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    So I'm a bit out of the loop, its been a while since playing minecraft; maybe about a year. And even then I was playing a server that was out-of-date just to play the old, NON-experemental version of Industrial Craft 2. (1.6.2 to be exact) I don't want this thread to turn into which is better or what is wrong with experimental. I think it has some strong points over the original but I prefer non-experimental, and am wondering if it has been updated past 1.6.2, preferably into the 1.7+ range. Has it been canned, and why?

    I'm just curious to know what mods you are using.

    I have never got into minecraft servers but have always wanted to.

    Hi Diti! Our main mods we focus on are IC2 (obviously) and Thaumcraft. The rest of the mods only supplement IC2 (advanced machines and repulsion systems) or add a few non-gameplay things: bibliocraft, biomes o plenty, and carpenter's blocks. We also have the all-important redlogic.

    We have picked the mods carefully so there is nothing OP or nothing that takes away from our hard survival experience without being properly balanced, nor nothing TOO automated.

    Feel free to add me on skype, my username here is the same as my skype name.

    This newly created server, feauting IC2 expiremental and a few other mods, is a whitelisted 1.7.2 server played by a small group of friends, each with their own tasks and titles (though this is not restrictive). This is mostly a team server, however, we DO NOT frown upon someone for wanting to go and build their own projects. We usually share a main base with materials that everyone can use and borrow, while having our own fun projects and excursions on the side.

    Why our group over other servers?
    We are dedicated, and if you are serious about playing with us just about daily and having a fun time and being on our new youtube series, join quick! We partake in enormous projects and plan to branch into roleplaying and special quests for the youtube series. You won't find a group more fun to play with and more open to play with. Don't be shy, we may joke but all in good fun.

    Rules & Guidelines
    • NO GRIEFING. This is obvious, and with our amazing projects that we have going on constantly, we love to keep all of them around.
    • NO CHEATING. We are a major dedicated survival only server. All of our projects are built the true survival way, no spawning, no hacking.
    • BE RESPECTFUL. Just do it.

    Roles & Ranks
    Each player is assigned a role. This is NOT a mandatory thing. You are not stuck doing it, etc etc. Its more or less an indicator of what you like to do most, and what you specialize in. For example, one member is our Warlock. These will play a major role (no pun intended) in our upcoming server-wide quests as well!
    Ranks on the other hand give an indication of how well they're doing team-wise, how much you participate. As stated in our description, Elysium is more of a team-based server, with everyone working together. BUT you are more than welcome to claim some land for yourself and go off on your own for a while! Ranks will also play a factor in upcoming quests, too.

    Youtube Series & Quests
    You can catch our latest youtube videos…Fk7QKCPo6l89_5kva4FiG3PQs . For now the server is pretty new, so the videos are us setting up and having fun exploring. We begin quests soon which will take our group across Craftopia in search of relics, magical items and more. It will play out a bit like an RPG, with quest items and searching using clues found around the gameworld.

    • Never been banned, especially for griefing
    • Good attitude, fun to play with
    • Consistent player (Not play once every week or so)
    • Needs basic understanding of mods (We will help you through anything necessary, do not worry)
    • Loves minecraft

    Message me on skype, my username here is the same as my skype name!

    Industrial Minecraftia!

    The place where you survive and build with the might of industrialization. Come join our small community, we do everything and then some. Don't be shy if you aren't familiar with IC2 / mods in general. We can help, we accept anyone of any skillset and experience, though must be willing to learn and a good team player. We like to keep a small, close-knit group of serious players, who are on often and always building something cool or doing something fun (like tons of minigames)

    We as a group love the challenge of hard survival, keeping with the true, balanced experience. The mods we have chosen have been done so carefully. They do not make the game boring and overpowered, everything is still in line with a true survival experience offered from vanilla, except with the awesome industrial might that IC2 offers.

    Our server is MAINLY an IC2 server. We do not like experimental, and have stuck with 1.6.2 IC2. All of the other mods either directly support IC2 with cool features, or add a bit more depth to our world.


    If you're interested, leave a reply here, or add me on skype. My skype name is the same as my username here. Hope to hear from you soon.

