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    I just like the fact that I can throw two stacks into each of my advanced machines, then go away and craft some stuff, then come back and grab my new crafting materials. I also like to not overdo it on the power gen (I save my resources for other cool projects) and so advanced machines make me squeal with delight. I like how when I leave I can just switch them off. Since this mod is not updated I have had to use several overclockers in my machines, and while they are handy in a pinch I don't see any reason to waste that much metal on something that causes you to waste even more power.

    @ plutonium bomb: nuclear missiles already works like that, but the standard nuke tnt does not.

    @ Heating elements: You can mix and match them. The ohmic heater is the most efficient, but it can only get the reactor up to a certain heat, where you will have to use another heater.

    @ Lithium: The thing about lithium exploding in water is awesome. My science teacher made that experiment once... And the lithium batteries are great, too. However, lithium should be made directly into sheets, instead of using lithium ingots. The ingots would just be another item id used, unless the ingots would have a specific usage, apart from making lithium sheets. Also, it should not be Li-6 cells that would be used. rather just lithium cells.

    Oops, I figured nuclear missiles were the same as nukes. Nukes drive me nuts on SMP because while the server can handle the load the clients cannot.

    That's fine with me, but are the other two heaters the same or is there a distinct advantage of one over the other?

    Wouldn't that make lithium batteries super cheap and easy to make? I think Li-6 should be used so it at least requires some effort to make the super-powerful variants of the RE batteries, even if it is not really scientifically accurate.

    And, oh man, I bet Alblaka has never heard this one before... but I'm going to say it anyways. (I hope he isn't watching me). How about a railgun/gauss rifle? It isn't capable of breaking blocks like the mining laser is, and it also cannot catch leaves on fire. All it is good for is launching a metal slug at whatever. You could even have a low power/high power mode. Low power would be capable of launching slugs up to 40 blocks away, and the projectile would go at a good clip. But if you are on high power, it would take 10,000 EU a shot but the projectile could travel within render distance and would be the fastest projectile known to mankind. They could even be made with the new Li-Ion batteries so that it has some decent internal storage, but can be charged via either batpack or lappack.

    Plutonium bomb (plutonium made with isotopically separated uranium cells) - Just like the nuke, but no drops result. This means little to no lagz!

    Superconductor coil should be more expensive. By the time I had enough materials to fashion the fusion reactor, I had way more than enough coal, redstone, and 1/4 stack of gold blocks which was more than enough to make a coil. Maybe 4 redstone/2 gold bars per piece? So you have to actually spend some effort making it. (Nobody really uses gold for much, but it's nice to have something to spend it on).

    Speaking of the fusion reactor, is it required to have all 3 heating elements? Can I mix & match them? What is the differences between them? I've only played around with it a little bit.

    The autominer is the single coolest thing I have ever seen. Any chances of changing the recipe to use a personal chest and doubling the inventory space? That way your resources could be protected while they are flying around in SMP.

    I think the we/dry vac is deprecated now... You can right click with empty cells to fill them. However, the hand pump could still be handy (haw haw) if you get the empty cells back (I haven't made one yet).

    Ok, not sure if this even makes sense yet, but I just thought of it. I'd like to see Lithium used in some sort of complex battery system. Create a Li-6 Cell, compress/extract it into a lithium bar, then use the bar to make lithium sheets. When thrown into water, lithium sheets explode after a moment. The lithium sheets could be used to make a rechargeable battery that has nearly the same capacity as an energy crystal, with the added bonus of being able to charge things from the hotbar (like the RE batteries. I love that new feature). Perhaps some sort of cell deterioration could be implemented, so that you have to make new lithium batteries after awhile. Come to think of it, I with RE batteries worked this way as well. Or at least take some damage if they are fully discharged (lithium batteries hate that). MOAR batteries!

    Hi ultimate_omega,

    I'm starting to see that as disabling sound being the only option for now. It is just depressing for me because I got a taste of what a wonderful sound-filled game Industrialcraft could be, but then I have to take it all away because of a silly crippling bug (why can't we just hotfix it by disabling all sounds past a certain hearing radius?).

    I thought Audiomod didn't work with forge. I might give it a shot to see if it does anything.

    What's the point of even having IC2 sounds if all it does is cause grief once you get past the early game?

