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    my thing is we already have a direct food crop(the melons) so there is no point to adding another crop that exists for no purpose other than food. now if alblaka adds apple cider to brewing or melon batteries I would change my opinion because it adds something that makes the two different

    Actually, apples are NOT a food source, they are much too weak (in terms of hunger re-generation) and rare for that. What they are FOR is to make golden apples which are not *food*, they are magical healing boosts. In light of that, IMHO this is an excellent crop idea.


    Lol, I usually just do this X( - with the mfsu set to emit if full

    HAHAHAHA!!! Wow... ahh simplicity, it is my friend :D

    P.S. Is the simpler method actually any worse?

    Anyways, so back to practical, easy suggestions for making biofuel "worth it" (where it uses only renewable resources and takes lots of effort for a better return than the other "green energies" [solar, wind, etc.]). Remember, I don't care if this makes it into IC2 or is an addon/added to another addon. I just think bio-fuel shouldn't use non-renewable tin, because that makes it a non-renewable energy source AND make bio-fuel UP.

    1. Tin cells are returned to a chest from canning operations when canning fuel from bio-fuel cells (and even coal-fuel cells if that makes you happy)
    pros- easy to implement, doesn't really imbalance anything
    cons- ...saves too much tin? Honestly, I can't think of anything bad about this one :P

    A. You can simply extract compressed plant clumps to get bio-fuel without needing to use cells at all (again, coal-fuel can be included in this if it makes you happy).
    pros- (not as) easy to implement, still balanced
    cons- requires 1(/2) new items and is contrary to the whole point of having cells/illogical
    B. If you extract bio-cells in an extractor that is adjacent to a canning machine with an empty fuel can in it, the canning machine will fill the fuel can and empty cells will be produced in the extractor instead of bio-fuel cells.
    pros- (I'm not actually sure if this one actually is) easy to implement, still balanced
    cons- complicated, weird, can lead to scenario where extractor stops working due to empty cells filling output, etc.

    3. ...And that's all I can think of at the current moment, other than overcomplicated/overlarge changes just to fix bio-fuel as an energy source.

    If any one else has some criticisms of these^^^or their own *easy to implement* suggestions, please post. ;)

    Flameanatorx, I really suggest you to use wind towers, otherwise space needed will be freaking huge [if you plan to expand it].
    And, you can use tin cables with newest wind tower design, except for sending through glass fiber cables to base [For a wind tower at height 181 and your base is at a mountain you will need about 16 diamonds [If you use redpower silver recipe]

    Hmm... I hadn't thought of the tin cable factor... So, I suppose that 149 is the best height for tin cable users as well, in other words, any one who doesn't want to use up too many diamonds just for wiring AND who doesn't want to build their base on the top of some kind of skyscraper. Which is probably most of us...

    And, as for the tower design, which I will probably end up using eventually, I will calculate all of that stuff later, I'm somewhat busy at the current moment :P

    Note: I assume that the suggestions forum section can also be used to suggest addons, right? If this isn't the appropriate place for that, then can some moderator please move the thread instead of deleting it?
    So, I've decided to revive an archived suggestion... specifically this one:


    Suggestion: re-using empty cells

    Now, before anyone points out that it has already been denied in the past, specifically by Alblaka-


    Cells were coded to be cheap one-use containers, for the sake of simple, stackable coding. No further discussion.

    I already know that... but that only means no further discussion for "vanilla IC2", yes? So, I suggest an addon that simply causes empty cells to be dumped/created in a chest (if there is one) that is adjacent to the machine that is "using up the cells." So, for example, if you put a chest next to a canning machine that is filling fuel cans from fuel cells, than the chest will have one empty cell added to it for each fuel cell used to fill the fuel can. This way, coal and bio-fuel energy uses fuel, NOT tin, to create EUs. In fact, the real annoying thing about cells being used up in the process of creating fuel, is that it is an additional, unneeded nerf to biofuel as opposed to coal.

    If you do the math it comes out that one bar of tin must be used up per about 11,000 EUs of energy created from biofuel! And since I know no one else wants to do the math that I already did, here it is:

    This means that now biofuel, which already gives you only 1/4 the output per effort to make fuel cans of coal, but now it also uses up a significant amount of tin just to produce any EUs?!? I completely agree with how weak the energy per resources used must be for balancing purposes:

    -coal is non-renewable and used for many valuable things, so it makes lots of energy when turned to fuel, epecially if you adulterate it

    -biofuel takes lots of effort (or use of forestry mod) for the amount of EUs it generates, but uses renewable resources, thus kind of like the water mill, because it is a renewable, but effort requiring energy source

    However, the use of cells means that for any energy needs whatsoever, using biofuel is somewhat tin-intensive and thus NOT renewable resource friendly! That completely takes away the point of biofuel. So, if anyone is willing to make an addon that just puts empty cells into chests after machine operations that use up cells (or even just from canning operations to fill fuel cans), I for one, would be very grateful.

