Make canning useful again

  • I always liked the idea of canning goods, first it was just wonderful to be able to stack food, but now that food is already stackable canning has really lost is need.
    I figured canning would be a great use for high density storage for food stuffs, by combining 6 to make a canned food pack like the battery pack. this way you can store 6 * 64 = 384 food items per storage slot.

  • have you actually TRIED canning food (and the eating it) before you came to post?

    canned food heals hearts, INSTANTLY. but does not restore hunger. its fine as it is. if anything it needs a nerf. a stack of 64 cans of food and you can tank ~4 hardmode zombies beating on you for almost 20 seconds with NO armour. 1 cooked beef = 4 cans, 1 Zombie Flesh = 1(2?) cans.

  • I'd prefer to have canned food be a food restorative rather than a free potion.

    Would allow us to construct canning factories that output food (the only real consumable in the game that could drive a possible economy)

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  • I think vanilla minecraft should limited food stacks (excluding cookies) to 16, since it is quite ridiculous how much you can currently carry. If that was the case, I think canned food would work fine, as long as it boosted hunger rather than hp.

  • They should restore a small amount of hunger and a very large amount of "saturation". That way they are more useful for longer journeys. And for balancing, they could say, only retore hunger back to 8.5, or whatever. But, whatever the case, canned food needs two things-

    1. A use

    2. Its food, so a hunger use, not something that should be reserved to potions.

    So any suggestion that gives these 2 things (like mine) and is balanced (in MHO, like mine) is the way to go.

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  • I agree.

    I think Canned Food should "overfeed" you a large amount, which makes it more potent as a food object.

    Still remember the convo ending with "No, stop bugging me, cables transmitting energy are totally not possible! Use the batterys."

  • What if using too much canned food (~5 cans-ish?) in a short span of time caused you to be unable to regain hunger temporarily (but not making it deplete faster), caused you to be unable to consume more canned food for a bit, and dealt half a heart of damage? Think of it as something like choking. If one chokes, they take a break from eating for a little bit, and may feel a bit of pain. Something like this would probably provide a balanced integration of canned food into the 1.8 food system. This way, if you're under attack by 17 zombies, you won't be nomming through 8 stacks of canned food before you win, but lose in a meaningful way.

    Also, maybe a 1-second delay between each can you eat?

    EDIT: Yes, I know that canned food doesn't restore hunger. I'm trying to say that using it too much should be detrimental to health recovery. Just in case anyone was confused by my opening point.