    Exhibit A: Working just fine, have almost a dozen geothermal generators running and powering a terraformer

    Exhibit B: I back away just a dozen or two blocks, and instantly the engine tanks and my fps drops to 0. From this point on it is almost impossible to move, although pressing escape to get to the menu isn't so hard. If I am fast I can fly back to the source of the sound and everything will be dandy.

    Edit: images don't seem to work in IC2 forums... very disappointing as I really need to show what I'm doing. Whatever, you should get the point.

    P.s. please don't tell me to just shut off the sounds in the config file. That is such a cheesy workaround. I like the sounds! If they got added, they should work darnit!

    I found another bug, for dev's sake:

    -If you start a breeding operation with a lithium-6 cell, the fusion reactor outputs no power unless you replace the cables, re-initiating it into the energy net. I think it drops out of the energy net when you start a breeding reaction.

    Edit: Doesn't seem to always do it. Perhaps when the chunk is reloaded? What caused it for me was putting ~16 deuterium in the reactor to give constant power, then I left on a mining expedition. I came back and started breeding and noticed power wasn't being output to the wire, yet the reactor itself claimed to be outputting power. Replacing the cable fixed the issue.

    I think my previous thread was closed due to me not formatting the question correctly.

    Other people on my personal server can link teleporters together without issue, but when I try to link two teleporters it tells me in one line of text that they were successfully linked, then the next line of text says they are unlinked. It is as if I am right clicking twice, but that is not the case and I have confirmed with other tests both in minecraft and out. My friends and I are using exactly the same .jar file, which is vanilla save for IC2 and required mods.

    Please help as my friends are teleporting into my house and back and I cannot do the same without asking them to link teleporters for me!

    Um, perhaps what we need for SMP is to have a luminator that has been shut off by lack of power only turn back on once it has over 1000EU in its storage, and once on would run through that 1000EU. That way it would not flicker like a crazy person and cause my framerate to drop to 5fps.

    I have a few solar panels charging my luminators through 2 batboxes in series, and what inevitably happens is we go through a night, it rains the next day, and then it becomes night again and by then I have burned through all the power in the batboxes. Then, in the morning, I get massive lag as the luminators eat up everything the solar panels generate, and because some of them in the line are preferred over others, at least half of them continue to flicker until the first set have been fully charged. I'm not sure how to fix this besides putting a solar panel on top of each luminator.

    I vote yea on upgrades for IC items rather than enchantments... Currently in 1.43 the items that can be enchanted are treated as tools, including the nano saber. And upgrade system would be something alblaka could control rather than having Notch break it with every update, and would be beneficial for people who like using the basic tools and cannot construct a better tool (i.e. basic drill vs diamond drill), or for making top level tools and gear even better (50% mining speed bonus on a diamond drill in a miner, anyone?)

    If an upgrade system is to be implemented, I also recommend making it a not-OP system by having drawbacks to the upgrades. Perhaps the drill can mine 50% faster now, or get specifically obsidian 80% faster, but now it takes 25% more power per whack. Or the ability for the drill to do better melee damage so you can leave the saw behind on some trips, but the drill mines 10% slower.

    I think finding nether fortresses is the hardest thing you can do in MC, I am having 10x more trouble finding a single damn fortress than I did fighting the end boss (Gene just takes a lot of time to fight... it's not hard if you bother to do it right). As such, there should be an equally difficult way to craft buff items without the need for running around the nether dodging ghasts like an idiot.

    Oh, and I'm throwing in a recommendation for a swimming speed buff right now. I think everyone would appreciate swimming faster than a geriatric.

    Lastly, make it cost something other than just XP for the upgrades. Maybe exclusive crafting recipes that also cost XP? Maybe you can purchase different levels and types of "upgrade tokens" that impart different abilities into tools/armor.

    I was JUST about to come post this... and as Alblaka has mentioned... don't do what I'm doing and try to build a factory out of the stuff... very hard to run wires in there T_T

    In the meantime you should just coat the inside of your factory with smoothstone or something... the outside will still be explosion proof and you can place wires as you wish.