    Note: I'm assuming here that this addon would be relatively easy to code.

    If you don't read the whole post, then please don't make comments, particularly ones like this:


    Nope, already denied noob.

    Or posts like this:


    Come on, it barely uses up any tin to do anything that requires cells. 8 tin ore creates a whole stack!

    Like I said in the whole post, when attempting to use biofuel (not with forestry), tin usage DOES become a significant nuisance, and I'm suggesting an addon, so "denied" comments are pointless.

    WOW... this is win ^^^. In fact, once gold is changed to be much more used and useful, I think that will give lots of uses to ALL of minecraft and IC2's precious resources, won't it? I mean, unless you count stuff like blaze rods and ghast tears... ;)

    Ok, so we all realize that there is a search function and we'll just assume using it is a given. However, an actually updated compendium is still much easier and also, can help people avoid suggestions that are similar to others, but named differently, because those would be missed by a search.

    I think it seems very nice... I'm assuming that the only "objections" to this are that it would take time to code and potentially not be worth it? Because it doesn't SEEM very difficult to add, though of course, I know very little whatsoever about coding...


    And maybe have iridium wiring, it has no electricity loss over each block, might even increase electricity over each block, able to withstand any voltage!

    LOL! Welcome to IC2 my friend... BTW, if that was a serious idea, you probably aren't going to like it here... at all. :|

    Summary of conclusions resulting from this thread's discussion:

    - solar is OP

    - If solar is OP so are all renewable's

    - If renewables become worthless, forestry, duh?

    - If anything nuclear is OP, but people are retarded

    - Solar is UP, but people are retarded

    - HELLO?!? Config file = win?

    - leave it to the devs

    Anything I missed?

    Wait a minute... aren't the EU/t from the generators configurable in the IC2 config file? So then this suggestion is pretty much pointless right, because it can be changed to whatever "balanced" amount anyone thinks it should be, right? Unless those generator numbers in the config are for something else...

    Thanks that you fixed it.
    I have to say that even with output being 6EU/t you will have a 0,02% chance every 6s to break a wind mill.
    Thunderstorms frequency is about one every 10 to 140 minutes
    It lasts for 3 to 10 minutes
    Considering the very low chance of having Max wind + Thunderstorm the chance to break a wind mill is a very small number, very next to zero.

    But i will use that for those who REALLY dont ever want to touch your wind mills again.

    So, for those who do mind having a tiny, INSIGNIFICANT chance of wind mill breakage, in other words those who need indefinite period of time, maintenance less energy provided by wind generators, who also don't use tower design, optimal hight is 149. However, I think that many/most people would be better served with the max 6 EU/t like was suggested above, because I believe the breakage chances are only 0.003...3% per second when thunderstorm plus 30 wind strength.

    - thunderstorms only 8.6...67% of time (average 6.5 minutes per every av. 75 minutes)
    - now down to 0.00028% per second
    - I don't know what chance it is to be 30 wind strength, but I'll assume it is, say, 5% chance.
    - Now we are down to 0.052% chance per hour to break our windmills
    - This means that there is a 1 in 2,000 chance per windmill per hour to break... insignificant

    Now, to redo calculations based on assumption that max of 6 EU/t is acceptable (for people like me anyways)-

    6 = 30 * (height - 64 - 2(for cables)) / 750 * 1.5

    6 = 0.06 * (height - 66)
    6 = 0.06height - 3.96
    0.06h = 9.96
    optimal height = 166

    With hight of 166, average EU/t is

    166 = 15 * (166 - 66) / 750 = 2 EU/t

    More power for more of the day and night than solar! *goes to install wind power*

    P.S. If I made some stupid mistake or something, please point it out :P

    Or you could allow both recipes... Just make two blocks? One with 150,000 storage increase and the other with 100,000... yes? (Since meta-data, it isn't like zero/one/two/twenty makes any difference for block ids, right?)

    Ey! Try measuring one water mill directly with EU-reader, if it has all water blocks [25] it will measure 0,25 EU/t for 16 ticks and 0 for 4 ticks [average 0,2 Eu/t]
    Just do a math, Total water mills x 0,2 EU/t

    Wind pros is its relative cheapness [cheaper than solar at least], its higher average output and that works all time.
    Wind cons is its difficulty to place efficiently.

