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    I have a suggestion: can you make it so that the contents in a Digital Chest are displayed on its screen? So that I won't have to right-click every time to know what's inside it. Like how Barrels show the image of the item and the number of stacks inside.

    Gregtech changes some forestry stuff on purpose, its not an error. There's a crashlog you need to give Greg for him to address the computer cube crashing, I forget exactly what its called but check the first post in the thread for instructions.

    hi. Sorry about that. I was going to include it but I totally forgot. Crash report included in attachment.

    EDIT: NVM sorry for wasting your time. Just realized that I had asked about this error a long time ago and apparently even found a solution with someone's help. This mod and the conditions of this crash seemed oddly familiar. good thing I did some good ol' searching around. Please don't ban me for this lol.


    worked for me. Thanks. Although now the computer won't crunch any
    numbers no matter what I press or put in the grid. I'm still completely
    new to the mod addon so it's a matter of getting past the learning
    curve. I just hope this isn't another bug.

    Hi, I really wanna use this mod, but when I install it, it tells me that there may be conflicts with Forestry. Forestry tells me that GregTech modified some of its files so some features from Forestry would probably not work properly. I never fully used Forestry so I don't know what's what, and so I can't tell if some stuff in Forestry are supposed to act the way they do. Also, if I try using the GregTech computer, it crashes my client. I'm guessing this is due to the conflict it has with forestry? Can someone please tell me how to work around this conflict and other possible conflicts, if there are any?

    I'm using the ID resolver mod (…now-supports-smp-sort-of/) to sort out any ID conflicts and when I tried installing GregTech, the ID resolver detected a lot of conflicts, but even after resolving them, I get problems in the game (like the aforementioned GregTech computer crashing my game). Help!!!

    Second slot : Additive macerating.
    One example : Insert one coal/charcoal in the second slot then 64 iron ore, get 128 refined iron dust which when smelted gives refined iron.
    There are other recipes, but i can't remember.

    Place 16 overclockers on your macerator and it will be faster than anything, processing one item every tick (1/20 second), at a 5x cost per item processed. [4000+ EU/t line needed to maintain]

    Thanks, that helped. Do you know where I can look for all the additive macerating recipes? is there a wiki somewhere?

    is there a tutorial on how to use these advanced industrial machines? I checked all the links in the OP and none of them give a clear insight into the addon. The original addon is outdated and the ones I installed from this one are inherently different from the original ones, so I can't rely Direwolf20's preview video linked in the original addon's thread.

    I'm especially concerned with the Rotary Macerator. I tried to get it to do Additive Macerating, but it just won't work. I put a stack of tin and a stack of copper, but it always only macerates whatever is on the left block, it never macerates the stuff on the right block, even when the left one is empty.

    edit: i didn't have the copper and the tin in the right places. Does anyone know where I can look up all the additive macerating recipes? is there a wiki somewhere?

    Not necessarily. From what I gathered from a few MCF threads (especially RedPower's), GregTech will work, but the moment anything from GregTech shows up to be resolved, just hit the "Raise the Priority of this Mod" button, ID Resolver will leave it at the ID's it wants and continue on. It's how I got Redpower to work without the "setupBlocks" error.

    This worked for me. Thanks. Although now the computer won't crunch any numbers no matter what I press or put in the grid. I'm still completely new to the mod addon so it's a matter of getting past the learning curve. I just hope this isn't another bug.

    Found a pretty game breaking bug with the GregTech Computer Cube. In the page where it simulates the energy and heat output of a nuclear reactor, if I click on the empty box to shuffle through the different ingredients (uranium cells, coolants, etc) or if I click anywhere on the empty grid, the game crashes immediately.

    To be honest, I am not sure if this is a problem with the mod or if it's a conflict because I installed GregTech after 62 mods had already been installed before, many of which are big mods like Buildcraft, RP2, Railcraft, Mystcraft, etc. I used the ID Resolver mod to solve any ID conflicts.

    Some of the addon mods say they're updated for IC2 1.107. Direwolf20's season 3 sever LP features IC2 running in a 1.4.2 server. Direwofl even said that IC2 was ready for MC 1.4.2 and that it, along with many other forge mods, should be released on or before 1.4.2 even releases officially. But IC2 1.107 is missing from the public releases forum page and I can't even find any info on a "beta" release anywhere. Was it all just a lie?

    What the author said isn't entirely correct. EE basically blocks the fly function of other mods, so they will work together, but you will have to use the Swiftwolfs Rending Gale from EE if you want to fly. A whiles back someone created a patch that allowed fly functions from both mods, but he took the files down. Maybe if you find him and shoot off a pm, he might be able to help you.

    This addon not compatible with Equivalent Exchange !

    ah okay thank you very much. Will this "compatibility issue" be fixed in the nearest future release? EE isn't updated for 1.3.2 yet. But let's say it gets updated to 1.4 and Gravi chest addon is updated to 1.4 as well. Will it work then?

    I can't find problem in this error log with my addon.

    Could you please answer my question as well? How do I fly with the gravitation chest in MC 1.2.5 / IC2 1.97b? I charge it, press F, and see the HUD telling me that it's ON, and I double-tap the jump key (space) and nothing happens. But when the gravity engine is ON, it clearly drains power from the item, yet I can't fly around. Why is that??

    Can we haz screenshot?
    On another note I don't think that should overheat, but I'm not a Nuclear Engineer.

    It actually maintained the heat level pretty steadily at a certain heat value. It didn't cool the reactor down completely but at least it didn't blow up sky high.
    So I guess I was just a bit impatient.

    On another note, I have another question about the Miner block. Once the piping goes as far down as it can go, how do I bring the piping back up? Say, it mines all the orens within its vicinity and I place new ones around, but it can't mine the newly placed ones because the piping machine reached all the way down. Only way I can get it to mine those new ones again is if I destroy the pipes one by one all the way from below and restart the machine with new pipes.

    On MC 1.2.5, IC2 1.97b, I had a Nuclear Reactor with all 6 Chambers installed. I placed 2 Uranium Cells, 2 Heat Dispersers, and for one Heat Disperser, I added 4 Reactor Platings, and to all Platings, I added an additional 8 Cooling Cells. On the other Disperser, I only had 4 Cooling Cells. So in total, that's 18 cooling elements against 2 Uranium Cells. Yet, somehow... my reactor got overheated. I don't understand what I have to do to keep it cool besides dumping a stack of ice into the thing every minute. I know that all cooling elements store 10k heat units and the cooling cells cool down at a rate of 1 heat/tick while the plating cools down at a rate of 0.25 heat/tick (don't know about the disperser). Is it because all the cooling elements stored their maximum heat values and couldn't cool down faster than the uranium cells were producing heat?

    If that's the case then how does anyone ever cool down reactors without ice/water... Cell for cell, a uranium cell will ALWAYS outproduce heat than a cooling cell will be able to absorb and get rid of.

    The download page only posts the oldest releases for each version of Minecraft. But 1.103 for MC 1.2.5 has a pretty game breaking bug (EU moving between blocks without cables, "ghost e-net", etc), so I'm looking to downgrade to a version directly before 1.103 for MC 1.2.5 but I can't find it. Help?

    edit: sorry for derping around. I found the download links for the older versions.