Need help understanding and fixing some problems with AE2 before I can finaly ad gregtech 5U or 6 to my modcompilation

  • Installed AE2 after IC2 so I think, IC2 could be part of the problem, as
    far as the info I could find on this so far troughout the internet.
    Unfortunatly neither the log out form AE2 during initialisation nor the
    sources of AE2 gave me a clue so far why below is happening, far less
    how to fix it (quite new to this side of modded minecraft, but willing
    to learn) :

    I hope I can find help here. Thanks for your patience with me in advance.

    Feel free to ask, if you ne more information as I already provided.

  • As far as I understanded it this is the latest stable AE2 that cause the problem. correct my if I am wrong. so you dont have to scroll trough the log AE is rv2-stable-10.

  • Thanks GregoriusT, good to know that fact, should be in the AE2 documentation big fat and red as important thing, I was parcticaly worried because Thaumic eneristics putted out a warning aswell, not all ascepects could be processed from that thing.

    Edit: another similar thing but this time in the IC2 APi

    [15:17:25] [Client thread/INFO] [STDOUT]: [ic2.api.item.IC2Items:getItem:36]: IC2 API: Call getItem failed for compressedPlantBall
    [15:17:25] [Client thread/INFO] [STDOUT]: [ic2.api.item.IC2Items:getItem:36]: IC2 API: Call getItem failed for matter

    Probalby i am overcautios and this is solved allready elsewhere, but I don't know about the technical side of my favourite mods yet (I promisse, I get better). So I ask about that as well.

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    That's Forestry not finding the items, it would allow you to turn compressed plant clumps into biofuel and crate UU-matter blobs, but both items have been removed from IC2 so instead it does nothing.

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