[MineTweaker-Scripts & Mod-Configs] Let's Greg other mods!

  • Nice :) I droped MFR and try to balance EnderIO a little (Use now the PowerConv. Mod to get GT EU -> RF (RF->EU doesn't work) and almost done :D (I don't need most things so I disabled A LOT)

  • and here is powerconverters: isn't much but yeah :D

  • It's been corrected on our server for a while. It's my mistake. I'll correct it on the github as well. Thanks for notifying me.

    DreamMaster is currently on vacation for a few days and won't be able to update the github.

    I'll come and visit maybe once or twice so he doesn't have to scroll through too many pages.

    We need more nerfs, keep 'em coming !


    EDIT : This script is not on the github anymore. So it won't get fixed.

    Second EDIT : To anybody following this thread... https://github.com/Dream-Master/ArchDreamCraft might interest you. The configs and scripts for our server. ;] Some configs are exclusive. (Also note some mods require each other, so they might not be for everyone.)

    [1.7.10][Kirara] New administrator of Kirara servers. A serie of well-made hardmode GregTech server. Come join the fun. ;]

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  • MFFS (You need the PowerConv mod to use this script because you can't gen Fortron with EU)

  • Open Modular Turrets

  • Progressive Automation!

  • Has anyone thought about making a tool for creating those scripts? Manual editing seems awfully tedious and error-prone. Also using the scripts from github is rather cumbersome whenever one happens to not have a mod installed that a script is using. I'd do something like that myself but knowing how lazy I am I'm almost certain I won't.

    Btw, is there a way to somehow dump all the item names that MCTweaker supports together with their in-game human-readable names? If that would be possible then perhaps making such a tool wouldn't be too much of a trouble.

  • My scripts are almost based on only gregtech and I modified all other from the github to not use redlogic or stuff like that, so you can use them in any modpack! :I

    And it's actually quite easy to create those things, I mean after your second or third script you know all greg tool for crafting and if you have the item in your MC Hand you can use /mt hand to get the internal item name and if there is, all oredict entries of that item. but even better, it does save it strg+c stylisch so you just have to dump it with strg + v :)

    My only problem is, we have so much scripts and so much files, that we could save a lot of space and loading time if we would just use one file... But yeah :D

  • You would maybe save half a second having all in the same file and no space at all. 1 character is one byte. 2 is 2 bytes. And so on. Size will remain the same. (This way I know we got 460+K characters of script on our server. ;P)

    Speed ? Yeah, maybe half a second. You'd take much more time than that removing all duplicate vars. Not worth it.

    [1.7.10][Kirara] New administrator of Kirara servers. A serie of well-made hardmode GregTech server. Come join the fun. ;]

  • Oh now I could need little help, is it possible to output all recipes from a whole mod with MineTweaker? I try to change all Harvestcraft crafting thing that we have to use (At least if greg has its counter parts) greg tools for crafting those foods :I

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  • Why not :D I love that Idea and I mean if you have them, why not use them :)

    EDIT: Found a command YÜS! "/mt recipes" outputs ALL recipes :I Could take a while but hey :D
    EDIT2: I don't need to modify the recipes, Greg needs add those tools, they're fully oredict compatible :D

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  • EDIT: Found a command YÜS! "/mt recipes" outputs ALL recipes :I Could take a while but hey :D

    Ooh, so MT does have a way to dump all recipes AND items with their human-readable names? Awesome! That means making a GUI version of the recipe editor is probably not too horribly tedious to make :)

  • I found the mod just today myself. it's a nice thingy but somewhat limited.
    Though considering ZenScript is rather limited itself then having an outside editor isn't really helping that much either.

    What I envisioned was some sort of a tool that can take in NEI/MT dumps and use them to have a uberfancy editor that can use all the data to make it easier to edit the scripts.
    Though considering ZenScript currently lacks both #include-like syntax and proper conditional execution (if (mod exists) { do_stuff() }) then external editor wouldn't be all that useful at the moment. Those features are planned and are in work for MT, no clue when they get released.

    I was builidng a modpack for myself and tried using the scripts from this thread (from github) but as I'm not having all the same mods installed as are used there then re-editing the scripts was rather tedious. The editor I wished for could have detected that and prompted with a list of items/recipes that need fixing :)

  • Mah it's quite easy but yeah I had to change a lot of stuff to for my server pack, so that it is mostly based on gregtech (a few things are still outsite from gregtech like project red lamps (changed them in railcraft.zs from redlogic) but I changed a lot to fit make them run with greg only :I