progressive heat monitoring system for a 5x5 reactor,

  • Good morning! Having kind of accepted that turbines will block well at least until I figure out the best way to resolve this I have decided to look into something else and that is to make a progressive heat monitoring system for the 5x5 reactor on my moon base using nuclear control, computercraft(probably) project red and wireless Redstone,
    What I intend to do:

    Create and audiovisual representation of the heat level in the reactor that progresses along a certain spectrum from green meaning safe, to yellow meaning caution and then to red meaning " status critical, shut me down immediately!" I would also like to automate this. An optional mod I would use for a vocal warning would be peripherals ++ that has a speaker and chat box that can be utilised for extra warnings.
    Is this idea feasible at all? I mean I know that it is slightly possible, all I need to know is is the there a way to link up the 5x5 reactor to this system?
    If you ask me where computercraft comes in I will be using computercraft as a monitor system in tandem with the advanced information panels of nuclear control.

    What are the chances of successfully creating and utilising this system?

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    You certainly could monitor you reactor with nuclear control, but I have no idea how the computercraft integration has (or hasn't) kept up with changes to give you all the information you want/need. If you just set green/yellow/red as 3 distinct points, it'd still be easyeasy if you used thermal monitors, but a scale might be difficult to have real time updating heat levels, unless it can still do that.

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