[GregTech] Thermal Generator vs Steam Turbine + Thermal Boiler

  • Hey all,

    Maybe I've missed something, but I just had a large steam turbine running with two thermal boilers and had very disappointing results. I set it all up, completed with large tungsten steel pipes and all, and gave it a run on 512 B of lava. Everything seemed to work fine but by the time the lava had run out, the generator had only produced a little over 1M EU. So, ~2,000 EU/B.

    Thermal Generators are 30,000 EU/B.

    It seems better to just run an array of thermal generators instead of pursuing the (albeit, cool) large steam turbine.

  • You haven't run them long enough.
    They are like RC boilers, they need to heat up, to consume less lava.

    People should read the GregTech thread more. There was something on this issue less than a week ago.

    In other news, are unregistered users allowed to post on the forum now?

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    I'm surprised that 256 B of lava isn't enough to warm a boiler up. Does anybody else use them regularly?

  • 256 buckets of lava is pathetic. Two boilers will chew through that in eight minutes, even after they've heated up to full heat.

    These are intended for when you have thousands upon thousands of buckets of lava, or have some kind of infinite or near-infinite source, such as the nether or Blood Magic's Serenade of the Nether.

  • 8 min. x 60 s/min. x 20 t/s x 800 EU/t / 256 B = 30,000 EU/B

    So, roughly the same efficiency as thermal generators?

    I couldn't justify use of these things based on this. No real benefit for the cost. By the time I built up that scale of lava pumping and storage, I ought to have nuclear up and going anyways.

    Thanks for all the info, though. I was surprised when I looked into it on my own and needed to compare notes.

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    There are benefits from using thermal boilers:
    You don't need loads of thermal generators to consume all your lava, you get obsidian (which when electrolyzed gives iron, magnesium and silicon), and if you have a lava filter you get metal ingots (tin, electrum and copper).