy.
    "so whats the output slot for?"
    im getting to that...
    the output slot would determine what voltage of electricity would be coming from the MEUS out of its output face!
    thank you
    (RE battery=low voltage, energy crystal=med. voltage, lapaton crystal=high voltage,and whenever the devs come up with tier 4 energy storage items, one of those in the output slot would make it send out extreme voltage. oh, and no output slot item=no output ;) )

    +easy to configure
    +never have to take out/place another block to change the output!
    +somewhere other than a chest to store all your high-tech crystals and lame-tin-batteries! (yeah I just dissed RE batteries HAYO)

    -lower energy storage than other units (batboxes, MFSUs, MFUs, ect.)
    -only takes low voltage

    "what!?! only low voltage!?!" :cursing:
    yes, I know you sneaky troll scientists, just waiting to make infinite energy in minecraft. HAYO 8o


    fine, heres a recipe I whipped up.

    "FFFFFFFFFFFFFF-" :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
    calm your rage, bro, heres a more reasonable recipe.

    note to self:

    *if your so low-tech as to not have steel, you can substitute it for refined iron.
    this may cause your crafting table to explode and spawn bipedal ghasts that will take over minecraftia

    IC2 was hard to code (im sure) didnt stop anyone.

    Yes, im pretty sure it was hard to code, but his idea for a pocket dimension would modify base classes and thats just what the devs dont want,
    also, it would add a ton of block IDs, and I would prefer that the devs keep working on getting rid of bugs and adding more T4 tech then coding an alternate dimension.

    the backpack mod is compatible w/ IC2...
    what it is


    interesting. not sure i like the ¨make a dungeon¨ idea. the rest was ok though. but it would need to be beyond the average dungeon. i meant a hard dungeon that you can only get into with a key made of uu matter or a hostile dimension that you can only get into wth tech, both have simmarly been done. and creepers are too easy. we need nucular robot creepers! this would make a good addon.

    sent from a device with tiny keys.

    well, what you are suggesting would be much harder to code, would add way to many block IDs, and would modify multiple base classes...

    what you suggest is overly complex and would take up way to much code, however, I have a much better idea:
    quantum explosive dungeon
    how to works:
    craft a dungeon 'TNT box'
    N=nuke M=Matter I=iri. plate L=lapatorn crystal (charged) G=matter Generator.

    after building said TNT, one would have to place it as a block, then run some sort of power cable to it (a fair distance away, to avoid what happens next...) and then power it with... say... 1K EU before it would activate... after activation, it would instantly build a dungeon of sorts(designed by the devs) that would have _lots_ of spawners, including creeper spawners, and some chests that would contain (in order of rarity...) scrap, coal dust, (all other dusts),copper/tin bars, iron/gold bars,redstone dust, copper/tin ore,uranium ore, gold/iron ore, Matter, Iri. plate, industrial diamonds, then finaly, actual diamondsMinecraftChicken .
    proposed details...
    a diamond block hidden somewhere in the dungeon.
    2-4 chests per dungeon, each chest slot has a 2.5% chance of an item, then for the how many items per stack...
    100-V=%chance to add another item to the stack, then the equation rolls again. (Q=current stack size, R=item rarity (see rarity chart) V=value, and thats QxR)

    rarity chart:
    coal dust=1
    other dusts=2
    copper/tin bars=2
    iron/gold bars=3
    redstone dust=3
    copper/tin ore=4
    uranium ore=4
    iron/gold ore=5
    Iri. plate=8

    also, chance for each item... (if the 2.5% roll works...)
    coal dust=25%
    other dusts=15%
    copper/tin bars=6%
    iron/gold bars=4%
    redstone dust=5%
    copper/tin ore=2.5%
    uranium ore=4%
    iron/gold ore=3%
    0.5% chance of the slot containing nothing :D (also elbow room to adjust % rates and to mabye add some new items(tier 4 tech? HAYO))

    with my little ity bity bit of coding knowledge, I know that you should be able to make this work without editing any base classes, even if its _very_ complicated...
    the whole idea is a very hard dungeon that doesnt generate naturaly (edited base classes MinecraftCreeper ) that is _very_ difficult, for us endgame people that realy have nothing to do with immunity armor and nano sabers, that is instead made.

    the whole logic idea behind the recipe is that you supply the matter generator with massive amounts of energy (the 4 charged lapaton crystals) to generate some mystery goop from another dimension that, when asploded* by the nuke, spread and multiply before the cell structures aline into some sort of hellish dungeon of monsters.... :wacko:

    *yep, I just invented a word HAYO

    so yeah, sorry for the lengthy explaination, but thats what I have to say.

    HAYO (just because I CAN)

    I thought about something like this last night, after seeing a suggestion for marble blocks, I thought,'hey, why not make the compressor compress smoothstone into marble?' make marble a damage value of smoothstone and wala! no new block IDs, all you would need is a new sprite (recolor of metal blocks?)

    HAYO....! ;(

    this is probably allready planned but...

    8 watermelon seeds = 1plantball
    or 8watermelon slices, but, theres all that water to think about... :|

    and here's my original(?) idea...

    8(or 9?) plantballs = 1slimeball, the idea behind it is that slimes are merely animated goop of ancient plant-life that had been buried in sediment, and then was rehydrated by ground water, and by random chance, came to life.* so, combining the plant matter, use Steve's super-awesome-crafting-skills** to convert said plantballs into a slimeball! HAYO! ***
    cuz, like, most minecraft players haven't seen slimes, EVER!

    *explains the special 'slime chunks' :huh:
    ***dont ask how steve simulates the whole 'millions of years of chemical changes' thing, or he shall be forced to terminate you. MinecraftChar

    I made a rubber tree farm and soon found myself swimming in an overly high ammount of sticky resin and rubber, so I thought, 'hey, coat a stick in tree sap and you got a torch'

    so, the idea is: 1sticky resin+1stick=64diamonds (or 4 torches)

    with my, albeit a bit poor, coding knowledge I think that this simple recipe should add almost nothing to the code, HAYO!

    sorry, I forgot to mention that if I just add said files minecraft crashes.

    note: not using any other mods besides modloader/modloadmp/forge and they are all up to date. (also deleted META-INF)

    edit: looks like my vanillacopy of minecraft that I keep copying off of was just shot from, well, being copied so much, downloaded a fresh one and it works now.

    note: also looks like its incompatible with scottools MinecraftCreeper