[NewHorizons] Ultra Hard Gregified modpack via Minetweaker and Modtweaker. GT, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry, Better Questing 2,8K Quests

  • Version 10.03.2018

    New Mods:

    Command Blocks for Better Questing 1.0

    GT nei ore plugin 1.0.5b

    Supersolarpanels 1.1.2

    Super Tic 1.0

    Mod Upgrade:

    Adventure Backpack 0.9h8

    AppleCore 3.1.1

    Applied Energistics rv3beta17

    Architecture Craft 1.7.1

    Binnie Mods 2.0-23

    Berries ++ 1.2.6c

    Electro Magic Tools



    GT++ 1.7.0-pre8-final

    GT New Horizons Core Mod 1.5.18

    IC2 Nuclear Control 2.4.3a

    Open Security 1.0-109

    TecTech 3.6.3

    Thaumic Bases

    Thaumic Exploration 1.1.73

    Thaumic Tinkerer 2.5.554-GTNH

    Tinker's Construct

    Changed/added Recipes:

    Adventure Backpacks(fix script adv backpack for newest version h8)

    AE2(AE2 is EV Tier so they use EV Machines now)

    Biome o Plenty([] Easy unlimited calcite in early game. #2642, Add recipe for BoP Hardened Dirt #2534)

    Build Craft([Quest] Create new firestone ore quest #2664)

    Chisel([Suggestion] Glowstone related changes #2473)

    Electro Magic Tools(gated essentia gens at mv, added GT description, update emt script for new version)

    Ender IO(Farming Station recipe only accepts fully discharged Electric Hoe. #2561)

    Extra Tree(Fix #2259 - Crafting fences makes "_Wood Slab")

    Extra Utilities(extra utilities filter pipe is missing circuit options #2571, Add recipes obsidian glass #2470)

    Flood Lights(Flood Lights Recipe Exploit Possible #2573)

    Forbidden Magic(thaumcraft broken recipes #2506)

    Forestry(Frame Tooltips #2621 (#2623) Added Frame Descriptions in minetweaker script update frame file, Quest for Clockwork engine #2579 Add more Tube quests and engine quests, Forestry Farm #2540, remove stamps via minetweaker again, Clockwork Engine #2533)

    Gadomancy(Flint&steel in infusion #2520)

    IC2([]Incorrect recipe (ult lappack) #2464, add more and more ic2 and addon items to code, Neutron reflectors #2504)


    Magic Bees("Enchanted Earth" research in Thaumcraft unlocks Infusion #2554)

    Minecraft(moss stone recipe probably not intended #2572)

    Project Red(Allow using synthetic rubber to insulate ProjectRed cables, project red add circuit plate recipe to core mod)

    Railcraft(Electric switch track uncraftable #2661)

    Random Things(Spectre dim recipe change #2576)

    SG Craft(Added complety OP Stargate Recipes+fixed some SG recipes)

    Super Solar Pannels(add new super solar panel cfg and script)

    Tainted Magic(An error in the required aspects of the staff #2489)

    Tinkers Construct(Quest 33 (Tinker-time) only detects part builders made of oak barricades #2656, Spectre dim recipe change #2576, Obsidian Extruder Recipes #2549)

    Witchery(Witchery gypsum, and therefore chalk, is currently impossible to make. #2476)

    More Mods(heavily nerved Teleporters Inter-Dim-TP requieres Startgate parts now, Engraved energy chip from GTnewhorizons mod... #2507, disassembling solar panels #2512)

    Code changes:

