[MineTweaker-Scripts & Mod-Configs] Let's Greg other mods!

  • Technically, you shouldn't even be able to change RotaryCraft recipes, because Reika want them to be unchanged, and even made some code for it if I'm correct :P

  • I disabled the Worktable and the Blast Furnace (might have to do Jet Pulse Furnace too) and have everything done either with the GT Furnace or in a Crafting Table. Soon to add assembler recipes. HSLA Is a blend of a lot of different stuff. It's awfully expensive though. Meant for endgame. Just 'cause I'll do ReactorCraft and that's some massive power right there. (Change into RF, send in (nerfed) Tessies, change back to Rotational thingy and power a few nice Boring Machines.)

    The downside with that method ? The old recipes are still visible. Just undoable 'cause of lack of Blast Furnace and Worktable.

    The scripts I do/will do, and I plan on doing A LOT, will be geared towards the pack I'm making. Unless you plan to have a similar modset you probably shouldn't be using them as it uses from all mods that I use.

    I also disable stuff for some mods, so if you haven't got a replacement, you'd have to say goodbye to them or fix it.

    If you do have any suggestion, feel free to tell me here.

    So far I did :
    LOTS Of RotaryCraft. 2K lines of it. ;P
    Some Buildcraft, other than pipes. (Pipes too though.)
    Some Extra Utilities.
    Some Thermal Expansion. Disabled most though.
    The whole Backpack mod.
    Some Iron Chests.
    Whole JABBA mod.
    Some Open-Blocks.

    Hoping one of you can find a use for this.

    - Arch.

    [1.7.10][Kirara] New administrator of Kirara servers. A serie of well-made hardmode GregTech server. Come join the fun. ;]

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  • I just beginn with Galacticraft:

  • GC Machine Recipes:

    More see under: https://github.com/Dream-Maste…ster/scripts/Galacticraft

  • Arch and me we working on a new Modpack.
    It will be finished after in the next Week.
    We mostly nerfed every Mod Recipes in that Pack.
    We combining Tech Mods Lik GT and Reika's Mods , Magical mods like Thaumcraft and farming Mods like Forestry.
    We use Infernal Mobs and Special Mobs together with Roguelike Dungeons to make it more challenge.
    The Ore generation will totally changed with PFAA custom Ore Gen and Gregtech.
    We habe other Dimensions too like Twilight Forest and Galacticraft.
    So feel free to join us. Send us a small PM why we have to whitelisted you .

  • Funky Locomotion:

  • Some Project Red Tweaks:

  • So I'm trying to rebalance MFR a little bit, because you still can't use Forestry for harvestcraft crops-.- and there are another few things which are nice to have but I don't have an Idea to balance them, should I use it as a special tier or are all on the same tier and just upgrades are tier different/material different, I don't know maybe you guys have some ideas :D this is my start:

  • I don´t use MFR since 1.52 so i don't know exactly every Machine.
    Why you not Tier it like Greg do. Start with Bronze Materials like Plates, Rods, Screws, Gears etc.
    Next Tier would be Steel or Stainless Steel.
    After This you can use Chrome and Titanium or maybe Tungsten /Tungsten Steel.
    Greg have a lot of usable Parts like Pipes, Motors, Conveyor Modules, Emitter, Pumps etc.
    So we don´t have it in ouer Modpack so we don´t nerf it at the moment.

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    MFR really isn't tiered.

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