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    you would have to supply 2000 EU/t to maintain a constant shocking 2Km wire. good luck :P

    Not exactly, Two things you missed

    I'm not positive, but the Shock, might not occur every single tick, but every second, or possibly just every several ticks. In this case, it would obviously take much less.

    Second, The 2k EUs are not just lost, they just suffer some loss due to resistance. So you might have 1900 left afterwards, to pump back in next tick. That case says you just need 100 EU/t, not 2000 Eu/t.

    Well, there is a very effective but inefficient way of making a wall that can kill. Just make a HV line surrounding your base, then use the wire cutters to expose the wire. There you have it, A HV exposed line that on touching will electrocute anything that touches it.

    Why not just make plain HV wire? No need for wire cutters.

    20Eu/t, or 10 Eu/t on your sever/world, unless you skip nights.

    10 times the energy dumping? After all thats what most people use the Mass Fabricator for.

    Build 10 times the mass fabricators? Oh wait, We can dump as much power as we dang well please into it, with a soft cap of, uhm, 30k for maxiumum scrap amplification?

    This option in config would be good, but some ingame method better.

    Hmm, interesting idea. To an extent that is true, but to an extent it isn't. I imagine some people would set it to 9, where it is, but I would probably set it to just above sprint, or possible just above starve. I suppose that would be a good idea. question is what kind of mechanic for setting it. I would expect, holding it and using the same (M)ode change option, toggle between 9 bars, 5 bars (sprint point I think) and 1/2th bar, with the config allowing disableing of the 9 bar part.

    Actually, I think the best way to use it, would be to have it, on eating something that brings hunger to, say, 7+, to have it fill you to 10, and then wait till you drop below 5 to maintain it.

    Its an intesting problem, a bit more complex than I thought. still, the config option seems like a good start, at least.

    Name: Quantum Helm Hunger Trigger Config
    Description: A lot of people consider the Quantum helmet OP. I personally am unsure, but I do know that it uses a significant amount of energy to refill hunger, which might be better if instead it was filled with actual food.

    So, A config option, to set the amount of food quantum helmet fills you to. Anywhere from 0 to 20. (1 is a half pork)
    That way, you Can leave it at 18, so you regenerate, leave it at 1, so you just avoid starving to death, or perhaps 10, so you can sprint, but also can eat to regain regeneration. That would save energy, and could allow the wonderful *balance* argument to be unessesary, since everyone wins as a result of they setting it to what they want.

    Any reason we cant use something like reeds? you can walk through them, Shoot arrows through them, and they are certainly not air. Unless it is impossible to make it have NO model, In which case a tiny 2x2x2 yellow light thingy, which you can also click past (or though maybe) would work fine, eh? Then just give it too a ligt level of 15, and project them on activation, remove unsupported ones on deactivation (just in case two luminatiors project to the same spot)

    This addon isn't really necessary anymore, Now that we have loss-less wrench mode.However If it is true that the E-wrench doesn't work right in using bat-pack energy, then there certainly is an advantage to this, specifically, the ability to wrench multiple machines without recharging.

    The addon was most certainly crucial beforehand.

    Another mod most likely overwrote Forge code, try a fresh jar+mods folder and check if it still works after every additional mod.

    Yep, Most certainly interference from anouther mod. Going to add them oen at a time till I figure out which.
    Yep, Fixed, thanks.

    I didnt realize mods that were added on after, via the mods folder, could overwrite forge code. But then, Considering the difficulities i had, where a ton of mods got added twice before, I probably should have expected it (added once to the jar, and again via the mods folder, lol)

    When I hold a new item in game, It appears as the wrong item, E.g. nanosaber as gold bar. This was not formally the case in earlier versions, and seeing youtubers with the latest version without this problem, I am certain I made an insallation mistake. However, After spending two hours searching (and after actually finding something related earlier while setting up, which I cannot locate again) I am unable to locate any explaination or solution to this problem, although I think it may be related to mineforge. What did I do wrong installing?
    I additionally have no texture pack enabled.