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    What would happen if I right clicked a tin wire with the packets from 80 solar panels flowing through it? I doubt that information could be displayed on-screen in a meaningful way.

    What I would personally like to see changed with the EC-Meter is that when you measure storage devices (batbox, MFE) that have power running through them, the number of the EC-Meter is not artificially doubled (because currently EC-Meter measures both input and output currents and adds them together).

    Well, obviously more bread would be OP. But here in Industrialcraft we like to improve on the primitive life we are usually stuck with in Minecraft. So, instead of that sucky peasant-bread, why don't we have some sort of way to use those tasty wheats to make some high effectiveness super-bread? Perhaps 3 flour, 1 bucket of water,& 1 egg.

    But why stop there, when we have so many item ID's to fill?
    How about some sort of combined lunch, 1 super-bread, 1 apple, 1 steak/porkchop/fish/chicken, and 1 seeds (sprouts, bro) makes a delicious pack lunch that restores 6 food, and provides 5 hearts of healing instantly! Of course, this bad boy can't be canned, because his purpose is to provide you an extremely dense, high calorie meal that can be kept in mass quantities for super long exploratory voyages.

    I mean, if you REALLY wanted to go all-out, you could make the crafting totally open-ended. I bet the pixel artists would be nuts for making a thousand different foods in 16x16 pixel art. (XD)

    This makes me think of Valve's interpretation of adding weapons to Team Fortress 2. They wanted to make the gameplay more interesting without making it unbalanced (they totally failed but whatever), so for a particular weapon they would give it a simultaneous buff and nerf. More damage, less ammo. Faster attack speed, some weird side effect. Etc, etc.

    I saw a similar feature put to use in Thaumcraft, in which you use rare artifacts you discover to have a (small) chance to discover a blueprint for a new item. Now, imo that was extremely annoying to do.

    I think a more fun way would be to have a guaranteed system (like experience/the enchanting table, only industrial-ish), except you would have a higher chance of getting a dud item rather than a fair item. When trying to upgrade a diamond drill, you may unintentionally cause it to be unable to mine sand/gravel faster than a wooden shovel, but maybe it breaks obsidian 2x as fast. What if you could even upgrade it once more, with a chance to remove the nerf/make the buff stronger? Or even completely change the stats?

    I don't see this playing out past tools and armor though... There just aren't enough stats on the IC2 blocks to mess around with.

    I have the same terrible habit. When I want to show everyone my suggestion, I overthink it and give everyone crafting recipes and stuff without really explaining the benefit of my suggestion. The crafting recipes may even make sense, but it does nothing to convey your point.

    What the heck is the point of making biofuel using such a complicated method when you can just use crops/trees/etc to make plantballs? I like the mad scientist aspect of playing God and engineering new bacterias, but there just isn't enough benefit there that can't be achieved through means already in the game or through the agriculture system.

    More importantly, what version were you running? I have had a server with 24/7 uptime for the last few months, going all the way back to 1.71. They all leak over time, but maybe half a gig at most (the server has 4GB so that may have something to do with it). Maybe garbage collection is relaxed with massively expanded max memory for java?

    I ran a short experiment trying out my fancy new pair of static boots. Figuring that since they were so extremely cheap, they must generate only a tiny amount over a lot of walking, I proposed a test to see how much power they would generate. With my empty bat-pack and empty drill I set off running around my island several times, running through my horizontal mineshaft, running up and down stairs, the like.

    After about 10 minutes of this I stopped and placed some dirt blocks to drill. Now, you have to break the first block with 0 power before the drill gets a charge from the bat-pack. However, the drill didn't get enough power to break the next dirt block at regular speed! So 10 minutes of walking/sprinting/jumping didn't even get me 250EU. I was hoping for a little better that wastes arguably the most valuable slot in your armor (prevents fall damage, hayo!).

    My question is, how is the power generation of static boots calculated, and how much power can I expect from them? Also, I would like to know how much power the solar helmet generates, since it seems to be MUCH less than a standard solar panel. Or maybe it just doesn't work underneath leaves, because I only use it when I'm outside hacking down trees.

    How about a vertical bed that you place on the wall sort of like on the space stations, except it has all sorts of fancy medical equipment in there to help aid your healing. Also, in the OP's recipe, wtf is the feather for? To tickle you back to health in your sleep? lol.

    Perhaps you'd craft it with a bed, a circuit (of course), and an alloy plate for the fancy medical equipment.

