[1.106]No sounds

  • HI, I've seen the ic2 code(don't blame me, just curious) and found out something:

    in the method onNetworkEvent in TileEntityElectricMachine

    the method soundSystem.playOnce works perfect ( that is where the machine stop sound come from )
    and problems happens in soundSource.play which are soundSystem.play

    I've see a post in https://github.com/Maescool/Catacomb-Snatch/pull/663 (From Google search), may be you should try using cull() rather than stop() method for the sound.(this.audioSource.stop())

  • That happened to be me, I don't really want to think I was ignored completely. You see, some kind of code would of had to be changed, because I have a working sound system in my mod. It works the same way IC2 does in the sense that it runs directly off of PaulsCode's SoundSystem. My mod is also similar to IC2 in the way that it creates a 'Sound' instance, just like IC2 creates an 'AudioSource' instance, for a certain object, in my case, a machine. I'm pretty sure I could sort this out if I saw the source code, but decompiling IC2 creates so many errors it's practically impossible to fix a sound-related bug.

    cull() may or may not fix, worth trying though.

    The problem resides in one of the following classes:



  • Guys, I did it. I found out what the problem is.

    AudioManager is for some reason not being ticked anymore inside of IC2.

    Code you need:



    put that inside of tickStart() between EnergyNet.onTick(world) and platform.profilerEndStartSection("Networking");

    it'll work, trust me.


  • Sorry for being a n00b, but where can I change/add this code?

  • Finally !!!! :D Thanks a lot.