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    I have the same terrible habit. When I want to show everyone my suggestion, I overthink it and give everyone crafting recipes and stuff without really explaining the benefit of my suggestion. The crafting recipes may even make sense, but it does nothing to convey your point.

    What the heck is the point of making biofuel using such a complicated method when you can just use crops/trees/etc to make plantballs? I like the mad scientist aspect of playing God and engineering new bacterias, but there just isn't enough benefit there that can't be achieved through means already in the game or through the agriculture system.

    It can be a better ratio. Maybe 1:1. Also, you don't need tin and some EUs.

    My suggestion is being able to breed bacteria for many different uses. By being able to genetically modify bacteria or selective breeding, they will be able to do incredible things. To start, you need to craft a petri dish. You have to place a gel onto it and wait until bacteria starts to develop in it. Now, with a syringe, you can place in different chemicals extracted from many different objects to modify it. To get to it's DNA, you have to build a genome analyser machine. When you gets it DNA sequence, build a DNA splicer that will rip apart sections of DNA that you want and join it to other ones. Different types of bacteria have different effects. Some of these effects are to be able turn plants into biofuel. Of course, you should be to make a bacteria to release into the environment and kill flora and fauna. To mass produce the bacteria, make a tank. Place in chemicals and the bacteria and wait for it to grow. Depending on the type of bacteria, it will multiply. E.G, 1,2,4,8,,,,. Tanks can be infected by nearby tanks and produce dangerous products that would give Steve nausea and other nasty effects. However, all the dangers will be worth it of your bacteria turns out to be very beneficial. Suggestions for more effects are welcome! HAYO

    Petri dish-
    :Bronze Dust: :Rubber: :Copper Dust:
    :Copper Dust: :Copper Dust: :Copper Dust:

    :Copper Dust: = Glass
    :Rubber: = Empty

    :Refined Iron: :Rubber: :Refined Iron:
    :Refined Iron: :Rubber: :Refined Iron:
    :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron: :Refined Iron:

    :Rubber: = Empty
    :Refined Iron: = Refined Iron

    DNA splicer-
    :Advanced Furnace: :HV-Transformer: :Diamond Drill:
    :Iridium: :Advanced Machine: :Iridium:
    :Empty Cell: :Lava Cell: :Empty Cell:

    :Advanced Furnace: =Iron furnace
    :HV-Transformer: =HV transformer
    :Iridium: =Iridium
    :Advanced Machine: =Adv machine
    :Empty Cell: =petri dish
    :Lava Cell: =re-enriched uranium cell
    :Diamond Drill: =Diamond Drill

    Genome analyser-
    :Glass Fibre: :Copper Dust: :Glass Fibre:
    :Glass Fibre: :Advanced Furnace: :Glass Fibre:
    :Advanced Machine: :Empty Cell: :Advanced Machine:

    :Glass Fibre: =Glass fibre cable
    :Copper Dust: =Glass
    :Advanced Furnace: =Machine block
    :Advanced Machine: =adv machine block
    :Empty Cell: =petri dish

    I'm getting sort of the same problem. My set up is like this: Solar Panel Cable Batbox LV-Transformer Glass Fibre Glass Fibre Glass Fibre Glass Fibre MFE-Transmitter MFE-Transmitter MFE-Transmitter MFE-Transmitter . The transformers are set up correctly but the cable in between the LV transformers and MFE-units have only 32 EU's in them. HELP! ?(

    I am always bored of sitting in a mine cart waiting for
    ages to arrive at my destination. If we have all these high-tech machines, why
    can’t we have super fast electric trains?

    The run from power supplied from overhead wires. You can
    walk in them and sit down in seats. You can also go into the drivers cabin and
    control the train using the key board (like W for forward movement and S for

    They should go faster than mine carts and can explode if you
    overuse them.