    Core Mod(Battery storage above UEV seems broken #2654, Iron duplication #2665, Make Superconducter Coil Block craftable earlyier (LuV), drop computronics for now, remove unused imports, recipe fixes (Open Security), Finish Open security recipes, nerf Open Printers Mod, added OreDict for Space Rocks +increased version number, added OreDict for SpaceDusts, oc recipe done, fixing brocken recipes from oc, +fixed sg crystal, -revert autoclave to ZPM one, -revert fluid from 64L to 8L, fixed non-working StargateShieldingFoil recipe, fixed non-working StargateShieldingFoil recipe, stargate parts, + fixed get(1) -> get(1L) + fixed get(2) -> get(2L) + fixed get(3) -> get(3L) + fixed get(4) -> get(4L) + added complety OP recipes for stargate parts, added comments on OC, added Thaumic Bases Pulveriser recipe, +added Comments on OC recipes +fixed eeprom +added tobaccoleaf -> tobacco powder pulveriser recipe, [Suggestion] Centrifuge recipe for dissassembling fire charges #2628, Update GT_MachineRecipeLoader.java, fix super conductor LuV, [Suggestion] Cheaper Project Red Stuff & High Tier Vacuum Tube Recipe #2587, fix solar panel recipe, Integrate Super Solar Panel, circuit / pcb crafting issue #2586, change recipes using to high superconductor wires, finishing Super conductor wire recipes, bugfixes make mixer internal tank bigger, add the correct dust amount in the mixer recipes, add Mixer recipes for the alloys, Add ebf recipes for new super conductors, Allow IC2 shafts to be made using the GT++ extruder shape #2546, remove jetpack recipes, change ore dictionary entry's, try this change to disable Forestry recipes, Clockwork Engine #2533, Adjust GT dye fluid solidifier recipe #2537, []Incorrect recipe (ult lappack) #2464 add more and more ic2 and addon items to code, Add eyebulb -> spider eye recipe in extractor #2468, Some items from the mod GT New Horizons don't stack if crafted slightly diffrently. #2480, Venus Stone Dust centrifuging recipe inconsistent #2503, add dismantel to solar covers, Assembler recipes for LV-EV Electric Pump can use natural or synthetic rubber, fix gs dust extraction recipes, GTNewHorizons/NewHorizons#1270 Scan Mine&Blade Slots for Dangerous items; Prepared for future mod-addons (...Backpacks?), UV machines req UHV circuits #2498, Change to get not Europium before make a Fusion reactor mark 1 #2505, [Suggestion] Glowstone related changes #2473, Some items from the mod GT New Horizons don't stack if crafted slightly diffrently. #2480, GTNewHorizons/NewHorizons#2088 Added Range and Speed overrides, by using screwdriver and wrench, GTNewHorizons/NewHorizons#2160 - Fixed BabyChest GUI not opening - Fixed Hitbox being too large - Fixed BabyChest orientation not persisted Assembler recipes for Electric Pump accept any synthetic rubber)

    Gergtech(change gt localizer DD Dim Ore Spawn Text #2492 i catch not all but Ore Plugin will help, #2650 - Fix single-block miners mining bedrock May also stop them from mining through protected blocks, warded glass,

