Why major mods are not updating 1.7?

  • Forge's 1.7 versions are not really stable (which you can see, since files.minecraftforge.net has NO recommended version yet for 1.7.2). Also, Updating to 1.7.2 changes a lot, the earliest forge build for 1.7.2 was released on the 26th December, that's merely two weeks ago.

  • And even then, people like myself are waiting for a 1.7.4 Forge to come out, because the bugs of 1.7.2 are just unbearable (my Off-Center-Disorder strongly dislikes the accidentially mirrored Textures).

  • "The best things come to those who wait" be patient good sir

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    Is that what you call it, Greg? :P

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    this isn't about arrogance or ego, I have a block that I put a lot of freaking work into

    Every Mod Author, in existence. And yet, you STILL say otherwise.

  • I for my part can't even start updating, because a Forge bug prevents me from running the client.

    And there is 1.8 on the horizon...

    I think a lot of the mod developers re going to skip 1.7 and use it to prepare for 1.8