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    The reactor probably 'ticks' exactly on the second in game. However there is no in game way of determining that alignment so the point is moot.

    This statement is not entirely true. As sequencers are synced to game time. A 0.25 sec Sequencer would pulse each side once per second. Then you'd just have to determine which side coincides with the reactor spitting out items.

    And, yes, I believe reactors pulse once per second [I think it's been mentioned], and I'm pretty sure that's when the items are spit out. Also I just tested a sequencer to be sure. It stayed on time with the reactor spitting out items, through world and chunk loading, so... yeah it's pretty solid. Also I got lucky and picked the right side when I placed the sequencer, happened to be the south side (if the sun rises in the east) though that may be different for each sequencer.

    @glasstables and breeders:
    I'm not sure if there's a specific post for it, though Albaka goes into the details in the nuke tutorial.
    Basically how it works out is you can figure out the number of cycles needed to enrich uranium based on reactor heat / number of nearby uranium.

    I'll just give you the ones for 3k heat (since I assume we're using this system)
    with just 1 uranium next to the isotope cell, it would take 2 cycles to recharge it.
    2 uranium next to isotope = 1 cycle
    3 = 2/3 of a cycle
    4 = 1/2 a cycle.
    http://forum.industrial-craft.…ad&postID=13642#post13642 for more details.

    Look, first things first.

    I already said ages ago what I knew of the timer issue, you guys really need to read more thoroughly. I said I didn't really know what it was exactly, that I thought it was more likely to be a problem with RP as a whole, not just the timers, and that it was excruciatingly rare, in addition to having nothing to do with chunk loading, log ins, etc. Did you read that or not? I hate to be so bitter, but it's frustrating. I know I ramble, maybe I can reduce the rambling to increase how much you guys actually read of my posts.

    The problem is I DID read what you've written about "the timer issue" or "rp issue" or whatever you want to call it. And I've always asked for more info because you've been very vague about it. So with the limited information I had, I ran a test. Hell the last time you even explained it, you just said you were on far render distance and 5 blocks away [now I didn't know if that was 5 blocks away from the device/timer/whatnot, or 5 blocks away from the maximum view distance since... you mentioned far render (and I usually run on normal cos I like a little fog)].

    You've also mentioned it was everything from timers slow down and start running slower then normal, to all of redpower just stops working completely.

    So, 1 foolish question: Is this a SSP or SMP issue? Because Eloraam already mentioned that she found an issue with timers on SMP and that it'll be fixed in the next prerelease.

    Since the problem is "excruciatingly rare" I suppose I could let Minecraft idle in the background simulating for over 24 hours, but idk how that'll help if I don't have the proper parameters for the conditions involved to re-create the issue. Though apparently it is completely separate from chunk loading or any sort of distance-based nonsense what-so-ever? And I might not even be on the proper platform to cause the issue (since I play on SSP).

    -- Usually if there's any problem it will find me, but I've yet to see this issue for myself. I have seen some other crazy stuff like duped buckets (but that seems fixed now that filters only run at 0.4 seconds) to ~9 buckets being bounced back for no apparent reason (though it might have been due to separate chunks). I've yet to have a reactor that was always stable through chunk loading become unstable, though I did have one I didn't even think was running (or I don't even know wtf reactor it was) explode. As well as a design that should have been stable that exploded. Currently these things are entirely too unpredictable for me to build another one legitly :P



    Second, my math is correct because its not just 12, its that 12*4, because those two rows can be changed out 4 times if timed correctly.

    Sorry thought it was a 4k heat breeder. Which would only recharge 1 set of isotope cells per cycle.

    Thx guys for replays.
    So the reactor testing prooved few things i was afraid off, if bucket supply arent constant, they can miss a time frame to cool down reactor, however they can make up for it prety fast, but if few time frames got missed, reactor blows. Solution, add buckets to system.

