Kinetic Steam Generators

  • I feel like I'm missing something here-

    I have a steam generator setup, and I am getting constant problems with getting it to run correctly. Can anyone help? Pic attached.

    I have two heat exchangers on the sides of a steam generator, 221 and 1mb, with the exchangers oriented with copper side in. Behind the steam generator is a kinetic steam generator, with another one right below it. Both have fluid ejectors oriented to eject below (shift-clicking the bottom of a block, etc.). Then I have a condenser (or in the case of my attachment, a fluid distributor trying to pull water out of the last generator and eject it). I then have the mirror image of that setup below it, sharing the condenser/distributor and with ejectors oriented to eject to the top. I've tried just the condensor, a fluid distributor into a condensor, and just the fluid distributor (since its all distilled water coming out). Nothing works!

    No matter how I orient it, i get massive plumes of steam all over the place. Each generator is getting distilled water in it, either filling up or keeping just 1mb in it.

    Can anyone see the issue here? I'm using hot coolant and enderIO fluid conduits to move the distilled water.

  • Did you put vents and provide power to the condenser when it was there?

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  • The conditions for the steam explosions are overheating or being unable to drain all steam. Presumably one of those is met, but I'm not too familiar with the code involved.

  • I belive you need a real condenser instead of the fluid distributor since (as far as I know) not all steam condensates on the turbine blades of the last kinetic steam generator, some of it will keep going and cause those steam explosions, so I reccomend you get one. Also I reccomend you try it out and see if the condenser can keep up without being powered and have vents in it(since it does the job anyways, the vents only speed it up). It can surely keep up for 1 but I don't know about 2 kinetic steam generators, so you're gonna have to try to see if it does, since you might prefer not to waste more EU each tick and build a condenser for each generator if needed.