    Another part of the problem is the sound engine seems inherently unstable when you have a lot of sounds (big surprise, I'm sure). Now you can get a looping sound to stick, but the real problem is the lag. I have built a small town with my friends in nearby buildings, and now that we have progressed through the techtree we all have reactors and such. The problem is, when we are walking away from our houses, on occasion the sound engine flips out and goes to 90%+ cpu usage (according to F3, it can vary from 40% to 95%). This can cripple my fps down to 1fps. I think these bugs are all related to the sound code in general, and I think turning off certain sounds for now (especially, especially the jetpack) would go a long way to letting us players continue on without having to restart minecraft every 5-10 minutes.

    Oh, and on SMP, the jetpacks never seem to bug out if there is nobody within listening distance of you.

    I have 7 luminators lighting up my house. Initially I had a solar panel for each 2 luminators (I figured 1 EU/t would provide 2x the power necessary to run 2 luminators, so they would have enough to last through the night as well). The first pair I hooked up immediately started flickering and remained that way for 2-3 minutes, while I ran at 5 fps. This was on SMP. I settled on having 4 solar panels hook into a series of 2 batboxes, then copper cabled out to all 7. I figured with 7x10k EU storage + 2x40k EU storage I would have enough energy to permarun the luminators, even through a few rainy days. Unfortunately this isn't the case, they seem to be draining way way more than that. And so if I do not go and refill the batboxes every week or so, I end up with flickering lights that cause some major epic lag (almost as bad as the sound bug).

    I have the same problem, as do all the people on my private server. Not only that, but the helmet will not repair health in the Nether. I went in with full health and full food (after eating beef) then did some netherrack mining (I had q-helmet, q-leggings, lappack, and rubber boots on) and I accidentally clipped the side of a lava river. I naturally caught on fire, and I noticed my hearts immediately dropped to 6, and my food was at 10 but when i took damage it would drop momentarily to 1-3 then immediately go back up.

    -Helmet seemingly works fine in overworld except it keeps your food at 9 instead of full 10.
    -Chestpiece does not block all damage unless a full suit is worn. Very bad considering the q-boots in the nether glitch causing my friends to not want to wear them in the nether (aka losing a full suit of armor in the lava).
    -Leggings seem to work great, except I absolutely hate the new command system. Now we don't just accidentally lurch towards the lava, we absolutely rocket out into the middle of it! I want the old crtrl+w to go fast hotkey, but still have the ability to run normally. Or, even better, have to be running with 2xW and then press CTRl to turbo sprint. Right now I am forced to switch between Q-leggings and nano-leggings.
    -Boots cause so many problems. Not only do they not always prevent fall damage in the overworld, 0% of the time in the nether, but they cause the annoying crash the OP is posting about. It will also have the high-speed hacking kick if you try to super jump while lagging at all (with the sound engine bug this happens to my friends all the time). I think the recipe should be disabled for now if the suit is making it so hard to play normally.

    Yes it is true that you would ~double reactor power the whole setup would become unbalanced compared to the rarity of uranium, resource cost and setup time for nuclear reactors a balance which has already been reconsidered and debated in this forum
    personally I think that using the extra Reactor components plugin we will be better off designing new and better Components to use in the reactor rather than adjusting the reactor mechanics itself personally I think that this would make reactors more complicated, something that not all of us want or need.

    Don't think it makes it more complicated than it is now. I have trouble figuring out where everything goes as it is, and it is hard getting used to cardinal interactions.

    If we had diagonal interactions, it would make quad bars in a square formation a more powerful reaction (which makes more sense in every way) than if you had them lined up.

    More components would either make the current components obsolete, or make it more complicated. Take your pick :)

    I just loooove my power. If we can upgrade cabling, why can't we upgrade our power as well?

    The downside of upgrading batteries would be diminishing returns in terms of power storage (the opposite of how power storage blocks like the MFSU craft), but the upside is they would still be Tier 1 power and so could charge batboxes & up, tools, batpacks, etc.

    Tin IngotEmpty CellTin Ingot
    Tin IngotEmpty CellTin Ingot

    This simple, logical recipe would provide 2 RE batteries worth of power. Perhaps you could make an even stronger battery by using 2 batboxes instead, which would give you a battery that could hold 40k EU, enough to charge a batpack 2/3 of the way.

    Or you could just make bat-packs work as battery packs. To this day I still try to use the darn things every now and then. It would be a welcome change.