Original Iridium resource gathering (With Poll)

  • No, just no for the moonstone meteor, I stopped using Ars Magica 2 because of that, my house, even warded, kept getting holes :P, and players could enter it and prank me :c No, I think the memory crystal idea and the Iridium ore idea should be implemented IMO.

    Oh and BTW ( young thread ) necroposting. :P :D

  • i'm for memory crystal or devastated factory burried underground - (must be at least 2000 blocks from spawn or underground)

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  • How about a particle accelerator?
    Like that you have to build a massive structure and cool it and provide it with power and it is used for research and one of the things you can get out of it is a memory crystal with iridium on it?

  • I personally enjoy the idea from Dungeons. Because Quarries pick the stuff up and you get over time anyways iridium.

    But another thing could be instead of smelting the raw crystal you could put it in a lasertable from BC and get a random item out. Iridium is not a 100%.
    Like scrap boxes. you have to get a chance to get something good :D
    That is at least with modcompatiblity a chance.
    Else i would say dungeons. So people can decide what they want.