    Ok, so if watermills only produce .2 EUs on average when fully surrounded by water and are a little less than half as expensive as solars, as well as working during the night, that makes them harder to setup, for less power production-per-cost, right? I think it deserves a little buff at least for the unmanned generation, because right now it does seem underpowered... Though obviously 1 EU per tick is NOT what I'm talking about, more like increase from .2 EUs (on average) to .3 EUs (on average)?

    With this ^^^ I think it's a great idea! Also, just to make sure no one abuses multiple carriers:

    - no jetpack use without exolegs+carrier equipped
    - no teleporting without exolegs+carrier equipped
    - extra carrier negative effect: increased "break rate of tools" (or EU drain [by 2x 4x 8x etc.]) <-- if hard to code obviously remove
    - extra carrier negative effect: decreased regular walk speed (if possible to code easily)
    - carrier negative effect stacking MULTIPLIES the effects (so 1C=2x, 2C=4x, 3C=8x, etc.)

    Also, since the quantum suit effects change speed, could the carriers? Or is that only because they use a special ability? If so could always make opening the carriers to store items activate a special effect to slow you down until all the items are removed, right?

    Anyways, I think that this whole idea is pretty much awesome.

    EDIT: Or, you could just make it so that you can only have 1 carrier in your inventory/equip :D
    If that's possible anyways...

    I would like to make a suggestion... Since some people are complaining about how OP it is, I suggest that you make 2 possible crafting recipes (per solar panel). The first recipe is the current recipe and the second is more expensive (suggested recipes below). They are each able to be disabled in a config file (or not if that's too much work). Also, I understand where these people are coming from. Making a large solar array is expensive from wiring, it is time consuming to design, build, fix all the mistakes, etc. AND it take up a ton of space. Figuring the current design uses enough extra materials (from the transformers) to take care of the non-space costs of a solar panel array, I figure that the more expensive recipe could use a bunch of extra wires to add the extra cost. How does this work? Like so -

    :) :Cable: :)

    :Cable: :Bronze Dust: :Cable: = 1 LV wire bundle

    :) :Cable: :)

    ( :) = nothing)
    ( :Cable: = un-insulated copper wire)
    ( :Bronze Dust: = redstone dust)

    This LV wire bundle would be combined with a LV transformer like so:

    :) :Electronic Circuit: :)

    :Electronic Circuit: :LV-Transformer: :Electronic Circuit: = 1 wired LV transformer

    :) :Electronic Circuit: :)

    ( :) = nothing)
    ( :Electronic Circuit: = LV wire bundle)
    ( :LV-Transformer: = 1 LV transformer)

    which is then use to create the LV solar array in the usual way

    :) :Cable: :)

    :Cable: :Gold Dust: :Cable: = 1 MV wire bundle

    :Cable: :Gold Dust: :Cable:

    ( :Cable: = un-insulated gold wire
    ( :Gold Dust: = glowstone dust)
    ( :) = nothing)

    This is used to craft a wired MV transformer like the wired LV transformer is created and which is then used to make the MV solar array in the usual way.

    :Glass Fibre: :Force Field: :Glass Fibre:

    :Glass Fibre: :Force Field: :Glass Fibre: = 1 HV wire bundle

    :Glass Fibre: :Force Field: :Glass Fibre:

    ( :Glass Fibre: = glass fibre cable [or whatever they're called now])
    ( :Force Field: = lapis lazuli)

    This is used for the wired HV transformer --> HV solar array.

    Obviously, the actual material costs can be changed for balancing and such, but I think it is a good option for those who think this is OP, and still solves the lag problems (and if anyone says that the fact that it doesn't lag needs to be accounted for with an additional cost, they are out of their mind ;) )

    I would say, that less changes are better. Assuming that the goal is being able to make gravel from cobblestone, I think that either-

    1. Adding cobble --(compresser)--> gravel


    2. Adding stone bricks --(macerator)--> gravel

    would solve your problem nicely. Though I'd be happy to accept yours as well, because gravel to flint would be pretty nice.

    Also, while we're on the subject of adding more base resource conversions, I think that a nice one would be:

    sandstone --(compresser)--> cobblestone/smooth stone

    and maybe even:

    gravel --(compresser)-- cobblestone/smooth stone

    That way, all of the base building supplies could be converted among one another.

    They should restore a small amount of hunger and a very large amount of "saturation". That way they are more useful for longer journeys. And for balancing, they could say, only retore hunger back to 8.5, or whatever. But, whatever the case, canned food needs two things-

    1. A use

    2. Its food, so a hunger use, not something that should be reserved to potions.

    So any suggestion that gives these 2 things (like mine) and is balanced (in MHO, like mine) is the way to go.