[Suggestion] Chemicals

  • First there should be machines for ''dissasembling'' materials into more basically forms

    Compressed cells should be dissasembled into: nitrogen, oxigen, argon,neon, helium kripton, ozone...

    Sea Water into Hidrogen ,oxigen and sodium (obviously) and a random value to find potasium, magnesium, sulphur

    Slime would be a total random

    And so on...

    Then with the other machine, you can ''assemble'' these raw materials into things
    like making custom nuclear fuel rods, making enough H2SO4 to use as liquid
    purifing uranium and remove other particles for ''Perfect Uranium Rod''
    The ashes 're a unused craft, they can be used for make a saturation into a liquid or purifiing it to make Potassium hydroxide!

    If you think i write bad, you're wrong, i just speak in HAYO

  • Sulphur is present yet: it can be extracted from gunpowder. But for make gunpowder back we have sulphur, coal dust, but we not have any nitrate.
    Chemistry is very big part of technology, I think this is a theme for separate mod (I've see a lot of chemical mods)