    etc?, +added achievement for Stargate-Radiation-Containment-Plate,Stargate Chevron,Stargate Frame Part, 2 recipes for Sulfur trioxide #2634, No large chemical reaction recipe for styrene #2635, Missing alternate record for nitric acid in LCR #2637, Revert "Electrolyzer Wishes #2622", Add vac freezer recipes to superconductors, Make Large Turbine getInfoData() work better with nuclear control displays, remove last recipes that using 32/t AE2added missing water to the Epichlorohydrin change Anti Knock recipe and add it with circuit to the LCR, fixed Superconductor material, Add recipe for the Data Access Hatch UV, Added autamatable data hatch, Make LCR accept 6 inputs, any combination of items or liquids, change recipes using to high superconductor wires, change superconductor wires to be assembler recipe disable crafting recipes, second try to make Superconductor wires more expensive change names of the materials, reduce ampere of the wires, try to add more parts to barium, add new tank capacity to mixer, switch ids because of cables overlapping ids, Suggestion: Superconductors #2433, Upstream texture changes, Fix translations, electro magic nanosuit loses pollution protection #2541, Rock-Breaker LV and MV not craftable due to IndustrialDiamond requirement #2544, Revert "Fix: Fluid pipes transfer capacity #1378", Allow IC2 shafts to be made using the GT++ extruder shape #2546, Electrolyzing distilled water takes shorter time than normal water makes no sense #2547, Chlorobenzene cannot be crafted in large chemical reactor #2553, Fix: Fluid pipes transfer capacity #1378, Vibrant Alloy dust with Fluid Extractor #2530, Uneven Input Numbers In Distillation Tower #2528, []Incorrect recipe (ult lappack) #2464 add more and more ic2 and addon items to code, Rotor suggestion #2469, Gas Turbine missing pollution tooltip #2519, Fix End Asteroid worldgen putting all asteroids in the center of the end, Distillation Tower in wrong tier? #2494, Arsenic/Bismuth/Antimony Ore Vein on Mercury #2484, obsidian electron tube recipe broken #2488, Input Hatch tooltip #2481, Fix multipipes, I like this fix better, upstream in the ore layer instead of downstre…, Debug/ore ratios, Seismic Prospector Blocks incorrectly name for LV/MV #2430, Added UUM support for Oriharukon, Desh and Meteoric Iron, Possible fix for ic2 cells interacting with fluid pipes)

    Config changes:

    Adventure Backpacks(Update config for gbeta20)

    Ender IO(Electromagnet Flings Items Behind Player #2608)

    Forestry(prevent TPS issures caused by butterflies)

    Gregtech(Deep Dark Ores need to be stretched from Y 250 to 0)

    GT++(update gt++ cfg and enable capes)

    Loot Bags(Remove blue steel from the high tier loot bag tables #2631)

    Open Computers(remove allrecipes from oc config)

    Super Solar Pannels(add new super solar panel cfg and script)

  • Quests:

    Biomass quests shouldn't require machines in the quest #2445, power of the sun LV level quest #2436, Dragons not dropping Dragon essence #2640, Quest Butcher knife looting #2648, [Quest] Quest for Primal Shrooms #2660, [Quest] Create new firestone ore quest #2664, Crafting quest at LV and name mistake #2668, [Suggestion] Some quest changes #2666, changed EMT Gen Quest, fixed a type in "questID": 671 "Electric boat", added various quests +added LV quests for brewery and fermenter, +added HV quest for Plate Bender, +added various Food quests, Kinetic generators quests should be oredict #2624, remove Trigger Quests from the Page, Fix spelling expoxid, Spell checked various old and new quests. Quests 1224 and 1252 still …, more high power/amp quests in lv and mv, Crossbow bolt quest on steam #2609, Quest #217 Void Portal Reward #2610, Add IV Quest and EV Battery and Buffer quest, Add Text to ae2 Quests, add more rewards to AE2 Quests, Ae System have now new Tab in Quest book, More quests in HV and EV, More Quest added like Data Stick, Microprocessor , Wafers etc. Exposit Quest addon, More circuit Quests, Coins Coins Coins Twillight eggs? #2595 [quests] Damascus steel from coins unlocks too early #2591, Moon quest requirements weird #2584, Quest for Clockwork engine #2579, Add more Tube quests and engine quests, Gate Forestry worktable quest behind Steam Compressor quest #2585, Cetane Quest still gated behind Glyceryl Trinitrate #2588, MV fluid solidifier quest has LV solidifier #2589, New Quests in Fusion section thanks to Olafe, Add more Steve carts quest. Add a light and a heavy fuel coins coins quest, GC parachute quest only asks for 4 woven/3 poly rods = enough for 1 canvas #2566, Add Hopper Quest and Info, 20 rocket fuel canisters is excessive #2559, Fueled Jetpack Quest/Recipe Issue #2548, More efficient transition from LV to MV #2542, Forestry Advanced Rewards Bag Quest Issue #2539, [Suggestion] New early quest Main/2nd #2497, Quest #169 can't be completed #2500, Quest 997 Dark steel armor advanced upgrades #2508, Sodium Persulfate Quest #2509, I hope this works. It should be the first stage of the fusion quests, [suggestion] Quest make gas turbine and diesel generator optional #2495, [suggestion][quests] change ore/xp berry quest to only give items (not bushes) / promote using crops #2474, quests not oredicting circuits #2485, hydrogen quest need now cells too

