Is it possible for cropsticks to get infested?

  • Recently, while rearranging files in my local copy of the Sphax texture patch for IC2 to compensate for the changed names of crop textures, I noticed it included images for "infested" crop sticks, although they seemed to be scaled copies of the IC2 base textures with no details added. Now I'm curious: is it possible for crop sticks to get infested and trigger those textures? and if so, what causes that? If not, was it possible in an older version or is it a pending feature that hasn't been implemented yet?

  • The textures are different from those used for weeds (weed.1.png through weed.5.png). The files I'm curious about (in the assets/ic2/textures/blocks/crop folder) are infested.1.png through infested.5.png. The last one looks like maybe it's supposed to represent a caterpillar crawling up one of the crop sticks (though possibly it would look like several, due to the way crops are rendered in the game with 4 copies of their textures).

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    I think infested was the old weed texture, but was replaced by weed when TD starting doing things, such as letting weeds be harvested. At least that's what it looks like.

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