    I also may make a hybrid reactor with redpower 2 and BuildCraft as a proff of concept. (It should be way smaller, no need for powering towers)

    Also, engines look lke they working in in synch, they don't, which provides a sligtly faster refill, with 4 available slots i getting 5 a sec(insertion, cooling and extration nearly in same tick)

    Ya, I'm telling you my engines actually sync up and only pull out 1 bucket when all 3 hit at the same time. Just tested to be like "maybe it's 3 buckets on top of each other so it only looks like 1", but nope, broke the pipe, just 1 bucket flew out. Had the same thing happening on the other side, but one of the engines got slightly out of sync so it pulls 2 buckets from that side. Seriously I've got 6 engines, pulling out 3 total buckets when they hit (and there's plenty of buckets in the reactor cos I was just stress-testing the engines first. To see if my initial test with them was wrong (which, for me, it hasn't been so far).

    You cannot use other mods as a argument in balancing IC2. Maybe in the form of a addon.

    I got over 100 eu/tick pretty often with 36 windgens. Highest i have seen was 132 eu/tick. Its simple maths through. 36*4 = 144. So i havent even seen the max output yet.

    I'm starting to think there's a bug in the windgen function (since it can output 4 EU and pop tin cables) I think Alblaka plans to buff the tin cables to handle it even though windgens are supposed to send 0-3 EU/t, not 4... :P
    And I'm not sure if the Wiki is correct for windgens I know Talon did that back in IC1, so ... calculations might have changed [if you're claiming higher then 1.3 EU/t average @ optimum efficiency].

    I was just trying to chase down the "timer issue" I don't think it exists. Any weird glitches may be based on tubes or machine problems.

    I tested using a vanilla MC timer (just 2 repeaters) running alongside a redpower timer, having their outputs go to an AND and an XOR gate (which output to 2 seperate counters) got the two synced up, and could never get the XOR counter to go off [well cept the time I relogged, and the vanilla timer broke :P] so all-and-all redpower timers are just awesome. I was playing around at the view limit on far (where you can see chunks unload/reload) and could still see the circuitry working.

    Though, an interesting point, when I hooked up some lamps to see the outputs better (since redstone torches would burn out) when I got about 2 chunks away the lamps started "acting funny" and would blink randomly or stay lit, or one or both would turn off... though I could still see the pointer on the timer going around. Even the redstone wires behind the lamps (including the repeaters) would appear to be in whatever state the lamps indicated, though, it was merely a graphical issue as, everything was still working flawlessly. After removing the lamps I was able to get the repeaters to stop in a similar manner (with the RP timer appearing to work normally) once again, just a graphical display anomaly and the circuitry was still intact and operating normally.

    -Also the system worked fine when I'd run Minecraft in the background whilst tabbed out (like now) with the system still simulating. *checks* Yepp AND counter full, XOR empty *rotates AND timer*. Seriously I can't break it. Or all of redstone breaks, but like I said, I could watch the thing working from far away, and it was working...

    Idk how you managed the redstone engines like that [I tried building a 5 chamber reactor like this before, and my redstone engines all synced up and it'll only pull out 1 bucket per second (or however often redstone engines pulse)].

    Tested it again with the same results, drastic slowdown when the engines synced. (though 2 buckets per pulse, using the same system as yours with 3 redstone engines per 2 advanced wooden pipe). I reloaded the world which apparently made one of the engines slightly out of time with the other two on its side of the reactor giving 3 buckets / "second" total on speed, but... 6/sec? Idk just doesn't work for me.

    I made bucket-powered 16хwatermill electrostation with rp2 deployer, buildcraft engines and additional zeldo pipes. It's pretty simple and easy to build when you already know how!

    Ya but that feels like cheating lols, also it takes 4 mods and I was on the edge about using 3.

