Metallurgy 4 compatibility for 1.7.10 exp

  • I'm tired of having to separate metallurgy items from ic items. The macerator is compatible with nether ores, but not metallurgy. Please, someone, make an addon or add this to the official release.

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    Makes more sense for Mekanism to add that than IC2. It is nether ores that adds macerator recipes not IC2.

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  • I know the nether ores is what make it compatible. But, what is Mekanism? I've heard of it, but never used it. Is it like IC, where it has complicated recipes with cool results?

  • It used to be an IC2 addon/universal electricity mod, but now it's independant, and a bit OP imo.

  • Check out AOBD, it will work if Metallurgy is ore-dictionary-ized.

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