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    "And then Hobbycraft set down his pickaxe and dropped to his knees, praying the holy Alblaka would bless him with the Industrialforce. But Ablaka, not being the merciful sort of deity, decided that his idea was bollocks and dropped the Hammer of Banning upon him..."

    also, it's spelled gist.

    One of the things that makes Industrialcraft an industrial mod is that it has nothing to do with anything mystical whatsoever, no potions, no enchantments, just cold hard industrial unforgive-ness.

    Now, you could suggest an addon for some strange device that happens to specifically affects the node/vis/flux of an area, maybe something like an Ozone regulator or something (something like that might conceivably reduce Flux in an area at an expense of power, enabling you to do more magic stuff).

    I want an experimental system where just knowing which ingredients to add won't necessarily give you what you want, and whatever you make won't be immediately named for your convenience.

    Say you want to make a poison, so you add a rotten eye and some soul sand, but instead of poison you got something that makes you hungry for brains (or whatever) when you try it. Later you find you need a mixture of 7% rotten eye and 75% soul sand to make a powerful poison. But the beauty of it would be the lack of a name, so you could then go to the Anvil and name it "Health Potion II".

    And it'd have to be dye-able as well, perhaps with the addition of industrial-strength coloring agents. Also it would be neat if you could add solidifying agents to the chemical mixtures to turn them into solid capsules or pills, so you could carry a full stack (or bottle) of them in compact form.

    *suggests implementing diabetes so people have to take insulin if all they do is eat sugary food like pumpkin pie and cake.

    I smell an IC2 addon coming. (I can't tell you how much I'd like to do this, but I am only a beginner with java and I don't think I could tackle it without months of investment).

    Hmm iridium tools...

    Iridium is incredibly heavy, so any hand tools you would make would be unwieldy and slow. However, iridium is damn near indestructible, at least in IC2 terms. Sooo.... Heavy Iridium tools with 8,000+ uses, speed of stone tools?

    If you're making a pickaxe, why does it need a lapotron crystal? Does it use power to glow or something stupid like that? Or maybe it generates resonant frequencies to shatter stone?

    I can't imagine wasting my iridium on a basic tool that isn't [close to] indestructible.

    Hey, I'd love to play with this mod, but it doesn't seem to work with IC2 .111 update. I'm using Forge (the most recent version for 1.4.5) if you need that for any reason.

    Heck, might as well wait for 1.4.6 Ic2 before updating...

    1. "Oh yeah, lets make a suit 1000000% times better than a nano to make nano completely useless and make the whole concept of BRANCHING totally useless! Yay"... *BITCHSLAP* And if you dare mention quatum suit in here i have the other bitchslap waiting for you.
    2. Who currs, hotbar filling its my way of giving it some balance to make it not ridiculous. Imagine an inventory full of laps for only 2 or 3 tools, why would i ever need to refill those bitches?

    1. Sorry, I thought the Quantum suit was better than a nanosuit, and I was trying to come up with alternatives that were just as or nearly as good. I didn't realize that when you upgrade something it should be just as good as the original. *sarcasm*
    2. How are you supposed to go mining with an inventory full of lapotron crystals? (also perhaps the power function should only work for certain tools, namely the chainsaw and drill. It would be totally unbalanced if you could charge up 30 lapotrons and go laser everyone's base on the map).

    yes, but I thought that since it takes lots of cobble for a little scrap, it was meant to be taking the trace valuables out and discarding the rest. since diamond is far richer in valuable material, it should produce more.

    I figured it used a plasma arc torch to "recycle" all the things, and the resulting slag is the "scrap". IRL they use the slag to make tar for roads.

    Guess what happens when you melt down a diamond? Yaaay charcoal!

    I kinda like the energy suit, but a few things i would change:

    -Defense from this suit is worse than nano suit (Not much, like 0.75x the def of the nano)
    -Only energy crystals in your hotbar are elegible to recharge your suit/tools, rationale being that when an item is in the hotbar its because you have it somewhere nearby like a pocket in your suit, and not in some weird infinite space limbo.

    1. The nano suit currently offers 90% damage reduction when worn, if you nerf it too hard you might as well just switch between nano chestplate + lappack. 85% reduction perhaps?
    2. I was thinking about that, but then I realized it wouldn't be as fun to have my hotbar filled with crystals. (Reminds me too much of the old days where you needed a charger for your electric tools).

    glowing tube at back of dead space suit have nothing with technology or energy manipulation, its console style HP indicator.

    personally i hate console shit, especially when console shit come to PC and someone call it nice feature.

    and your suggestion about energy consumption directly from inventory is rejected billion times.