    I mean I know it -can- be done like that, it'd just be nicer if there were an easier way (for example if other mods saw the side of the watermill as the bottom slot, instead of top only and everything else is the top slot.. which is a bit confusing to begin with :P) Hell even if it was "just" the side that would put items into (and out of) the bottom slot everything would be much happier considering there's 4 sides... :P

    They dont produce 1.3 eu/tick average. I havent seen a windgen production go lower than 2 eu/tick. They produce like 3 eu/tick on average. I dont see you babysitting watermills just to get 1000 eu per bucket. You would be better off with 1 windgen on top of the world than having to man a watermill on bedrock level. The windgen will keep producing while you mine your stuff while watermills stop after a short time. I made a pretty nice windgen farm on my old world consisting of 36 windgens which made over 100 eu/tick (that includes the cable losses) most of the time. I rather run a simple wire down to than make a new nerfed watermill farm for energy.

    Btw 2 way transposer/filters sounds nice. That would make it possible to make a 4 chamber CASUC reactor with 2500 cooling capacity instead of the 3 chamber we have now.

    I guess we'll have to see what Eloraam does with the "item sorter" but I highly doubt it'll help. It's just kinda sad that I thought with buildcraft it was the side and the bottom that put buckets into the correct slot for a watermill.
    I could cheat and add buildcraft, I've already gotten pipes / tubes to hook up alright, so I could use filters to pull out the buckets, and pipes to send them in. [Though that would add another mod for the people who don't use RP2, IC and BC :P] ... Probably would make the setup a ton easier though... I'll have to make sure I'm remembering the pipes the right way first this time... before I go and build two failed devices :P
    Hrm pipes is top as well... guess it's the watermills that must have changed.

    Yeah, I recently built a reactor [it was going to be a display model for "how they work"] ... it exploded. I thought I might have done something wrong, or didn't have it all in one chunk.
    Maybe it was the "timer issue" You still haven't explained WHAT it is lols. Or I would actually test the shit. .. Redpower stops working... at points... yeah I'll try to see if I can cause that to happen... (it's probably happened for me but I didn't notice, or the reactor blew up and I was like "there goes another one" ... Hell I've had one blow up that, I don't even know what reactor it was or I didn't even think it was running... )

    I've only ever had a couple of these reactors that were actually stable [through chunk loading], so it almost seems like luck of the draw with me :P

    Also I think you have your math a little off, or you linked the wrong planners, cos you're using 18 uranium cells to recharge 12, so idk how you can think it'd cost 4 uranium for 2 1/2 cycles. Since the run cycle would require 12 additional uranium + the 12 cells you just bred. [Still seems like at least 18 uranium minimum for 2 cycles (and I think that's with counting the bred cells twice) *shrugs*].

    I actually did manage to screenshot the "idiot switch" I used on that reactor to make it impossible (or well probably near impossible) to run the reactor without the cooling system on.

    “You can't make anything idiot proof because idiots are so ingenious.”
    Ron Burns

    Lols, I had just thought about doing this [making an automated water-mill system using just redpower 2]. Since a deployer can fill 2.5 buckets / second, and a watermill uses 1 bucket every 25 seconds, theoretically 1 depolyer could run 10 watermills (I'd have it run 8 just to keep things safe). Just did some quick calculations, looks like I could make 16 watermill cluster in a 9x7x4 area. The problem is it'd take 1 filter per watermill [so basically increasing each watermills cost by 2 gold and 1 iron].

    So using 2 deployers, 18 filters, and 16 watermills to produce 32 EU/t.

    Edit: Comparing the resources to more conventional methods (like the 16 EU/t 32 solar panel array, a 2.33 efficiency 2 chamber reactor [35 EU/t], or a 2 efficiency 0 chamber reactor [20 EU/t]) seems like this system might be viable. -- Guess it would depend on how many buckets would be required to have everything running smoothly. [And how well the equi-distance splitting on tubes works]
    Ed2: Then I build the thing, and it's epic... then I find out you have to tube in from the top to have the buckets go to the bottom slot (also +1 bucket / filter). Time for a minor redesign.
    ----- Then I don't realize that you would need to use a filter/transposer from the top to pull said bucket back out.... So I don't think it's possible to do with redpower.

