[1.6.4] Gregtech hardmode server

  • Updated the configs on the server

    - Forestry digger backpacks now also pick up the underground biomes cobbleston
    - IC2 Miner will now also hunt for certus quartz
    - Added GT saw and file to the bibliocraft tool rack
    - Made RC dungeon steel more rare

    A full backup has been made

  • The team of 3 regulars (myself included) are just at stainless steel so I guess the highest tech machine is a working miner with a industrial centrifuge coming up next. New joiners are free to wonder off and see if they can progress on their own. Watch out for the new enet tho, especially if you attach cables to more than one side of a machine (this also includes GT power transfer via machine output) if the sum of received eu/t exceeds the machine level you will have a crater.

  • As lazy as i am to write a PM, i am to properly write a request for whitelist.

    Please add me? My IGN is SpwnX aswell :3

    Hello SpwnX,

    You are added to the whitelist as 'SpwnX' (and whitelist is reloaded...) Do note that you will have to delete the NEI* configs before entering the world.

  • I am just gonna follow SpwnX and would request being added to the whitelist too.

    I am also gonna terrorise everyone until you agree to install Unidye with the next release (just kidding :P )

  • I am just gonna follow SpwnX and would request being added to the whitelist too.

    I am also gonna terrorise everyone until you agree to install Unidye with the next release (just kidding :P )

    Hello LinusPhoenix,

    I have added you to the whitelist. The server address is in your inbox. I have assumed that your forum name is your ign as well. Important thing to note for now is that gt404x is no longer available but gt404t works as well. I will do a server update next friday to get everything upto the latest version.


  • NOTE! I am still testing this, it is not on the server yet. But now you can at least prepare ;)
    Update has been completed

    Forge to build #953
    Industrialcraft to build #327
    gregtech to 4.05m
    Ironchest to build #649
    MineTweaker to 2.3.0
    Carpenters Blocks 1.9.7
    Galacticraft to build #904 (all 3 packages)

    Network anchor 0.10.2e

    Advanced reactors - It ate the server when heat vents are put in its reactors which is a bad thing

    Config changes:
    Added GT plutonium to ic2 plutonium recipes via thermal centrifuge compressor. I will change this to the thermal centrifuge when minetweaker supports the thermal centrifuge again.
    Putting a sane eu value on steel dust to ingot in the industrial blast furnace
    Fixed a minetweaker config bug with GC launchpad and buggypad

    A full backup has been made

    With this upgrade it seems to be no longer necessary to delete the NEI configs before joining the world.

  • I'm interested. I'm running a similar pack (but harder) solo, and enjoy it. IGN phycist1616

    edit: reread OP, ok, this is just as hard as mine.

  • Hello All,

    It seems that there are some small issues at the moment:

    - Added plutonium conversion does not work
    - GC solar panels are uncraftable
    - I forgot to update extra cells Will be updated next friday

    I will resolve this somewhere today, most likely in the evening since I have some irl things to do this afternoon.

    REMOVE THE MINETWEAKER CONFIG BEFORE JOINING I changed the config server side and this is now conflicting with the config on the client.


  • Hello, I would love to try this server out. It would be very helpful for me if I got step by step instructions on how to install everything.

    My MC account is FireLion1983

  • edit: Turns out this post was wholly unnecessary; the guy was already running the SSP version when I posted.

  • Hai everyone, will be joining u guys shortly. My IGN is BadAlchemy.

    O FireLion, judging by the timing of you having trouble with setting up your pack (and assuming you figured the rest out), you may be missing the correct version of gregtech. 405m, that the server is running, is no longer available. So i'd say wait for the next server update - That's what I'm doing anyway.

    Anyway, hey, Yay! See you guys in there.

  • Updated the following mods as GT advanced to far for new players to join with the proper version. I will try to understand dropbox or something else to host the gregtech.zip and config files to prevent this from happaning again.

    Gregtech to 4.05s
    Industrial craft experimental to build #333
    Extra cells to build #133 (edited due to durp)

    IC2Nuclear control 1.6.2e

  • It might be useful to put all these files to a dropbox that update for us, or even a zip of everything that updates when the mods do :D

    Yes it would. But there are several reason for me not to do that.
    1) Legal stuff for what is a private modpack and what is not
    2) Troll speed bump

    Btw, I added gregtech.zip and config.zip to the op of this thread. Thanks to SpwnX to show me this simple way of adding things! You are welcome ~SpwnX