    It would be nice to have the resin wood just so we can have floors be the same color and style as our staircases and half blocks. These new wood colors are playing havoc with my designs, because the staircases/half-steps only come in one color.

    Also just FYI, resin-infused wood burns much hotter and more violently than standard wood. Now, chemically treated wood could potentially have reduced flammability, depending on the treatment. Maybe the resin would just have some natural chemical in it that makes the wood less inflammable?

    I don't really agree with the CF-spray being that expensive... early-mid game you are getting your macerator/furnace/extractor/compressor so its about that time you expand your base or build a larger one, so CFspray fits right into that time frame. Having an even more primitive version that you could make your first house out of would be a neat way to increase your building options, though. Imo it definitely should not have any sort of blast resistance advantage over cobble, because you are using the spray for convenience and barely paying anything for it, at that.

    I'd like to see some sort of resin infused sawdust that you can spray on your floor and make a tidy, uniform floor that can be painted. It wouldn't fill an entire block, just the top surface of your floor (similar to how you paint the CFwall).

    How does only working during a thunderstorm count as not having a limitation? wtf? Solar panels work every single day, and provide clean and constant power. No, the real problem with lightning rods is that to be even relatively balanced, it would have to generate a huge amount of power for a lightning strike, and they don't scale well (for obvious reasons). The lightning rod is denied because it isn't useful, not because it isn't a cool idea.

    Ok, so when I first posted this I was playing with IC2, Plasmacraft, and Twilight Forest. I found out that Plasmacraft screws up a whole lot of things in the game, including the dropping of saplings/apples when you are harvesting trees. I removed it to fix a variety of problems, and I started getting saplings and apples again.

    I don't think leaves you place manually have a chance to drop apples. I've destroyed about a hundred in a treehouse project and I haven't even seen an extra sapling. Also, I think that even if they did drop saplings and apples it would be a much faster process to simply plant a huge forest and chainsaw it all down than to try and place every single leaf block you got... On another note, who really needs all those leaves anyways? Maybe it's going to be an easier way to get biomass for bio cells?

    Maybe change it so that if one person sleeps, it turns to day. That way anyone can change it to day, too bad for the people fighting monsters at night.

    How about a "Quantum World Decelerator" that with a huge amount of power will slow down time XD. That would be so rad! Run up and slay skeletons, who are moving too slowly to even have time to turn to you!

    I don't say that is ridiculous amount... i simply say that a single player will take the risk and the effort to build such a thing only for the satisfaction to say "i build it", because he never use all that power alone... i can't imagine an use for fully impiegate this machine in single player, it's 10 times more dangerous than a casuc and give me so much power that i must craft 30 MFSUs only for take 1 DAY running... is too much...

    and by the way i don't understand if your idea is to make it "first start and go forever" or ciclical, forcing u to shut off and restart like nuclear make...

    Well, it wouldn't be fair to generate that much power forever. The idea would be to add risk to running such a machine. If it runs for too long it essentially "overheats" and there is no way you can fix it without turning it off. After charging for a day or to to open the rift, it would begin overheating over the course of a day (12 minutes). During this time it would be outputting roughly 17000 EU/t. This could be safely managed with a new, high-bandwidth cable and about 9-10 Extreme voltage transformers. I'd say use the cable already in the Rocket Science mod, the superconducting cable made of gold/carbonfiber/redstone. Heck, if you want to make a complicated, difficult to set up machine, you might as well require another reactor (fusion or nuclear) to start the rift generator.

    It would be amusing to see routine safety inspections to each person's base on SMP. : )

    Holding down the mouse button to run forward isn't going to cause anymore strain then holding down the 'W' key to move forward.

    Actually, it is. Mouse buttons exert a stronger force when held down, but (almost all) keyboards actually take less pressure to keep held down when they are fully depressed. Mechanical keys, for instance, have a pressure threshold that, once reached, activates the key and the mechanism drops most of the pressure. Not to mention that you can press a key with any finger and still be comfortable, but if you try to use a different finger on your mouse, it is likely to be uncomfortable, especially when you have to move the mouse around. I guess if you have a special mouse it may work better, but all the mice I've used have fairly high pressure to click (compared to keys). I'm just arguing my point based on what I've observed.

    I think everyone should have freedom to set their keybinds to whatever they like, but I am just making a side point about ergonomics.