Cable Capacitys

  • I was testing the capacity for HV cables and Fiber cables recently and realized that the capacity's for each on the wiki are switched

    Ill post some pictures as proof later.

    Anyways the basic setup was 108 geothermal generators to compensate for EU loss as well as Provide more than 2048 EU. now the cables
    connecting to the Geo generators were all Glass fiber but the end cable was a HV cable. now i was only generating 512 EU because the generators would turn off due to the fact that HV cables cannot support more that 512 EU/t ( it did not melt). After this i switched out the HV cable with a Fiber cable and all the generators were running. i checked the cable for the ammount of EU going through it and it was 2048.

    now i'm wondering if the Wiki + Alblaka's post are wrong Or if i have made a Huge mistake and have made a fool of myself.

    Edit: Confirmed the fact the Fibre wire can only support 512 EU/t and will melt Over that

  • all the generators are sending a single pcket each, which means you could have copper wire there. What you need is a highvoltage transformer and THEN test it, as it sends out a single pulse of 2048, not 2048 packets of 1 (or like 400 packets of 5, depending on the generator.

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  • A glass fibre can support more than 512 EU/t just not from one source.

    Say you have a MFSU emitting 512EU/t then have say some solar panels connecting to the same wire that has 512 running through it.

    The cable will not melt. It will carry 512 + whatever else is connected to it.

    I think it was shown with a pic somewhere....

  • A glassfibre cable can carry over 9000! eu/t aslong as its from multiple sources as it gets alot of diffrent sources


  • Yes, its the packet size that matters. Not overall quantity. Just have to make sure to have sufficient amounts of transformers on the other end to be able to output that much power. (input == output).