    1. Yeah, anyone who has played Dead Space knows this, but in this implementation it would be used purely for aesthetics (Unless Alblaka could make that happen!)
    2. This is a little different from the "Want lappack + QSuit in 1 package" arguement. The idea is to add something new to the game that makes the game more enjoyable, without breaking the current game balance. Call it a Mining Suit if you want.

    If you want if made from Hazmat and add toggled invisibility (and Night Vision), then armor should not be increased at all.
    May be Environment Protection should be turned off in invisible mode.
    May be Single Use Battery will be "swallowed" to turn it to invisible for some time.

    1. Well, it'd be more like a Nanosuit that was upgraded with Hazmat suit features, I guess my wording was funny.
    2. Yeah, since the invisibility would take a lot of power, other forms of protection would be much weaker (perhaps it wouldn't offer armor while invisible, as well).
    3. A HUD indicator with suit power remaining would be useful, so you can see how much longer you can use the suit before it runs out of power.

    The infiltrator suit can have more things/different things:
    faster running (not as fast as Q-suit, but faster than usual speed, also either energy expensive or only for a few seconds every time), will make leggings more worthwhile.
    wall climbing (an ability like the spider has- would be useful for a quick escape, traversing terrain, and building tall building), wondering whether it's good for chest, leggings, boots, or item in inventory.
    jump boost (again, not quit as good as the Q-suit). basically making the boots the lesser Q boots.

    Actually, a true infiltrator suit would be more logically have these things rather than, say, fire protection, but that's just my personal opinion.

    Fire protection probably doesn't make much sense, but I threw it in since that's an easy one to add. I don't know how you would balance the sprint, perhaps it should win on flat ground against a QSuit, but it wouldn't have the quantum jump (which would allow the QSuit to beat the ISuit any day in a race).

    Instead of wall climbing, how about adding a new tool, like a Grapple? Functions like the fishing rod, but pulls you if you hit solid ground. Could do double duty in catching infiltrators, because you could Grapple them and pull them to you!

    Another possibility would be to make the parts of the q-suit and nano suit open up a gui when right-clicked in the hotbar and then choose upgrades to palce in. Upgrades like a power storage pack to power items, nightvision for the helmet etc. ...all upgrades using up a certain amount of power from the suit to balance them.

    This is a neat concept, but we run into the problem with the "QSuit upgraded with power storage" problem (It's too unbalanced).

    I know the subject of armored suits are subject to heavy debate by this forum, but I like to add my own flavor of suggestion to help people find the thin line between genius and crazy.

    Anywho, I propose an alternate upgrade path for armored suit wearers. A lot of progress has been made with the implementation of the Hazmat suit, which is an environmental rather than combat suit. The Nanosuit, a rechargeable combat suit, provides little environmental protection aside from fall damage protection (which it provides at a heavy cost). The only available upgrade for this suit is the Quantum Suit, a supposed end-all, be-all suit that provides both environmental and combat features as well as a HEFTY cost.

    Why not add a suit that provides more FEATURES rather than COMBAT EFFECTIVENESS, and do it at a lower cost to the player? The reason the QSuit is expensive is because it provides effective invulnerability for fairly long periods of time. The Hazmat suit is almost dirt cheap because it provides little physical protection from enemies (it's made almost entirely of renewables).

    So now we get to the crux of my post: the alternate path(s):
    -The Energy Suit.
    Remember Isaac's suit in Dead Space? How would you like that suit in Minecraft? A nice glowing tube on the back of what seems at first glance to be a Nanosuit. This suit taps into whatever 2nd-tier energy sources you have in your inventory, and allows you to use them to power your tools. Energy Crystals, BatPacks, Lappacks, they can all be used straight out of your inventory. This ability can even be toggled on and off in case you just want an armored suit. There is a drawback to this - that neat glowing tube on your back is a weakness! Explosions, projectiles, and physical attacks from behind will do additional damage to you.

