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    This bug was also mentioned on the previous page by shadoskill, but no-one addressed it. I'm also having it. No ID troubles, just "Wrong return type in function".
    Complete error log below.

    Somewhere in that file it states ModLoaderMP 1.0.0. You need ModLoaderMP 1.1.X for it to work

    OK everybody. This is an EXTREMELY buggy beta for SMP, so I will list the bugs here and in the OP:

    The containers don't properly update.
    This means that at the moment, the original machines are useless. The Solar Arrays on the other hand produce their power in the tileentity, so they will properly produce power, but only externally, meaning these only work with cables, storage devices, and other machines. They will not, however work with batteries.

    If you find any other bugs feel free to post them and I'll look into them.

    OK guys, Beta 2 is out now. Fixes/Changes are as follows:

    • Shift-Click no longer causes crash. Still not quite right, but no accidental crashing.
    • The config file works again!
    • The Solar Arrays will give off appropriate power again!

    On the To-Do list are:

    • Implement explosion when the machines receive too much power.
    • Fix the drops of Solar Arrays (Will currently drop themselves in all cases).
    • Implement recipe config options.
    • Finish fixing Shift-Clicking quirks.

    Enjoy, and remember to post all unlisted bugs. They are easier to squash when I can see them.

    OK, calm down everyone. The mod is currently in an extremely buggy alpha version. All prior versions of this mod were deeply ingrained in the IC2 basecode, and the increasing difficulty in de/recompiling it has necessitated the recoding of this mod to only use the open-source API. This means that portions of the code are being completely rewritten to complete this task. Once the MAJOR bugs are removed, I'll probably post it up as a beta version. I'm hoping no later than Monday, but I make no promises. I will however post an update either way by then.

    To all patiently waiting for this mod to update, I'm working on it. There have been issues updating the way I have in the past, and I've begun re-doing my mod to simplify the process, and allow for faster updates in the future. Don't worry, I won't disappear again unless I let you guys know first.

    I'm not going to actually do it, but it lies in the TileEntityMiner class. This line:

    energy -= ((IChargeableItem)Item.itemsList[inventory[1].itemID]).giveEnergyTo(inventory[1], energy, 2, false);

    Note the highlighted number. That is the "tier" of the battery that it accepts. 1 means Batteries, 2 means Energy Crystals, and 3 means Lapotron Crystals. it will look "down" the tier list.

    First off, love the advanced solar panels. It's nice having 192 solar panel worth in 3 little squares.

    one request though: Any chance of getting the LV, MV and HV ones looking a little different so someone can tell them apart at a glance?

    That's what the bottom textures are for.

    ok, now I have a problem...

    Well you know that test HV array item... well now in one server I can't log into game because my player is in creative mode and thats to NEI bug it spawned that bugged item in my hand so thing is quite bad, I can't log in, and admin tried to remove the item from my bag but it didn't help either.

    so hmm, it seems things are quite complicated because of the item left in, I don't see why was it bad to remove it and release quick bugfix.

    It would have, except for the fact that TMI and NEI are not in my considerations when setting up these mods. Thus, the "glitched" block is a non-item, incapable of obtaining, and is safe. TMI and NEI break the game anyway, so if my mod confirms it, then oh well. As a note though, it'll be gone in the ported version.

    Dunno but I just saw direwolf's video too and they look cool. I wonder if induction furnace will be retrograded to the new scheme?

    I think the new part- solar arrays- is probably safe going forward for a bit. Smart move by you there zipp ;) to be honest when we were waiting for the 1.0 update al pretty much indicated that he'd be doing something "else" and now we can see what that is :)

    Most likely I think we should at least recompile for 1.1 with no new features, for upgraders. Maybe disable building them. What do you think zipp?

    If I disable recipes, it'd be a config setting. I'll also state that the initial update will be a simple port. As simple as porting a mod of a mod can be, that is.

    Dude post 3.0 aswell fuck sake. Some servers still use it dumbfuck and it's nowhere over the internet. Common sense idiot

    I'm going to wholeheartedly agree with these people:

    Woah, you mad bro? Seriously calm down, no need to get hostile.

    My, aren't we demanding?
    Forgive me for not recognizing you, but who the fuck are you? And who do you think you are?
    Do you expect you're going to get what you want by making demands and insulting people?
    News flash for you: You need this mod more than it needs you. If you ceased to exist, people would still use it.
    So stow the shit and jettison the attitude or your stay here will not be a welcome one.

    However, you have a valid point in that some servers still use 3.0. Therefore, I'll repost 3.0 client for anyone that may need it.

    Can you please post the mods, including ALL addons, so I can attempt to see if i can replicate the error.