  • Version 11.05.2018

    Mod Upgrade:

    GalaxySpace-1.1.3b STABLE
    GT Scanner Mod-1.4.2
    Thaumic-Based-[1.7.10] 1.4.17-0
    ThaumicTinkerer-1.7.10 2.5-1.7.10-555

    Full changelog: https://www.gtnewhorizons.com/…post/135227111#p135227111

  • Version 27.05.2018

    New Mods:

    Travellers Gear 1.16.6a
    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9a-GTNH

    Mod Upgrade:

    Crop Load Core 0.1.1
    Crops PP 1.2.9
    Galaxy Space 1.1.3c
    GT New Horizons Core Mod 1.5.25
    GT PlusPlus prerelease 21
    GTTweaker 1.7.0
    Pam's Harvestcraft 1.7.10n
    Tec Tech 3.6.5a

    Changed/added Recipes:

    Biome O Plenty
    Bone Meal different recipes between Sagmill and Macerator #3000

    Core Mod
    try to fix prim peral in core mod section not working @bartimaeusnek
    change core mod script primordial Pearl

    change GC recipes and tier them
    remove torche from chisel group and add glowstone torch (balancing reasons on Planets)
    change glowstone torch recipe
    integrate Lander 3 in GC and GS
    tier 3 lander not need a second seat

    Broken recipe | Fixed #2933

    Ender IO
    [suggestion] ender fluid pipes should be more expensive #2997

    Forestry circuits crafting+questing annoyance #2879

    change output to tungstate (ender goo)

    IC2/compact Kinetic Generators
    Iron III Chloride Coin Quest Wrong Cell Requirement #2826
    Fixing the Thick Neutron Collector (GTTweaker 1.7.0) Quick fix for the Thick Neutron Collector for GTTweaker 1.7.0
    Kinetic Generator Recipe Rebalance #2825

    Spice of Life
    lunchbox needs steel screws due to changes done to the weighted pressure plate #3004

    Tinkers Construct
    Tinker spruce stencil #2944

    Thaumic Base
    Void seed (Thaumic Bases) #2940

    Twilight Forest
    uncraftingFix hides and removes the uncrafting table

    shimmerleaf has no option to turn it into quicksilver anymore (?) #2950

    Orfanix server overloading #2956

    Code changes:

    Core Mod
    Added Uniboxinator fur GT++ compatibility
    change the mass fab using gt item list because of gt++ compat
    Add UHV Mass fabricator
    More Bees #2917
    Add UHV Centrifuge for Infinity Bee Combs
    revert vac freezer reipes back in secs it was before
    change centrifuge tiers for combs
    nerf inifinity line
    Manuyllyn recipes unbalansed #2962
    Quantum chest scanning(for gravi recipe) #2959
    Superconducting Coil only crafted with UHV #2924
    add new glowstone torch recipe
    make recipe craftable (Glowstone Torches)
    No moon tungsten. Change it tungstate
    bounch of fixes replaced null with "GT_Values.NI", "GT_Values.NF" or "new Int[]{10000}"
    High End recipes for Infernal Brick #2991
    Vanadiumsteel Dust im Mixer #3001
    new recipe for #2999
    Assembler recipes for EV+ GT crafting materials (robot arm, sensor, emitter) don't match shaped crafting circuit tier #2996

