[Kirara 3.0] - A series of well-made GT hardmode servers. --- Official Random Thread.

  • He is still under debuff. Player name is "noobozyabr". Server is Kirara#3
    Could you please just delete his player.dat? We didn't get any stuff yet anyway, it would be okay.

  • I'm sorry. Really busy lately.

    But it should be solved right now. Sorry for the time it took.

    On another note... I'd like to close VK2. People haven't done anything on it in FOREVER... I guess people took me seriously when I said I'd kill it someday.

    So... That would make one free server I can open. What would you people like to see ?

    I've thought about either another HK where I could send new players. I could have qCraft portals between the two and a slightly fixed oregen on the other side, as well as better dungeon loot and stuff.

    Either I could open another map sorta like a "new" VK2. Similar mod set-up, just a new, fresh map.

    Either... I could kinda fuse the two together. Sorta like Hardcore Vintage Kirara. Pretty much what HK3 is right now, maybe a bit less with GT5u.

    But I need to know what people would be interested in. I guess I'll open a poll.

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  • My suggestion is almost the same as before except for same type terrain generation as KHC (ATG and UB) maybe also open computers (possibly with tweaks if it would be OP otherwise, but I don't know the recipes) TC could be thrown out, and some things like equivalent exchange I could make a tech based replacement mod for with GTish recipes. In any case I want this to be lighter than KHC since I can barely play with it.

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  • Yeah what the heck was I thinking... equal trade wand focus. Why do I mix those up :D
    What kind of greater changes? I'm thinkingi about adding stuff myself but maybe I should make it a separate mod/add on to GT5U.

    All your nerfs are belong to us

  • I'm currently at work without my to do list, but a few examples: Worldgen, remove Pu gen, add U235 gen, add Oil.
    Rubber needs LV Machines, LV Cables isolator can be wool. A bunch of different plastics from oil that are needed for some machines.
    I can list the other ~20 points once i'm home.

  • Well that seems really interesting. I definately wouldn't mind waiting for that.

    I might consider making a base there myself.

    The set-up I'd like to have is this :

    Exact same modlist as HK3 except Enviromine, Spice Of Life, Grimoires Of Gaia, Custom NPCs and the likes. You know ? All that survivalish stuff would be gone. Except maybe Special Mobs which would be toned down a little and Hunger Overhaul & Pam's Harvestcraft. Because veggies.

    The world-gen and mod setup would remain, except maybe Logistics Pipes, as I could put AE2 a tad bit earlier since it's not meant to be full-on hardcore. ;P

    Would people be interested having my recipes over there ? They'd be MUCH more manageable than in HK3 because you know, crucibles. Plus I'd have much less work to do with those as the work has been mostly done with my old server and HK3.

    Maybe I'd like to have IronChests added as well. Since you know... Nobody uses Greg's chests. ;P (That'd be nice on HK3 as well. ._.)

    keda : If what I want to do happens, you should be REALLY happy with how it turns out.

    [1.7.10][Kirara] New administrator of Kirara servers. A serie of well-made hardmode GregTech server. Come join the fun. ;]

  • About K#2 replace - i suggest TerraFirmaCraft + GT6 server. Things that looks like a TFC compatible:
    Smart moving
    Carpenter blocks

  • I updated only HK3 with the newest GT (6.00.49) so that we can crush ores again.

    I'm not going to update the changelog and everything because the real update will happen in the next 16 hours, for all 4 servers.

    Is all.

    Love you all.


    [1.7.10][Kirara] New administrator of Kirara servers. A serie of well-made hardmode GregTech server. Come join the fun. ;]

  • Just personal note. I would play when I have the time.


    Java script, which happens to be the language in which minecraft is coded

  • I tried a few times this weekend to get on K4. On the server select screen it kept saying "Can't connect to server" and when I tried to connect anyways i got "Server is still starting! Please wait before reconnecting."

  • Arch, a few things for KHC:

    1. Can you please check the scripts Railcarft.zs and Red-Logic Lamps.zs, they fail to load on my machine due to invalid characters at lines 482 and 383 respectively (This is locale specific, but in Railcarft.zs there is definitely a non-ascii character used, and in Red-Logic Lamps, looks like it's vertical bar that the parser doesn't like. The exception is
    [03:32:20] [Client thread/INFO]: [CHAT] ERROR: Error loading Red-Logic Lamps.zs: stanhebben.zenscript.parser.TokenException: Invalid character at Red-Logic Lamps.zs:383 - Â

    2. Can you please update GTExtras, the last version is 0.3.2 and there are lots of fixes.

    3. Empty tin can, just a reminder.

    4. Brics dust. (Turns out to be not that urgent, because some IHL recipes involve metal former, which in turn requires ~50 Titan to craft. Not too realistic in foreseeable future.)

  • My return, and a few changes :
    I will consider playing on kirara again in a few, though I would love playing with GT5U as GT6 is unfinished. I said I would not come back to it but now it offers end game so I'm looking forward to beginning from scratch on a kirara server with GT5U.
    And I'm tired of playing KHC with very few fps and a lot of crashes, you know my computer is made out of cardboard and paper, my graphic card barely handles agar.io (around 3 fps on this game).
    And even if I said I want to play on a GT5U server for now, I don't expect reaching more than 12 hours of playtime in total until September. Once September is here, I can pack my stuff and say bye until the year ends.
    I might see how august goes for me, I've been really busy lately so I expect to play a few hours on kirara during the whole month (for instance I'm booking a hostel in Italy from the 8th to the 15th).
    Oh boy. I wish I could play like I did before, but spending my days doing some work out, listening to some music and spending all days with my girlfriend are way more pleasant than sitting on a chair by 32°C. And my computer is overheating after a certain point so it gets unbearable.


    Java script, which happens to be the language in which minecraft is coded