EV storage block?

  • Do you plan to implement an EV storage block in the future? One that outputs 8192 EU/T?
    I've seen one in Gregtech back in the day (was it AESU?) but since some people, like myself, don't use gregtech anymore, maybe it would be nice to have something similar in IC2. In my late game I use tons of overclocker upgrades and when most of the machines are working, 2048 eu/t just becomes not enough. I know there is solution of multiple MFSUs but I prefer one storage unit inside my base - just a matter of taste.

    Do you plan to implement something like that?

  • 2048 IS EV :P You're thinking of IV

    Anyways, I think you might be using too many overclockers. You only need about 20 until you reach 1 stack per tick. You could power that with a seperate MFSU for each machine. I have no clue how the fuck you power that o_O

    Now you see me, now you don't...

  • I like the concept of an IV storage unit, a tier 5 mfsu that is yellow and that output 8192 eu/tick with a 1000000000 EU buffer.

  • if you have that level of power output i advise it to require irridium for its making.

    but can't you get the max via a few MFSU's in series?