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    This doesn't really have to do with realism... I'm just turning a real-life concept into a logical recipe that fulfills the requirements. There has to be some degree of realism in all the recipes - the kind called continuity. Electronics are made with circuitry, and run on electricity. That's one of IC2's most basic concepts, taken directly from RL applications, but turned into something fun to play with. I think making a sort of nuclear warhead instead of sand+uranium might fulfill the needs of making nukes more expensive.

    But hey - I didn't even bring it up first. Get on Boone's case for bringing it up rather than me.

    Yeah, that's right: this will be stupid if machines consuming rubber and crafting of buckets and redstone.

    Чувак, ты крут. :)
    Правда, костюм действительно очень дорогой, надо убить кучу еЭ и времени на материю (да и других материалов нехило так). В основном все тратится на солярку для шлема, на нагрудник терпимо.

    Sorry for being a n00b, but where can I change/add this code?

    Not only alloy, circuit and uranium, there must be an explosives. For example, 8 TNT around "Nuclear Bomb Core" (crafting from an alloy, circuit and uranium).


    -Breeders have to manage their heat automatically. That means no babysitting. Use heating cells to achieve this.

    Lol: Huge misunderstanding ^^
    Depleted Cells are produced by crafting grid (1--> 8) and Uranium cells in end of life.
    That's why I ... oh, **** I give it off ^^

    Umm... I feel no logic lol. Breeder can... breed the 10 uranium, but you need to add the coal dust first, plus, there are no "unused" cells at all.