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    I just set up a solar flower with a MFE so it can store energy, now I want to use my miner which is 8 blocks away and I figured that the Bat Box would be something in that 8 blocks so I can reduce the EU loss? If anyone knows how it work please tell me, much appreciated :D

    2 Solutions:

    1) Use glass-fiber cable.
    2) MFE -> LVT (<- 3 dot side) -> Miner [Problem is, you'd need to use gold cable between the MFE and LVT so... 2 gold insulated cable x2 + LVT + 4 copper cable = 7 total distance :( You could either use glass-fiber between the MFE and LVT to get more length, or add a batbox so LVT -> Batbox -> Miner]

    Additional Notes: Miners can't support Medium Voltage, so you'll need a LVT between the MFE and Miner regardless.


    FINER: Zip found.
    Oct 16, 2011 9:20:15 PM ModLoader init

    Sorry, i thought someone would help you here. Are there any .zip files in your .minecraft/mods folder that come alphabetically after RecipeBook (RedPower, for instance)?
    Cos it seems like you've got a bad .zip -somewhere- ... and modloader did find one after Recipe Book...

    I would suggest trying to run Minecraft without any/all mods that come after recipe book in alphabetical order, to see if that works.
    You could try deleting / re-downloading those .zip files and see if the new versions work.

    If there are no mods that come after RecipeBook, I'm stumped.

    You can always sleep. (wow, suddenly solars work 24/7... if you want it. I think being able to double the energy produced by something as easy as having a bed is super OP!)
    The water mill has an effective space requirement which is 18 to 26 times larger than the solar panel, and because of its special setup (21 water blocks) is thus much less mobile (and is harder to expand on).
    Do you think a design which is 259 times larger than a :Geothermal Generator: but yields almost the same is OP? k...
    Well I think a design (at the present :Water Mill: output) which is 987 times larger than a :Geothermal Generator: but only yields 11.5 EU/t is UP...
    If every water tower (12 :Water Mill: ) granted the same as maybe ½ a :Geothermal Generator: which would be ~=0.020 EU per water block. (Note: that is more than double the amount of :Generator: than for a setup with equal output using solars)

    TL;DR: To be balanced to both the Solar Panel and the Geothermal, the Water mill needs its output doubled (here space is a factor to be reckoned with).

    Water Mill output doubled? Well, at one point in IC1 the water mill recipe made 2 water mills instead of one, so maybe that needs to be brought back.


    Edit: Anyone tried making BC fill watermills with water? 2eu/t is quite neat...

    I've seen a vid where someone did this running 8 water mills with 2 pumps. Tested for myself last night with 1 pump and 1 water mill. Was easily able to set it up with just 2 wooden pipes and a gold pipe (to make it faster) along with 2 redstone engines, a batbox, few bits of cable and an IC Pump + chest. Now I just need to figure out how many water mills 1 pump can service. I plan on making an array with 8 water mills (which would only output 16 EU/t so 1/2 of a 32 solar panel array, or 100% day/night runtime on the solars) I expect it'll take up more space then a 32 panel array though, but require far less resources to produce. Might expand it to 16 water mills. [Though I'm going to cheat and use Zeldo's AdditionalPipes to make things easier on myself]

    Edit: Additional Notes: Even though the wiki says the pump is Teir 2 technology, MV does cause it to explode [as expected, blew one up before testing, just to prove a point] so maybe someone should fix that in the wiki. Also, it appears pumps use ~200 EU / cycle (so that amount would need to be reduced from the water mills output in my calculations, making them 1.8 1.6 EU/t instead of 2 EU/t). Also, unusual fact about the pump it still uses random amounts of energy when it's just sitting there sending a water fountain out above it [when there's no buckets/cells for it to fill], making the actual EU/cycle cost harder to calculate.

    :Iridium: :Iridium: :Iridium::MFE-Transmitter:
    :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk::Cable: :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk:
    :Iridium: :Iridium::Iridium: :Cable:
    :Reactor: :Cable::MFE-Transmitter: :Cable: :Cable: :Cable: [MF]

    Simple fix ^ (only 1/2 of the power will go to the "crystal charging station" MFE though.)

    :Iridium: :Iridium: :Iridium::MFE-Transmitter:
    :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk::Cable: :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk:
    :Iridium: :Iridium::Iridium: :Cable:
    :Reactor: :Cable: :Cable: :Cable: :MFE-Transmitter: :Cable: [MF]

    ^ With the MFE next to the Mass Fabricator being supplied with redstone power -might- make it work the way you intended (not sure though). [Also note: Cable length longer then 4]

    The 100% effective solution would be to supply the "crystal charging MFE" with redstone and have its output go to the Mass Fabricator. (or look into the Power Systems add-on )

    :MFE-Transmitter: :Cable: :Recycler: <Mass Fabricator
    :Cable: :Coal Chunk: :Coal Chunk:

    (Cable between MFE and Mass Fabricator optional) Then you could charge your energy crystals and get your UU matter in the same place (though I'm not sure how loud mass fabricators are now so noise might be an issue) .... If your charging MFE is next to a wall you could cheat the output to the mass fabricator through there and around the input cable and into the Mass Fabricator.

