Making coolant

  • I was wondering if there is a preferred way to make coolant? I need coolant to make range upgrades from the Nuclear Control addon. I need quite a few so making the coolant with 8 lapis a bucket seems too expensive, so I figured I need distilled water to reduce the cost to 1 lapis per bucket. A solar distiller is very slow, so I looked for other ways of producing the distilled water. After testing around with a Steam Generator and a Condenser I found that the Condenser will only produce enough distilled water to keep the Steam Generator filled no excess. So the Condenser is not actually supposed to be a way of producing distilled water for other use than the Steam Generator itself? Are there other ways of distilling water planned or do I simply have to set up a large amount of solar distillers to not have to wait forever?

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    I just use a steam generator with normal water in, and just take all the distilled water that a condenser attached produces. Going mining and having lots of solar distillers can be good too, as long as they're being drained into a big enough tank.

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  • Hadn't thought of the possibility of just running the Steam Generator with normal water. I think I might go with that option... It is kind of a manual process after all producing the 10k coolant cells, so having to replace the Steam Generator every once in a while to get rid of calcination shouldn't be too bad.