[Suggestion] Nuclear reactor/crop almanac loot

  • This is just a small idea I had a. The Nuclear reactor and Crop system have lots of depth to them but the problem is that it feels really jarring to have to alt-tab out of the game and look up on the wiki about how to start working on these things. How about having a ingame book (Not sure if it's possible using the writable book system that Mojang recently added) that details some of the more basic attributes of these systems that you can find in chests? I think that would be a really cool treasure to find. Think of it as a more literal version of TC2's artifact system; except you could actually read the long-lost book and follow it's instructions rather than having it just basically be a buff for a random number generator. I'm not talking about a full elaborate write-up, but perhaps a basic getting started guide that would help players build their first one? or getting a basic crop system set up?

  • dont run in fullscreen, this will allow you to read wiki and play at same time.

    I know that, but as I said in my main post it takes you out of the game. I know lots of people play games like Minecraft to get sucked in and it ruins the atmosphere if you have to alt-tab out and look at a wiki.

    Or basically...having to rely on external guides to know how to even use something is really poor. This is a huge problem with the original Minecraft so I'm not blaming IC2 of course.

  • My solution is having three monitors, but that obviously doesn't solve your problem. You could try GregTech for a nuclear planner; not sure what crop stuff you need to constantly reference -- tiers/keywords of things you haven't crossbred yet? That might be a useful little add-on, if someone wants to write it.

  • an "Industrial Almanac" Would, in my opinion, be a very good and useful addition to the game.
    Maybe its contents would be reflected by its "lore" text (Subtext)

  • I used The Recipe Page in printed form to look at The Recipes. But actually I am using a application for recipies(You can use ****** guides without using ****** ;-)).

    Fixed Censored for other's sanity

  • Was that really necesarry?

    Is it really necessary to ask whether or not it was necessary?

    Is the answer to this question no?


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