    Add Unboxinator LuV-UV for gt++ compat
    add massfab to item list gt++ compat
    nuclear control displays 2.0, lang file addition (#120) applied mitchej123 fix to all turbines added .lang translation for GUI removed error log for quicksilver dust Lang file for Multiblock Information Superconducting Coil only crafted with UHV #2924Nuclear Display patch
    Oregeneration config error - Apatite veins #2001
    Turbine nuclear gui (#121) fixes critical server crash due to server sided getInfoData() by using StatCollector.translateToLocal instead of I18n.format
    remove Styrene recipes. Now you need to go the GT++ way using Chemical dehydrator.
    [RFC][Balance] Move food cans to HV #2821
    Copy fix from https://github.com/Blood-Asp/GT5-Unofficial/issues/726
    Fix for #2420. Small knife damage reduced, mob damage immunitiy implemented. Butchery knife damage buffed. Based on mining level, 5+ will instakill cows. Looting enchantment does not appear to work, filing separate ticket for that.
    rebased Mulch recipes
    applied https://github.com/Blood-Asp/GT5-Unofficial/pull/1425

    Config changes:

    Anger Mod
    Add knife and Butchery knife to blacklist for mob explosions. Raise explosion chances to 10%. Related to https://github.com/GTNewHorizons/NewHorizons/issues/2202

    Core Mod
    Mana Beans are enabled for placing again
    Add Gendustry Machines to the Blacklist from World Accelerators (Gendustry Apiaries are not on the list)

    Ender IO
    [Suggestion] Make Travel Anchor's Great Again #2939

    Add a bunch of new Bees by Zoko
    Chnage Gendustry recipes and configs
    Mutagen is more expensive
    New Gendustry recipes for Mutatron and Apiary
    nerf bees
    disable Infinity branch in Mutatron
    Add arsenic and firestone Bee
    add upgrade config override for bees

    Spice of Life
    Spice of Life settings #2930

    Witching Gadgets
    Add new Configs for Travellars Gears and Witching Gadgets


    Fusion reactor and assembly line quests cleanup.
    Added a tip about iron golems in the Nether
    setting up pollution scrubber and wireless charger quests.
    [Quest] 1k Item Storage Cell #2947
    Fix GT++ Quests and add Dummy Blocks.
    [Quest] Tier 2 Storage #2946
    IC2 Wind Meter - quest #2945
    [Quest] [Suggestion] "Indium" quest requirements #2938
    (Quest Text) Making Americum #2941
    Titanium Quests (suggestion) #2936
    [Quest] Power of the Sun 1x1 HV #2951
    MV fluid solidifier quest requires the LV machine #2873
    Unnecessary item (Quest 887) #2969
    New space race quests #2974
    more armor quests and more space race quests
    Quest ID: 1184 doesn't complete #2976
    more moon quests
    Too many Assembler Machine Casings in Assembling Line Quest #2980
    Quest ID: 674 Wooden Rail Variants #2984
    Most GT++ high priority quests completed. Need to finish thermal centrifuge and fishing port. PLease validate rewards.
    Add info on higher tier knives having better looting levels.
    Add Chapter Tir 7 to Quest book
    fix a few quests
    add EV and IV Machine parts to the coins coins coins questpage

  • Version 09.06.2018

    New Mods:

    IFU (I'll find you | Early Ore Scanner)
    GTNH TC Wands 1.0

    Mod Upgrade:

    Core Mod 1.5.27
    CropsPP 1.2.9a
    Detrav Scanner Mod 1.5.0
    Draconic Evolution 1.0.2n
    Extra Utilities 1.2.14
    GT++ 1.7.1
    Tec Tech 3.6.5b
    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9c-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    - fixed Issures with Java9
    - hopefully fixed critical NBT write Issures

    - try to fix crash on using infusion claw in protected areas

    Witching Gadgets:
    - fixed WGBF recipe map, causes no longer crashes

    - added compability to vanilla GT

    - added UHV Prospectors scanner
    - added LV-UHV Simple scanner

    Draconic Evolution:
    - tried to improof performance for 11x11x11 digging with draconic Staff of power