    It's been a while since I set up a server, but I got a new forge 1.6.2 server set up, and wanted to put IC2 on it. Now keep in mind its been a while, as I said, so I could be doing something real stupid, but the server, when i put the IC2 jar file in there (from this location: - the industrialcraft-2_1.118.401-lf.jar file) does not work. It works great for the client. I THOUGHT that you can use the same jar but maybe I'm mistaken.

    On a similar note is there something special I need to do to use it / get a plugin for a bukkit server? I can't play MC without IC2 :P

    Any help for this is greatly appreciated.

    This is in response to my extensive wind mill testing. (I'm convinced there is a bug that really rends wind mills in survival almost useless) { See the thread HERE }

    Many who think its not a bug have claimed that wind could equal zero, and that's why the mills aren't working (even though I've proved with two identical setups that one working and one not working shows there is some sort of bug). For debugging, wind factory placement, and more, I'd love to see a weathervane. Whether this is a placeable feature (which also doubles as an awesome house decorating item too!) or one you simply hold, i guess doesn't matter.

    I think this also opens the table for some degree of randomness that could be further added to winds. For example, some locations might be more prone to better wind power, and biomes could (probably easily) be added to affect wind speed. A high peak could grant +2 to relative wind mill height. Being in a extreme hills zone could add +2, ocean or desert +1, etc.

    Perhaps a similar tool should be added for solar ray measuring (and maybe even water mills?) These could be easily placeable (yet need a wrench to remove) and help both for placing these important machines as well as debugging. And even looks!

    Thanks for the read. Any thoughts?

    I will be sure to put that in the suggestions topic. I've tried a number of things and no one thing seems to alleviate this bug. As I mentioned with my earlier tests, sometimes 1 batbox will be fine and a batbox connected to 6 mills won't charge at all. Most tests if they "break" (stop charging) I will rewire the entire setup. But this isn't a fix at all.

    I am very heavily into survival mode and a not working turbine setup (Which i've dealt with in two seperate worlds, one SMP one SSP) really is a huge let down. I spent a lot of time rigging up the first set up especially only to really NEVER get a charge from it at all. (Once I went all the way to the top and broke and replaced the mills, which restarted the charging only to have it stop a short time thereafter... once it stopped that second time I gave up)

    Test 4.1: I restarted again based upon Steve's observation. I created a "tower" of mills, placing them at increments of 8, hooking them up to an MFSU. Each had an effective height divisible by 8, starting at 8 all the way to 255. Along the way as I was placing I could tell that after around the 224 mark, i noticed stoppages that did NOT occur below.

    To start, any windmill below 72 did not produce a single eu. Don't ask me why... I think it should be possible no matter what level, but maybe I'm missing something. At level 64, I get NO charge. Adding more mills to MSFU's at 64 or below gave no charge, either.

    Secondly, despite my timing not being the best, the charges on all boxes show that level 208, at least for the first five minutes, is the best for mill placement. (To reset the MSFU's for test 4.1 & 4.2, I got rid of all boxes first then went UP [since according to the math the top boxes should be faster, and therefor should catch and surpass the lower boxes] placing the boxes just about as fast as possible) It seems the upper levels caught up with 208 around 10 minutes but I give it a reset before letting it go too far.

    Test 4.2: I decide to focus on levels 200+ since they show the most promise for obvious reasons. So I reset all the respective MSFUs. After 20 min I can see of no stoppages and therefor, as expected the uppermost MSFU has the highest charge. Its late now though so tomorrow I will retest to see if I can "create" these stoppages that plagued me before.

    I can confirm this as well. I started placing wind mills from the surface (y=64) every 8 blocks. The ones in the upper middle generated most EU unlike the ones on the very top and bottom. If my assumption is correct wind mills too high up don't generate ANY EU unless it has some obstructions to lower it's effective height. I had that bug back in #103 for 1.2.5

    Interesting. I will play more with obstructed and non-obstructed mills. I wish there was a machine or something you can build (maybe a weather vane or whatever) that measures wind. Not the most useful thing but would be nice to have. Is there something else that needs to be done to help report this bug as its being confirmed by enough people or what?

    this is something with wind caliculatins
    at some point, they freese untill block that makes game caliculate wind strenghth is updated.

