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    Medieval craft was a great mod, but it never reached it's full potential due to poor coordination of attacks and the main server. I played on it, and not once was there an actual "siege". The blocks that would have provided the ability for a siege weren't there yet, because Al had to make a mod from scratch. I suggest using IC2 has a base plate for a mod similar to Mec. You would level up and such similar to MeC, but it would be a future-themed mod, Al's forte. A quote from some other thread:
    New set of energy field blocks:

    • Structural integrity field makes every block within range have significantly increased explosive resistance and be unmineable and will prevent building. Interfacing it with a computer can make it so that certain users can build there while others cannot.
    • New Forcefield for IC2, just lik the old bubble field in IC 1. Though it would be nice if when you start one up underwater it removed all of the water sources within it and replaced the after it is shut down again. As well linking it to a computer would make it so certain people can just walk right through.
    • Field wall generator. used by placeing 2 of them apart from eachother and attaching iron fences to define the height, field is then projected between any other fence attached to a field wall generator that is in a direct line. Fences can also be attached from the side to make force floors and ceilings. possible to make a box by placing 4 of them. Also possible to used them as cancelers for bubble fields to create openings in the bubble field.
    • Both of the Above field generators can then be upgraded (possibly with iridium?) to a covert field generator which uses more energy but can have a block placed into it to make the field look like that block

    Because MeC didn't have ideas like this it failed. IC2 has plenty ideas like these that are, while complex, possible to code, Sieges would have to be coordinated efforts that require resources and time to carry out. Also, the problem with griefing/stealing that was rampant in MeC simply wouldn't be an issue because of personal safes. One of the suggestions in MeC that wasn't carried out was the guild chest. Not only does this protect your items while still allowing your friends to access the items, it allows for a "goal" of the siege/raid. If such chests were present, each person of the guild would have keys to open them. This means that by killing these members, they could gain (temporary) access to these chests. This would give an reason to attack while still preventing the stealing when people were offline that plagued MeC.

    Thanks for reading this relatively long post! Sorry for grammar/spelling/any other mistakes, I am so tired right now I can hardly walk! Don't forget to vote in the poll and reply with your critiques/suggestions!

    I think you already know what I am going to say. But here I go anyway. My three favorite mods are Buildcraft, IC, and RedPower. Coincidentally , they work in perfect harmony. Now, however, they are starting to overlap, which causes redundancy and wasted coding time. I suggest that Eloraam, SpaceToad, and Alblaka combine their mods into a single tech mod. This would accelerate the development of all three, as it would cut updating time by 2/3 at the same time as it prevented redundancy and copying. They could continue to work on their respective parts of the super-mod, but it would reduce update time, dev time, and installing time for people like me. Thanks for reading this, let me know what you think.

    Hey guys, I install mods all the time so I know what I am doing, but after installing everything normally , Modloader, Modloader MP, MC FORge, and audio mod in that order, I installled IC2. Upon launching it in blackscreened. I Ran an error test and Here is the result:
    Thanks for your help!
    EDIT: FIXED, thanks