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    Hello. I'm getting a problem with the dispenser.

    He should SHOOTING arrows, but he's just throwing it as normal item. This shit also happens with the snowballs.
    How to fix it?

    Close this, problem solved.


    Apparently I CAN craft the overclocker, but I cannot see it in my menu with creative mode on.

    You cannot see upgrades in the Creative mode, because they are useless in this mode. Try TooManyItems and find an upgrade.

    Nope. I have Vanillalauncher and i get this too

    Yeah, I'm using default launcher too, but error do not want to go away. :huh: I tried everything, but nothing helped. LWJGL update, another Forge, reinstall...

    First, this is INDUSTRIAL after all, why not just to take a little sip from soda bottle?..
    Second, it will gain one Hunger and potion effects.
    And third... just read the signature. Darn, I'm unlucky.

    Plus, previous topic have been thrown to the darkness and nobody have heard about it... You can throw this too, because nobody likes this. :Recycler: it.