Fair ideas for IC2

  • The first idea is about the "dynamite remote" This device should be able to control a redstone signal. i.e. shutting down a force field, Opening some iron doors or even setting off a deadly trap to kill a thief remotely. A machice upgrade or a cover for a machine(gregtech). It should could have two settings single pulse and flip-flop.

    next is about the RE-battery, lead acid batterys have fatal flaws they can only handle low voltages(in real life, rare to see otherwise) and are slow to recharge.
    RE-batterys can handle any voltage due to redstone haveing almost magical energy absorbing proporties(in real life, it would change how we power electronics). Why do you think energy crystals have redstone in them huh?. proposed tiers "Lead acid" --> "redstone and lithium" --> "energy crystal" --> "lapotron"

    In another suggestion thread I read about someone wanting to get clay from stone. ha no. but how about from washing dirt in the wash plant?

    Remmeber those magical properties of redstone, ever heard of a betavolatic battey? by combining redstone with uranium in a special battery with tier based casings you can make this space age power source, you can get nearly free power. the only problem is the amount of power you can extract from it is so small but the voltage is extreme. maybe the IC2 engineers will need to look into this awsome power source.

    next are some ideas a little further from IC2, some rare materials "tungsten" and "platinum" are very hard to melt (real life). how about a "plasma arc furnace" for really hot stuff and an "electric arc furnace" for processing bauxite into aluminum. seriously you've never watched "How its made" :evil:

    This goes towards "gregtech" how about instead of a "thermal boiler" you make a nuclear reactor that makes steam. dont get me wrong a thermal boiler is a fair source for tungsten with out going to the end but, having tons of EU's can be much better. machine casing blocks for it could be made of stainless steel.

    How about a blast furnace that makes grey iron, Then you have to convert it into steel by reacting it with air cells. Could also be used to melt bronze. then use cooled dies to cast it into usefull shapes.

    ya I have melted aluminum, brass and cast iron in my backyard(real life) I got a serious clue of what it takes.

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    Redstone is just a very conductive material. Some form of gold/mercury-helium compound I think.

  • Redstone remote ideas is very awesome. +1

    I always got the impression that redstone was low-voltage, which is why it has to be compressed and later mixed with lapis lazuli to get higher voltages, but really that doesn't even make much sense... I think the main argument against having lead batteries as the first tier is how hard it is to get sulfur (without outside mods).

    Clay from washing dirt? That sounds perfectly fair.

    IC2 devs have shot down nuclear batteries repeatedly, and the new Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator is similar in purpose to what you suggested, but I would love to see something done along the lines you suggested. I think it is a plus that it exists in real life.

    Tungsten, Platinum, Aluminum, and Bauxite are not in IC2, but are in GregTech.

    IC2 has a setting for Reactors output steam and they are working on an experimental system using Coolant Fluid (made with water and lapiz).

    Where did you get all this knowledge? Engineer?

  • And in order to get the Extractor* you need a generator, which needs a battery, which you are proposing should require sulfur for the low tiers. Though you CAN power them with redstone until you get a generator. So it is possible, but seems like a poor design.

  • While we are on the topic of ideas, i'd like to make a few suggestions. most of these are targeted at ic2e:

    Reinforced stone mold: currently the best way i have found for making reinforced stone is to set up a 3x3 iron scaffolding block and hit the center with the gun, which gives varied results. an alternative method that might be a bit more precise would be appreciated.

    biofuel cells to coal: in the same manner that IC2 produces an industrial diamond, a piece of coal could probably be produced. Biofuel cells currently don't have a use in experimental, so this would give them a use again. i don't know if front-loading the chain like this would break the game in any way.