    - T2 rocket schematic fix
    - Downgrading Circuits for carpenter
    - Rose Gold - missing Mixer recipe
    - Stainless steel dust in mixer
    - Assembler Recipes matched to hand crafting recipes
    - added Dirt/clay recipes

    - Rose Gold - missing Mixer recipe
    - reduce explosives by 50% in seismic prospector
    - Added option for disabling machinemetal tinting.
    - Increase chances of GT stones.
    - Fix for typo
    - Add back in missing large boiler pollution numbers.
    - Add EU/t for monster repellent.
    - Superconductor Wire processing times fixed
    - Added Polybenzimidazole
    - Tungsten from Endstone -> Tungstate

    Config changes:

    - added IFU config
    - Aluminium Oreberries no longer Oredicted to Aluminium Nuggets

    Recipe changes:

    - Galgadorian Woodcutter buffed
    - Ender quarry nerfed
    - Weird recipe Onion Soup
    - Thaumcraft wands/caps recipes changes
    - lunchbox no longer needs steel screws
    - ender fluid pipes nerfed
    - Kinetic Generator Recipe Rebalance
    - added Missing Mutagen production step
    - Food cans now in HV
    - Carpenter's Blocks Slopes buffed
    - Cardboard wings crafting fix
    - added recipes for liquid cryotheum and pyrotheum

    Quests changes:

    - GTplusplus quests added
    - Add Chapter Tier 7
    - Space Dungeon Quests
    - fix for quest 1472(Grappler)
    - Carrots quest changed
    - Early game "Backed" Potatoes quest oredict error fixed
    - MV Multiblock Goals changed
    - Added quests for finding ores and Bart's GTNEI ore finding window.
    - Removed laser engraver quest in LV. Added chemical bath quest in LV.
    - Added info for new players on being online with Mojang.
    - Added info on getting a backup mod or doing it manually.
    - Added Ender IO Wireless Charger quest.
    - Added note to Darksteeel Armor quest to do potions 3 at a time so they match correctly.
    - Implosion compressor and vacuum freezer casings updated.
    - Primal shroom coins quest moved to require the quest before finding primal shrooms.
    - Cooldown changed to 20 minutes -long enough to encourage searching, since you only get 5 at a time.
    - New information quest when starting multiublocks to not allow multiblocks to cross chunk boundaries.
    - 16 new quests
    - Some minor quest fixup on HV/EV quests that unlock too early.
    - fixed enderquarry quest

  • To anyone who is upgrading to 2.0.4.x versions - oregen have changed from the last recommended version, so you might want to regenerate your world. And btw, amazing amount of work. I wish some game companies would have even 1% of that dedication to fix/upgrade their game (Nier Automata cough, cough)...

  • Version 14.06.2018

    Mod Upgrade:

    Core Mod 1.5.28
    Detrav Scanner Mod 1.5.0a
    Extra Utilities 1.2.13a
    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9d-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    Witching Gadgets:
    - fixed an issure where ruby ore will be converted into useless cluster
    - fixed an issure where the config was not read propperly
    - fixed rendering issures with WG clusters
    - removed unnessecary try-catch block
    - continued primordial armor gear development
    - added masks and goggles for primordial armor gear
    - tweaked Infernal Blast furnace to not consume less essentia (128 per recipe was way to much)
    - disabled a few useless recipes

    - added simple scanners
    - added UHV Electric Prospector's Scanner
    - removed unnecessary classes
    - disabled debug build

    - Solar Panel (Super Solar Panel) #3114

    - Capsule of liquid oxygen #3090
    - add liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen
    - add vac freezer recipes

    Config changes:

    - Enderquarry upgrades too good #3076
    - disable Ninja for mob farms

    Recipe changes:

    - Obsidian plate bending #3092
    - Macerate mob heads for resources #3098

    Quests changes:

