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    Привет, Россия!
    I have same issue: I created a :Reactor: , and connect him with glass fibre cable. He's dissapeared (and MFSu too), and even without cable MFSu exploding.
    Machines drains energy to exploding, I scared at the first time... But in video I am lolled out, спасибо, автор.

    1. I do not understand... Oh, ok, now I'm understand.
    2. Yes, i have this bug too, but occur SOMETIMES, not ALWAYS.
    3. ...
    4. Author forgot about this, I think...
    5. Everybody have this annoying bug, there are 2 threads (one is mine).

    6. Use electric or induction furnace, they are faster and better.
    7. This is not a bug, you can survive everything ONLY with full set of armor.

    Hello. I have a problem: on extraction water cells turning into hydration cells. Where are the craft recipes? Why so few information about 1.106 update? :cursing:

    Ahem, by the way... :whistling: Just how to make coolant cell to craft booster upgrade?

    1. Reactor will not working without redstone signal.
    2. Yeah, sounds are bugged.
    3. See above.
    4. Will work only in 1.4.0.

    5. I don't know...
    6. Maybe world edit does not support Industrial Craft2.

    I have this same error and issue

    Forge 262, BC 3.2 Pre, Forestry, RC 6.1.2, NEI 1.4 (along with Chicken core), Iron chests Mystcraft, and Rei's minimap

    Wait... Maybe this is LWJGL error? I will check out...
    Dammit, updating LWJGL didn't solve a problem... Any ideas?

    Get rid of Modloader and Audiomod

    next time: READ THE FREAKING INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS. Namely, the ones that say to *ONLY* install Forge.

    Hey, hey, cool down. :|
    I also tried to install only Forge, but that does not help at all.
    But sound "whoonk" when stopping a machine plays normal.

    Well, I'm running clear IC2 with AudioMod and Forge. Will open to LAN and try out... but I am not sure.

    No, that's not gonna work... Oh god, where did I go so wrong?

    Hello. Sorry for the previous report, this is just Forge wrong version bug.
    I have new problem. I did not hear any sounds from IC2 (no :Chainsaw: idle sounds, no generator/machine loop etc.)
    How I am installed a mod:

    1. ModLoader.
    2. AudioMod.
    3. Universal Forge (correct version).
    4. IC2.

    META-INF deleted. I think AudioMod do not working without Flan's ModLoader, but if I am installing this after Forge, game just bugging.
    Soundfix didn't solve the problem. And, umm... On version 1.103 sounds working as normal, seems to be (again) Forge bug. :S

    Log? Here:

    2012-09-xx xx:xx:xx [INFO] [STDOUT] Channel null in method 'stop'
     2012-09-xx xx:xx:xx [INFO] [STDOUT] Error in class 'SourceLWJGL OpenAL'
     2012-09-xx xx:xx:xx [INFO] [STDOUT] Channel null in method 'stop'

    Sorry for errors in the topic, I am from Russia.

    Hello. I'm getting a problem on IC2 on 1.3.2.
    While Forge running, Mojang logo turning onto black screen without any code, sorry.
    META-INF deleted, so do not asking me for that.
    But if I'm deleting IC2, game running as normal. On IC2 1.103 game running as normal too.

    Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Russia.