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    Yeah I know IC does, but I wanted to play some map off of PlanetMC, and I couldn't dl it. Pretty silly.

    As you all might know, is down. IT has been down for a bout 48 hours. I find it ridiculous that a single sight can completely stop almost all Mod downloading without so much as a word. They haven't said ANYTHING about why they are down. Their twitter hasn't been touched in 3 years. We have no way to find out how long they expect to be down and why they went down. I don't think that we should support a site like this, and we should either find an alternative or always be sure to post links too.

    After relogging or sometimes reloading the chuck with my crops in them, all the crops will be invisable, and all the crossbreeders and crops alike will look like empty crop sticks.

    That's a bad example. You can sell it but you don't actually make them plant it. They can just use it if they want to enjoy breeding it by themselves.

    Fair enough. Maybe it is a bit more like the NEI thing. NEI's cheat mode is disabled by default on technic to help people not cheat. Some might find it very difficult to resist the temptation of just buying that terra wart and planting it. Note that changing this would still allow me to give actual seeds to people if I wanted to be nice, but I can still sell my product. Similar to the people who sell produce in real life.

    I am not sympathetic to your greediness. so here is what you should do
    1. make friends by selling cheap terrawart crop starters
    2. using your good relationship sell your friends other stuff like strong booze
    3. ???
    4. profit

    simply put your buying positive PR and good karma with terrawart

    While you may be fine with giving away Terra Warts like that, I am not. If I want to be nice, it is just as easy to give actual seeds. It isn't really fair that I can't be greedy with my terra warts. I can either sell them (and allow other people a bonus start I didn't get) or hoard them ( and develop useless piles of them. People could use them on my server, but I just don't think it would be worth selling them.

    Yea, accidentally helping others sucks.

    Do you like having movies spoiled for you? Probably not. Obtaining the Terra Wart is half the fun. Also, I spent quite a bit of time and effort getting that terra wart and just giving that away isn't exactly something I want to do. I don't expect people to give me half of their uranium just to help me.

    The non seed, edible version of terra wart can be planted on crops blocks. This is a very bad thing. On multi-player servers I can't sell the fruits of my labor because that would give someone a jump-start that really isn't fair. I am not sure if you can alter this somehow, but IC devs, please stop this.

    I got it from Cocoa and Terrawart

    I have been mostly trying to get hops with various plants and netherwart

    I have gotten every single other plant, except for aurelia, but not hops. I simply cannot get them. I just don't know what I am doing wrong. What worked for you guys? Are there any special requirements I am not aware of?

    Well since you took that post seriously...

    Charcoal isn't coal. The main idea of my first post was to add crops so that you could rely entirely on crops for materials. You can't use charcoal for solars, nano, or anything requiring coal dust. Plus charcoal is stupid.

    While we can obtain many essential resources from agriculture, we cannot obtain them all. Some of the main objects missing are Tin, Copper, and Coal.

    The tin and copper plants would most likely be very similar to ferru.

    I was thinking the coal plant would be like melons, except it would drop coal.

    Sorry for lack of tier+recipes and what not, they just tend to annoy me and Al can think of a better way to do it anyway.

    I would rather replace the RPG aspect with more PvP Arcade.
    The leveling system of MeC definitely didn't work out well.

    I would LOVE a PvP rework of that mod! Once again one of my favorite times playing minecraft. If you are actually interested in redoing it you might just mention it on one of you blog posts to see what people think of it.