    -The Infiltration Suit.
    This suit is pretty simple. It's a lightweight suit built up from a Hazmat suit, reinforced with carbon fiber plates a la nanosuit. In addition to providing compressed air underwater breathing, fire resistance, and fall damage resistance, the suit also has a toggleable invisibility functionality similar to the invisibility potion. The advantage is that the suit is also invisible while stealthed, whereas you must be naked to use the invisibility potion! Items held in your hand will still be visible, however. The Stealth functionality is fairly energy-expensive, but it can use Energy Crystals kept in your inventory. This suit could also be merged with Nightvision Goggles, whenever those get implemented.

    -The Camouflage Suit, A.k.a. the "I'll-never-look-at-a-creeper-the-same-way-ever-again", or "The TF2 Spy".
    Instead of this suit providing invisibility, it changes you appearance (along with hiding your name). You can choose from a variety of (reasonably-sized) mobs, or on SMP you can select the appearance (and name) of any player on the server (except OP's, unless they are OP as well). This suit would be much more stable than the infiltration suit, due to the entire suit power grid focusing on micro-projection. This could be incredibly fun for sneaking or goofing around, since many players are expecting certain behaviors from mobs.

    -The Detection Suit, A.k.a. "The High Tech".
    This is a suit with advanced electronics in the helmet to provide special functions such as object tracking, target identification (yes, it would work through the Camo suit and Infiltration suit, but regular mechanics would still apply), reticles encircling potential targets. This suit would also have additional modes for sight, including night-vision and thermal-vision. Unlike the other suits, the Detection suit only provides a minor armor improvement over plain Nano armor. The suit would also be visually striking and easy to identify in a battle. The main feature would be object tracking & lock-on. The lock-on system would function much like auto-aim, when you aim it would compensate for your & your enemies' movements, so if you for instance fired a mining laser at them, if they maintained current trajectory, it would nail em right in the chest.

    (How could I not have thought of this one sooner??)
    -The Rocket Suit.
    This guy is much like the Qsuit, but instead of providing quantum jumping, it provides :Electric Jetpack: (Quantum?) jetpack-ing. The jetpack function would be significantly more expensive than the electric jetpack, since the jetpack had to be integrated into a form-fitting suit. Additionally, the suit does not provide 100% invulnerability like the Qsuit, but it does provide a very high quality protection.

    P.S. - I would like to see this implemented because it would provide for some unique new experiences in Minecraft, especially in SMP.

    And ... to you two, what do you think about pickaxe crafted from cubic meter of cobble stone ? Of machine integrated certainly complex sysetm crafted with 8 Refined Iron Ingot ... to me it makes sense, but not more than crafting a nuke with gunpowder and Ura. I think the best way to improve the nuke would be to make it more expensive, Tier 2/3-based --> harder to get for grieffers/PvP users.

    Which brings us back to the recipe I suggested in the first place: Advanced alloy, circuits, and of course Uranium. The alternative to this would be to use only Re-Enriched Uranium so you have to go through and use the Uranium in a reactor, then get a depleted rod, then re-enrich it in a breeder in order to make a nuke. This would make nukes very time consuming, but it would also mean players could get a constant stream of uranium by using a breeder. This is why I recommend adding an Advanced Circuit in the nuke crafting recipe to make the recipe require non-renewable materials.

    I have played around with the magnetizers some (on the versions where they actually worked), and I really love them when you have it working.

    I suggest a few changes to the magnetizer mechanics:
    -Magnetizers emit pulses (similar to how EU travels in wires). Each "pulse" would require EU and would push the player up a certain distance, perhaps a few blocks. Multiple players could ride the same pulse in case of SMP. Stacking Magnetizers would increase the number of pulses, or you could spread the magnetizers out so when the players goes out of range of one magnetizer, the second one kicks in.

    -Pulses travel up poles, but not down. This would help alleviate coding issues. You'll need a magnetizer at the bottom of the pole if you plan to start at the bottom.

    -When a player descends a pole, the magnetizer emits pulses to slow the players' descent, but it will not reverse their direction. Not sure if this is possible in code, but it would be a nice feature. An alternative is to have players slide slowly down un-magnetized poles, so they can have a similar method of transport to get back down.

    How about a "Suit Config" menu brought up by a hotkey that enables some advanced suit controls/key config. Adding this feature would also make it easier to implement more late-game suits with unique features (like a cloaking suit that activates by hotkey).

    In this config menu for the Quantum Suit, you would have the ability to:
    -enable/disable suit features such as fall protection, hunger replenishment, and super jump/sprint.
    -Set hotkeys for suit actions (such as the current option in the Config file to switch between hotkey-based super sprinting and sprint-based super sprint)
    -Change the settings around automatic hunger replenishment. Want it to only maintain 60% food bar so you can eat beef? No problem, just move the slider to 60%. Want it to only replenish on a hotkey? No problem.

