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    First, READ! It has been mentioned multiple times in the last few pages that this addon does work in 1.97.

    Actually, while the mod works fine in singleplayer, it does NOT work in multiplayer. Sad, because one of the best reasons for this mod is to cut down serverside lag (which is why I want it). Looking forward to the new version, whenever that may be!

    IF the diamond drill holds 120 uses worth of power (10,000 eu), then it consumes roughly 85 EU per operation. Right now, the static boots aren't even worth the iron that goes into them, because sprinting at full speed for an entire day would only give you 3-4 uses of your drill, which feels a tad unfair. The solar helmet, on the other hand, generates as much as a solar panel (provided you are outside), 13,050 EU/day in clear weather. That's a whoooole lot more power. Right now, anyone using the static boots instead of the fall damage protection from rubber boots are insane.

    Update! As far as I can tell, the hard drive itself is intact and just the SATA enclosure was damaged. I've ordered a new one and should be able to upload the mod when it arrives. (Interesting side note, while looking for my DMM to test the circuitry I discovered my roommate was growing cannabis plants in the kitchen cabinet. No wonder our electricity bills are so bad!)

    Wow, are you kidding? How could you not smell that??? Your roommate must be crazy.

    I'm very glad you aren't stuck decompiling your own mod in order to continue working on it XD.

    I keep hearing interesting things about Foresty, but every time I go to try it, it seems to be out of date. Maybe I'll give it another whack and see how it works... I just think that with IC2 metal blocks we should also have some way to compress the powders as well, whether it be a sack, block, container, crate...

    Erm, never said I didn't like the whole random thing... My entire post was worshipping the coolness of random stats...

    64 Diamondblocks are so many, that only a cheater would use it (and then deserves the consequences). 8)
    You can't hit multiple (8000) times with a Laser in one second (just one Headshotarrow to the Knee is enough). :Mining Laser:
    Everyone, who has a modded Minecraft has a BackUp of it (or should have else deserved). :P
    Try to delete the system32 on Linux or Mac. 8o

    1. Yes, that's the idea
    2. Or just do an artificial /kill. Either one is fine.
    3. delete the backups too.
    4. Delete Grub then. And format the drive. and then format the bios.

    Maybe it's just PvP, but even in my "optimized" farm I still find it very difficult to plant cocoa. I put my farm around height 210, it's 3 blocks thick of dirt with 1 extra block of dirt that the crops are placed on. I'll fertilize, hydrate, fertilize again, and then try to plant the cocoa. Trying this on 4 crop blocks I only got one cocoa to plant immediately, the others took about 10 minutes to plant. They eventually did, requiring nothing added but lots of right clicking. I think this may be some sort of bug pertaining to the special requirements of cocoa. Anyways, I am very happy to say that I have tons of cocoa now.

    Also, the cocoa doesn't seem to want to fully bloom without fertilizer. Just an FYI.

    I was messing around with booze, coffee, and terra wart on my SMP server... When people tell you not to mix drugs, they are speaking from freaking EXPERIENCE! I got a Poison III buff that did a lot of damage, but the timer said 0:00 and never wore off. I had to suicide because who could possibly play at 1/2 heart (a Bau5 could)? Not very funny (it was very funny to my friends).

    No, we need MOAR MACHIENES.

    Seriously though, this is an awesome idea. I'm not a fan of beer, but I love smooth game mechanics. And this one is cool. My one downside to the whole beer thing is how freakin hard it is to breed the plants. I've put about 8 hours of hardcore breeding action on the plants on my server, and the only new plant I've discovered with my best plants is Tulips... but at least now all my plants grow REALLY fast! I just can't get coffee beans, hops, or any of the other new plants. I am honestly scared with the frequency of which everyone else talks about these plants as if they had them from the very beginning...

    On a final note, we shouldn't take every good idea to it's logical conclusion, or we'd be flying jets and landing on the Moon in Minecraft.

    Oh wait, that'd be totally awesome.

    How about we just have a mode on the mining laser that shoots cake and rainbows at people, healing them in the process? Warning: overuse of experimental cake-rainbow-laser mode may result in unicorns and shyness, among other, unexpected, results.

    What would happen if I right clicked a tin wire with the packets from 80 solar panels flowing through it? I doubt that information could be displayed on-screen in a meaningful way.

    What I would personally like to see changed with the EC-Meter is that when you measure storage devices (batbox, MFE) that have power running through them, the number of the EC-Meter is not artificially doubled (because currently EC-Meter measures both input and output currents and adds them together).

    Well, obviously more bread would be OP. But here in Industrialcraft we like to improve on the primitive life we are usually stuck with in Minecraft. So, instead of that sucky peasant-bread, why don't we have some sort of way to use those tasty wheats to make some high effectiveness super-bread? Perhaps 3 flour, 1 bucket of water,& 1 egg.

    But why stop there, when we have so many item ID's to fill?
    How about some sort of combined lunch, 1 super-bread, 1 apple, 1 steak/porkchop/fish/chicken, and 1 seeds (sprouts, bro) makes a delicious pack lunch that restores 6 food, and provides 5 hearts of healing instantly! Of course, this bad boy can't be canned, because his purpose is to provide you an extremely dense, high calorie meal that can be kept in mass quantities for super long exploratory voyages.

    I mean, if you REALLY wanted to go all-out, you could make the crafting totally open-ended. I bet the pixel artists would be nuts for making a thousand different foods in 16x16 pixel art. (XD)

    This makes me think of Valve's interpretation of adding weapons to Team Fortress 2. They wanted to make the gameplay more interesting without making it unbalanced (they totally failed but whatever), so for a particular weapon they would give it a simultaneous buff and nerf. More damage, less ammo. Faster attack speed, some weird side effect. Etc, etc.

    I saw a similar feature put to use in Thaumcraft, in which you use rare artifacts you discover to have a (small) chance to discover a blueprint for a new item. Now, imo that was extremely annoying to do.

    I think a more fun way would be to have a guaranteed system (like experience/the enchanting table, only industrial-ish), except you would have a higher chance of getting a dud item rather than a fair item. When trying to upgrade a diamond drill, you may unintentionally cause it to be unable to mine sand/gravel faster than a wooden shovel, but maybe it breaks obsidian 2x as fast. What if you could even upgrade it once more, with a chance to remove the nerf/make the buff stronger? Or even completely change the stats?

    I don't see this playing out past tools and armor though... There just aren't enough stats on the IC2 blocks to mess around with.

    I have the same terrible habit. When I want to show everyone my suggestion, I overthink it and give everyone crafting recipes and stuff without really explaining the benefit of my suggestion. The crafting recipes may even make sense, but it does nothing to convey your point.

    What the heck is the point of making biofuel using such a complicated method when you can just use crops/trees/etc to make plantballs? I like the mad scientist aspect of playing God and engineering new bacterias, but there just isn't enough benefit there that can't be achieved through means already in the game or through the agriculture system.

    More importantly, what version were you running? I have had a server with 24/7 uptime for the last few months, going all the way back to 1.71. They all leak over time, but maybe half a gig at most (the server has 4GB so that may have something to do with it). Maybe garbage collection is relaxed with massively expanded max memory for java?