    Ok I've run into a slight issue, when I try to use the advanced insertion pipes to direct overflow from the reactor, the ice ignores the insertion pipe and continues straight into the reactor, just to pop out because the reactor is full.

    Yeah insertion pipes (and RP tubes) don't work right with reactors because of its variable inventory those add-ons don't know when it's "full".

    As far as filling up the chests with the overflow, I figure it doesn't really matter so you can just run stone pipes up to all the chests and eventually ice will get there (even though it'll choose the closer ones first) and it'll bypass any full chest and keep moving.

    Someone please help me with the issue I stated in the OP!

    Over-flowing ice issue? Well, 2 problems: 1 that download link doesn't work. 2 The catch system is probably just wrong.

    [Erg, got the link working (by copying the actual text), so you might wanna fix that, was going to a different location before. I'll see what's wrong with it.]
    Firstly, your overflow system is only being pumped into the first chest of the overflow storage (the one directly below the sign)
    Second, yeah seems really broken because some (maybe a lot) of the ice falls and lands on the pipe entering the reactor, so the items are hovering inside the reactor's block... I would suggest transposers, but it appears that you're not using redpower machine? (probably because it requires world... )

    I suggest trying one of the sides of the reactor. The bottom seems just bad because of the trapped items.

    Mine would simply shutdown if lag would cause it to malfunction. But so far i couldnt even make it shutdown not to mention meltdown. So i think this is a perfectly safe reactor now.

    Btw new screenshots in 1th post.

    Seems to work. Finally got MCedit to paste it in properly. Tested the shutdown circuit (cos when I looked at it, it didn't seem like it'd work [then I actually followed the wires to figure out what it did]).

    So yeah, as long as MCedit works, it works. Also, that's a lot of wires you have there :P and it's really hard to tell what's going on. Also when the shutdown turns off the reactor, the lamps still show that everything's working normally and you have to toggle the reactor lever to get the system to turn back on. [Or I assume those were supposed to be lamps there (I put some there) they were different IDs for me]


    Anyone wanna comment on whether or not they've also had the timer issue? Unless its just my computer... because I already know your reactors are susceptible, as I saw them blow up. Also, anyone wanna comment on a detection for if they screw up? If not, I'll do the minecart stuff on my own, but I'd like someone to give their ideas first before i waste my time doing something obsolete.

    I'm still confused about this "timer issue" as I've never had it happen to me. Unless you mean an ~ 1.8 - 3.6 second delay before the timers start up when a chunk is loaded [Though that may have been from 2 systems being on separate chunks].

    Seriously the closest thing to a "timer issue" I've had was in the first schematic you posted (which was more like a v1.1 not the 2.1 it stated.) Upon reloading the chunk the first time, it had accumulated ... iirc ~3-4 empty buckets, and the system was too slow to pull them out, so it'd never "gain" those buckets back. [Though I can't remember if that was a 3 or 4 chamber reactor, I just remember it had a lot of redundant systems... and it was right when pr3b came out]

    Does anyone have a saved file of an example of a really packed in area or even video screenshots etc? Right now this is how I generate power:

    This is the most efficient way I could think of generating power. But if you think I can save resources and Build as much per area or near that would kick ass.

    I was just messing around and designed a layout for a 27 x 51 solar array (using just tin cables). It did have some gaps though (so only 1359 panels .. which would need to be connected to a HVT *boggles*).
    I think I could do better, and possibly make it square... Ed: Looks like I can do 39x39.. Ed2: Still Gaps [1499 panels..]

    :Refined Iron: ... :Refined Iron:
    :Teleporter: :MFS-Unit: :Teleporter:
    :MFS-Unit: :Teleporter: :MFS-Unit: :Refined Iron:
    :Teleporter: :MFS-Unit: :Teleporter:
    :Refined Iron: ... :Refined Iron:

    More MFSU sharing, the middle teleporter would be the "main" one as it would get power from 4 MFSUs, the others would be secondaries as they would only be connected to 2 MFSUs each.