    - Add IFU and Prospector Scanner Quest Thanks to Moron for the text
    - IFU quest fixed. Rewards changed. Coins ore quest added with 2hr cooldown. Crafting station moved to after GT tools (saw). 2nd EBF quest changed to retrieval. Higher tier crossbow limb/bolt quests added. Reinforced obsidian for killing the wither added.
    - Gold Wand Caps Quest #3108
    - Forestry and farms Stuck? #3113
    - [Quest] [Minor] Quest (#1003) for MV solar panel wrong #3112
    - Lost in TF comsumption #3101
    - changed Lox Quest

  • Version 23.06.2018

    Mod Upgrade:

    Core Mod 1.5.29
    IFU 1.2
    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9e-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    Witching Gadgets:
    -added Coal Sifter boost
    -fixed Oilsands

    -change Solar Pannels eu need
    -Move passive anchor to Steam-level, personal anchor to LV #3135
    -Small fuel canister get new recipe
    -OC recipes changed: inventory upgrade inventory controller and transposer

    -add liquid Nitrogen and Oxygen as material
    -change liquid air recipe
    -fix for Assline books
    -fixed SMP Assembly Line book issures.
    -fixed minor sorting issure
    -fixed Multiple items on one page
    -added GT BlockOres, BlockMetals, BlockGems for Assemblyline
    -Smp assembly-line books issures (#128)
    -fix for #2152 fix for reused DataSticks keep parts of old NBTTagCompound, fixed blockores and removed one hashmap
    -Attempt to fix for #3030. Checking in on branch and doing PR so it can be reverted easily.
    -Rebalance nether veins #3155 Certus Quartz now from Y 80 to y 120
    -New feature for chestbuffers/superbuffers:Transfer size mode. Instead of matching the output inventory, this mode will only transfer fixed sizes to output invetory. Useful for input hatches to Amazon Packager or PA filled with packagers.
    -Make Fluid Filters cheaper #2448 now for LV
    -add Quarzite to Nether Quartz Vein. Change ore wight from 20 to 30 on Certus Vein
    -Forestry biomass is now less efficient in a distillation tower #3172
    -Boost coal ore output #3099 by 2 and in the Sifter

    -Updated GT jar file. Now files ores not exposed. Also finds ores using different background rock. Updated version number to 1.2.
    -Commenting out Side.CLIENT makes it work fine in SSP, but crashes the server. Uncommenting it does not crash the server, but fails to pass info on hidden ores.
    -Ore finder wand now searches on the server and passes results back to the client via the damage bar. Will now find GT ores that are not yet exposed/activated. Damage bar is now required. Searches above and below the character. Searches are done by default every 250ms. Searches ignore GT background stone types.
    -Fixed removing item and state not resetting.

    Config changes:

    -Fixed IFU.cfg.
    -remove trash from Space lootbags
    -Boost coal ore output #3099
    -Arsenic queen item name issue #3132
    -disable Ninja for mob farms

    Recipe changes:

    -Catwalk no longer has Assembler recipe #3174
    -Spikes to cheap (add Plates and one Sword

    Quests changes:

    -fix amount of coins in a few quests be main quests now.
    -Add Titanium and Tungstensteel ingot coins coins quest
    -Spellcheck on Superconductor quests. Updated ore finder quests.
    -Added Quartzite to Coins quest to find Certus quartz.
    -Main quests for Multiblock goals. Added Spectral Glass quest.
    -Added Electric Tools quest.
    -more space race loot bags as reward
    -Add new Tier 4 Space race Quests
    -Add Tinkers Modifier to Quests
    -New Quests #3173 like Spikes
    -change TF portal quest need now Torche berries
    -AE2 Quest Energy Cell cant be submitted #3047
    -Problems with 'Brewing, the Industrial way' and related quests #3122
    -Tier 1 Schematic quest #3147
    -Chad quest should not be a main one #3153
    -Crafting quest requirement for hang glider #3152
    -Made arc furnace questline main quest.
    -Added Ganymeade to dimension names. Updated wording on anchor quests. fixed spelling errors.
    -Move passive anchor to Steam-level, personal anchor to LV #3135