    So would this be a bug? It doesn't seem right to me that they freeze ever unless wind is at zero. Otherwise the mills should be producing constant energy.

    Strange Occurance: before test 3 & test 3. While I was watching batbox #2 (the one that was still working, connected only to 1 windmill) it stopped receiving anything and stopped around 10k. (batbox # 1 is still not getting anything). So I connect another widmill and wire to batbox 2 and after a few seconds delay, it starts getting a charge again. I quickly remove the second windmill so it has only 1 windmill attached and the batbox manages to charge up to around 20k before stopping again.

    This time I add another setup (batbox #3) 2 blocks away with attached 1 windmill, exactly as batbox #2. This batbox immediately starts charging. This leads me to believe it is NOT a wind issue. Batbox #1 and #2 both are not charging while very closeby batbox #3 is charging. Correct me if I'm wrong but wind is a global variable and does NOT change from chunk to chunk.

    Currently, batbox #1 is still not charging and is stuck at 23k. batbox #2 just stopped again at 29k. batbox #3 is still charging with only 1 stoppage. I replaced the mill setup and after a few seconds it began charginng again.

    All the while, my testing with solar panels has found zero errors so far, they seem to be functioning normally.


    Second test- After logging out for the night, i returned today to my test setup of 1 batbox connected to 2 sets of windmills (6 total windmills.) and 1 batbox about 5 blcks away from the first connected only to 1 windmill at a short distance. The setup with 6 windmills is not producing ANY eu (stuck at 21994) while the other batbox connected to only 1 windmill is producing eu still. (all at same world height)

    I placed yet another windmill and connected it to the batbox that wasn't getting any eu from the six and the batbox immediately started getting charge. So it was almost ignoring the six already connected.

    mills BREAK and turn into simple generator on height above 190 at random.

    I'm sorry what? I've had wind mills working numerous times, including my creative tests. I've read its possible for them to generate TOO much eu but I'm not sure how thats relevant.

    Update: Test 1 only makes me more suspcious. On a shiny new creative world, i created multiple wind mills connected similarly to a batbox as before. Not a single thing happened. No charge from over 5 windmills on a batbox placed at height 250. I tried a couple different configutarions, tried replacing the batbox and adding a new line and multple lines to said batbox but was unsuccessful. I logged out, logged back in, and bam batbox was beginning to charge.

    Now it doesn't solve anything as of yet, I realize it still theoretically be wind = 0 as you mentioned crafter. The biggest unknown for me is when it calculates the initial wind speed. If on loadup it randomly starts a new windspeed it still COULD be normal and not a bug.

    It seems like whenever people have problems with windmills not producing energy, that is them mistaking the feature of variable wind speed (as in wind can = 0) for a bug. I think this is your problem and it is purely coincidental that it occurred twice upon you returning.

    No I refuse to believe that it is simply the wind not being strong. If I sit there for half an hour at level 250 is it even possible NOT to get a single EU from the windmills?? I will, like I said, do more testing on this.

    I've searched through the forums and found nothing about any sort of bug with wind mills. That may apply also to solar panels though I've not personally tested them (friend on server said he couldn't get any power for them)

    Basically from what I've experienced: It SEEMS that whenever I leave the area the windmills I've created stop working (as usual, they're unloaded when i'm far enough) but when I come back they do not start back up. They work normally it seems until I leave from setting it up, charging batteries and batbox attached. This I have experienced TWICE (once on my single player game at a height of around 100-150 tops and currently on my SMP server at the 250-255 range.) I want to highlight the fact that it works normally when placed. I will do more testing on dissaembling the mills and then placing them tos ee if this "refreshes" it and kickstarts the eu trasnfer. This seems to be a really annoying bug i've discovered and my friend thinks it extends to solars as well.

    Does anyone else have trouble with this? Its strange, you'd think the same bug would also plague the passive water mill but that is the only reliable source of passive power for me. I am almost postive this is not "just because" of wind being ridiuclously low / nonexistant. I have sat around the batbox for a while and not gotten a single EU from them.