    I haven't actually used teleporters myself so I'm not sure where the redstone signal has to go, middle button may need to be moved.


    First, redstone engines never blow up. Ever. No matter how hot they get.

    Second, all my testing so far has shown that (with normal wooden pipes), redstone engines, when firing at the same time, pull out the same number of items. Maybe its something with the extra pipes, but with normal wooden pipes, synched redstone engines are fine. It probably has something to do with the extra pipes' filters.

    Allocators can run on a .2 timer, rapid pulsar, whatever.

    Um, First is wrong. Running on it's own a redstone engine won't blow up (but it also won't stay red) but if you boost it with a stone engine... it will go red (if you turn off the stone engine, the redstone engine will stay red for a while; however, if you leave the stone engine on, the redstone engine will explode). I tested it myself just to see I was like "will this blow up?" ~1 minute later it did. And the stone engine wasn't even yellow yet, so don't try to tell me the stone engine was the one that blew ;)


    First of all, i like this mod a lot and i’ve been playing it non stop since i found it, but i keep running into a slight snag every time i mine. My batpack runs out and i have so much more stuff to mine. Sure, some of you might want to remind me of single use bateries that you can use, but i use up a stack each time i want to recharge my batpack, and i wish there was a more high tech way to do it.

    Crazy idea: Just carry more batpacks? :) Since it'd take a stack of SU batteries to recharge one anyway.

    I know when I'd mine a lot with a batpack + diamond drill I'd usually carry an extra charged batpack or two. Though usually your inventory will fill up before you're even done with the second batpack. [Unless you have some way to handle all the items in your inventory, or a or a fairly close drop-off or recharging station :)]

    I currently have a test/prototype map up on my server with IC, BC, RP & the additional pipes. If you want to jump on to test SMP stuff, PM me your in-game name.

    I tested some in SSP with buildcraft pipes for this style of reactor, figuring I could go up to 5 chambers with just an advanced wooded pipe. I was able to decently rig up the BC pipes to RP tubes using obsidian pipes, however: redstone engines work pretty quick when they're all the way red, problem is they won't get that way on their own, they'll just fluctuate between orange/red [not to mention putting an item that could explode on its own next to a reactor system that's known for exploding... probably not a good idea]. Also, was using 4 engines on the wooded pipe, eventually they all synched up making the output really slow, as 4 engines hitting at the same time would still only pull 1 item out of the reactor.

    I might try with the allocator next just to see if it can run properly on a 0.2 timer, so that I might be able to have my 1500 heat reactor back.

    Rick , I tried the schematic you linked in the first post.. It exploded. [I think it's cos the levers revert to the off position or something, cos the reactor would be on, and would explode before I could figure out how to get up to the door and open it. Though it seemed like only 2 out of 3 times it'd explode right off the bat, a couple times I was able to get in and turn the reactor off (with the lever there) but it would still explode.]

    On an unrelated note, I wish the Additional Pipes advanced insertion pipe would work on reactors. It always sends buckets to the reactor and drops them on the ground instead of detecting that it's full and recirculating them. :( If that worked properly, it would remove the need for a big chunk of these cooling systems.

    Ya, the reactor space thing is an industrial craft issue I think, because it uses a function to determine the size of the reactor [3x6 + 1x6 / reactor chamber]. Or else red power would already work perfectly with it, as tubes avoid full inventories as well. If you're using buildcraft for it, you could just use an obsidian pipe where they land and stuff it back into the filling pipe (using an iron pipe obviously so it'd go the right way.)

    I found that a bit annoying as well. I tried to find a way around it, and even looked at the code, but I don't think there is since to use buildcraft and/or redpower to add items to the reactor it can't be 6 chambers, so the reactor could potentially always have more space. If we could pipe into the chambers instead of just the core, then it'd probably work perfectly and we wouldn't have the buckets flying out of the reactor.