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    I love Industrialcraft, and realize that a lot of work has been put into it. However its tileset leaves.. a lot to be desired. I have a hatred for the Iron Ingot texture, which it appears a lot of the machines were based on.

    So I went through and created my own tileset for it, this was done mostly in boredom at work, with a lot of time invested in it.


    =Special Thanks=
    Talonius - Not doable at all without his help, he put up with my constant harassment for weeks
    Warbaque - Random help in IRC and frequent feedback, a major help towards the tileset
    Player - For implementing the new texture system in 1.20 after listening to us argue about it, also for adding active states to energy storage/transformers ;) <3
    Al - For his awesome mod

    =Download Link=

    =Known Issues=
    -Copper Cables have weird textures on one of their faces, not sure how to fix that =/

    =To Do=
    -Mass Fabricator
    -Transformers/Energy Storage
    -Personal Chest/Sell o Matics
    -Any Cable past Copper
    -Redo of similar machines
    -Someday Buildcraft and Minefactory skins to match the rest

    -Have IC 1.2 or higher
    -Drop into Texturepacks Folder
    -Select it at menu

    =Contact Info and Donations=
    I'll keep track of this thread daily so post here all you want, I'll try to address concerns, comments, criticisms, etc.

    If you wish to donate (even $1 is nice) you can drop it in my Paypal at!

    I'd like to see this kinda thing done in steps.

    First step: Translation of Mobs into IC style (just simple skins)
    Creepers - Malfunctioning construction robots with a damaged core
    Endermen - Malfunctioning crane robots
    Skeletons - Unfinished humanoid robots with a rogue AI
    Zombies - Abandoned humanoid worker bots
    Slimes - (not much needed here, just living pollution/goo)

    Second step: Modification of Dungeons/Strongholds or implementation of new dungeons
    Contrary to popular belief it isn't actually THAT difficult to code worldgen things, its a pita, but making a simple "factory" that spawns randomly with stuff in it wouldn't be particularly super difficult, I think it could expand the game greatly.

    I like this suggestion despite also liking the advanced solar panel mod this would make much more sense as it never made sense to me that a single solar panel required a generator to craft

    I wasn't aware there was a mod enhancing them.

    And yea I'm in the same boat, I never liked how i had to build a separate generator, I'd rather feed it all into a single generator. I tend to build mine mostly underground just so I can see the panels themselves.

    Ok after seeing your idea, definitely vertical power allowed, I like that layout.

    And that recipe works as well.

    I like this idea, except that the recipe for the central solar panel suggests that it would generate power, unless you are supposed to put a panel on top. (in which case I do not like the recipe) Also, the solar panel directly on top of the generator ought not to deduct power imo.

    The base core doesn't generate power, so yea I should probably change the recipe (any suggestions for this recipe appreciated). Edit: Changed it to 2 cells, 2 iron, 2 cable, 2 glass, and a generator.

    I am unsure whether to allow panels to move power vertically, I kinda like the idea of a field of solar panels with a central "hub" shown in the middle, looks nicer. But if enough people agree with the idea of placing a panel right on top of the hub I see no reason why it shouldn't be able to have one (with no power loss)

    IC-SP 917 Solar generator
    In recent developments the research teams have managed to develop a new modular based solar based power generation system. It saves resources by allowing the creation and deployment of "panels" (half block solar panels) that feed power into a central "generation" unit that stores said power. What this allows is more expansive and cheaper solar generator flowers by only requiring a single generator to be fed from a field of panels. Note: Power cannot be moved from the panels except through other panels or through the core generator, and it will not enter cables from any point save for the generator module itself.

    For the purpose of this demonstration forget the current solar panel object ingame.

    Solar generator - generates no power, but takes power from all connected solar panels, exports power vertically.
    - Cable -
    Cable Electronic Circuit Cable
    Refined Iron Generator Refined Iron

    Solar panel - A half block device that generates 1 E/S during daylight, and outputs that power horizontally into other solar panels or the solar generator, cables connected to these WILL NOT TAKE POWER! Power must first be transfered into the central Solar Generato-r! Each Panel the power travels through will lessen the flow by .2 E/S.
    Coal Dust G Coal Dust
    G Coal Dust G
    Cable Refined Iron Cable

    Solar Panel Solar Panel Solar Panel Solar Panel Solar Panel Solar Panel MFE-Transmitter Solar Panel Solar Panel Solar Panel Solar Panel Solar Panel Solar Panel

    Solar Panel = Solar panel
    MFE-Transmitter = Solar generator
    # = E/S generated

    Power would pass from the ends of the wings horizontally to the solar generator core where it would be stored, once there it can be routed through cables.

    Each Solar Pane-l generates 1 E/S and loses .2 E/S per panel traveled through to reach the core, meaning past an 7x7 with a central solar generator you will not gain any power! If power has to travel through panels more than 5 away it will lose it in transit!

    This would allow us to construct very elaborate solar arrays that would look very sexy and be more accurate to real world solar arrays, instead of having to craft 300,000 solar generators, we'd create a single generator and an array of panels. (Panels would also be created using 3 wires at the bottom row instead of a generator and 2 wire) Could also implement a specific "solar voltage" wire that's used to move solar power between panels vertically or horizontally for weirdly shaped arrays.

    Example of how power flows:

    (Real solar arrays are sexy! And half block solar panels sexier!)