    Well If you're unsure if you have the dots going the right way:

    .........[Redstone Powered]
    MFSU --> HV Transformer --> EV over 500 blocks --> HV Transformer --> MV Transformer --> MFE Transmitter
    1 Dot -> .... 3 Dots -> .................................. <- 3 Dots ............... <- 3 Dots

    (I omitted the first bit with the MFE -> MVT)

    So basically, Is your MFSU pointing towards the first HVT? Also, are the rest of the input/outputs lined up the right way?

    Or, I'm not sure how compact your system is, but if the redstone powering the HVT is also powering the MFSU, it would prevent it the MFSU from sending power (until it's full).

    It seems like you've already figured out a solution, but people seem to forget the standard generator (even though it's the base for all the other generators including the water mill).

    You could have set-up an underground tree farm then wood -> charcoal -> generator. 1 stack of charcoal would be more power then 12 buckets of lava. (Though there's also the time to cut wood / smelt charcoal)

    As far as slow bat-pack recharge. You could place a batbox (or two) along the cable between your generator(s) and machines [or just supply them with redstone so they'd fill up].

    :Geothermal Generator:
    :Cable: :Batbox: (dot facing away from cable)
    :Induction Furnace: (machines)

    [A simplified example of a bat-pack charging batbox]

    First off I'll say I agree/disagree with you. I believe multiple smaller reactors are better then 1 large reactor (because you only get the cooling effect of exterior water once).
    Second: Somberled's Design

    I feel 2 chamber reactors are the best for a few reasons:
    1) 2 chambers gives you a place to put cables (for power output) as well as redstone input (in case you want to stop the reactor) without sacrificing any of the external cooling water blocks.
    2) You can pack them into a smaller area (vs big six chamber reactors [or really 3 or more chambers]) because they can share water cooling blocks efficiently.
    3) Cheaper to produce then either a 6-chamber reactor, or 2 single reactors.

    But honestly, it all comes down to personal preference. Some people prefer Mark II-1 reactors where they can just drop in some uranium and they'll get lots of power in the meantime, and won't be back before it cools off anyway. Others like Mark II reactors that can run as many cycles as possible before needing to cool down. Then there's people who would rather run a mark III and use complicated redstone circuits to turn them on/off to get more out of their uranium. (and we won't even mention the CA-SUC reactors)

    So basically everyone is different, and so are their nuclear reactor needs, but thankfully the IC2 nuclear reactor code is dynamic enough to allow people to use it as they see fit. Unlike in IC1 when you'd just drop in uranium and get 40 EU/t and just had to cross your fingers that your reactor wouldn't explode. IC2 > IC1 :)

    This is apparently NOT the case. When connecting 3 macators on one tin wire line, after supplying power from a generator, the tin wire line broke. From what you said, it should not have broken the tin wires since they can handle 3 EU and the macorators only require 2 EU each.

    I think you forgot that macerators have a 625 EU storage (enough to run 1 cycle), which would explain frying the tin wire.
    I'm not sure if the system would run fine with the macerators pre-charged (cos I'm not sure when/how the macerators actually use the power [might be 10 EU every 5 ticks instead of 2 EU per tick]).
    Basically as long as you use cables that support the output of your energy sending device, you'll be fine.

    As far as vs the IC1 power system, I think the IC2 power system is MUCH better. The recursive process for figuring out EU travel over every block of cable caused a lot more lag then the new system does.

    The only problem I have is when a machine doesn't have quite enough power to run continuously and will constantly start/stop and the sounds associated with that. (Though that could easily be solved improved by requiring the machines to have at least enough energy to run for 1 second before starting, or only starting the sound 1 second after the machine has been running)

    I'm surprised noone has mentioned it yet. Since 1 uranium can make 1 uranium cell, or 8 nearly-depleted uranium cells. Seems like you should be able to craft 8 nearly-depleted uranium cells into 1 uranium cell (for those of us who don't want to deal with breeders).

    I figure you could include a feeder system a la Kaso's glorious Nuclear Power Station. Except, instead of ice cubes, you'd feed in uranium cells. A few buildcraft pipes are no problem, and with EE (I know it's a little cheaty, but whatever) you can generate uranium and empty cells from matter generators pretty quickly. That just leaves periodically taking out any depleted cells. Maybe a quick addon to buildcraft to selectively remove them ... :P

    First off, kudos to you for taking an extremely good design and making it better. Second, I'd already planned to do what this above quote details (But I wasn't sure how much energy it takes to create matter). Third, there's an add-on for buildcraft that can deal with the nearly-depleted uranium cells, Buildcraft Additional Pipes .

    [I believe SpaceToad intends to add that functionality of the advanced wooded pipe to buildcraft... when he gets around to it.]

    In regards to the "mystery explosion":

    MV Transformers either send Medium Voltage or High Voltage (HV from the 3-dot side when powered with redstone, which it was)

    However, since there was nothing wired to the "output" side of the transformer. I'm pretty sure that the transformer decided to send a packet of MV to the pump next to it, causing the explosion.

    The waterfall effect at the end was a nice touch, it looked like an artesian well. Though I couldn't tell you where the water came from :P