    The current power usage isn't too much of a nerf IMO, but it shouldn't maintain 100% by default so you can never supplement it with your own food. I can only run around for about 15 minutes before I need to refill my helmet, even if my pants and boots are 99%+.

    Perhaps in addition to this convenient lag-reducing there could be a SIGNIFICANT damage penalty for smacking into an entity or block. An arrow to a fuel tank might cause it to rupture and explode. This would give it the edge it needs, just as the incredible danger of fall damage for the jetpack keeps it interesting.

    Please do not speak about realis on this forum (The word isn't here, but ... it deals with realism).
    The point is just to think about how the Nuke could be more hard to get/especially for grieffers. Or the opposite, for those that want the Nuke cheaper (I won't say what I thik about them ...)

    This doesn't really have to do with realism... I'm just turning a real-life concept into a logical recipe that fulfills the requirements. There has to be some degree of realism in all the recipes - the kind called continuity. Electronics are made with circuitry, and run on electricity. That's one of IC2's most basic concepts, taken directly from RL applications, but turned into something fun to play with. I think making a sort of nuclear warhead instead of sand+uranium might fulfill the needs of making nukes more expensive.

    But hey - I didn't even bring it up first. Get on Boone's case for bringing it up rather than me.

    I wonder if players lagging in fly mode due to chunk loading is fixed with minecraft 1.3 (since it's loaded as a MP server, it's likely the server will refuse to load chunks if it will cause too much load on the disk). I have myself noticed a significant increase in the amount of time it takes to load chunks. They still get there, but at multiplayer-server pace instead of the previous singleplayer speed.

    Quantum suits are the ultimate (so far) method of transportation, it would be unbalanced if lesser-tech could get around faster (without a MUCH bigger set of rockets!). A single quantum leap at full sprint could probably get you 80 blocks in <1 second, but a rocket hang glider would go much slower, and probably more smoothly! I was imagining something around 2-3 times faster than sprinting on the ground, with perhaps some sort of afterburner that pushes it a bit faster than that (Better fuel as well?).
    It's not even about whether or not Alblaka likes it, I just like contributing my ideas and helping Alblaka come up with more ideas. Although I'd love to see people flying around in these!

    Not only alloy, circuit and uranium, there must be an explosives. For example, 8 TNT around "Nuclear Bomb Core" (crafting from an alloy, circuit and uranium).

    No, there doesn't need to be an explosive. If you look at designs of atom bombs, there are many variations. The kind you are talking about is the implosion assembly method. I am talking about the gun-type assembly, which is overall a much safer design. Besides, an "advanced" circuit that deals with the enormous powers of the MFSU and other high level machinery should be able to provide a sufficient current to trigger a nuclear core.

    Advanced/Better/New Jetpacks have already been suggested. I don't know if they have been denied or simply ignored.

    It's not a jetpack. it's a hang glider attached to a jetpack.

    I don't understand this at all. We've had quantum sprint since Industrialcraft 2 and everyone is still going on about chunk loading? If you can quantum jump as much as you like, then a hang glider that travels significantly slower should be of no issue whatsoever.

    Have you EVER crashed minecraft by simply loading chunks? If so, you probably have another problem, such as not allowing Java enough memory.

    This is NOT a good reason for NOT adding a better way to fly, besides the highly expensive quantum suits.

    Are you feeling completely insane? Tired of swimming in your chests full of diamonds and refined iron? Well, how about you put your hard-earned resources to use! Instead of digging underground like a star-nosed mole rat, how about you take to the skies in an incredibly dangerous contraption!

    Presenting: the rocket-powered hang glider!

    How come nobody has thought of this before? The most inconvenient thing about a hang glider is the lack of lift. So, we'll strap on twin booster rockets providing upwards of 30,000 Gibbl of thrust!

    By combining the incredibly inefficient fossil-fueled jetpack with a more modern hang-glider design and horizontal movement, we can create a machine that is capable of doing much more than give you the ability to walk in midair!

    Key features:
    -Allows for rapid travel, unlike the jetpack which only goes as fast as you can walk
    -Has slow vertical travel, as gliders are supposed to. The disadvantage is you have to float to the ground instead of plunge like a jetpack
    -Looks awesome.