Option to disable radiation

  • Please add the option to completely turn off the radiation. The problem is that the players throw radioactive material to other players and they are dying from the harmful effects of radiation. For some reason radiation can not be removed even with /effect @p clear. We have worldguard on the server, but block-potions: [radiation] is not working. Or maybe there's another way to avoid griefing?

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    What will be changed on radiation: make it less harmful/annoying to deal with and make it so you don't insta die when you have some radioacrive things in your inventory.
    However I see no point of removing the radiation potion effect, because that would just make radioactive things too easy to deal with and would iinda completely remove the fun of dealing with uranium etc.
    Removing radiation completely (as a config option) would just require too much work for thing like that and it would just not be worth the effort.

    If you still want to remove radiation, try to use the radiation potion id (you can find that one in the config file) instead of its name.

  • Players will no longer die? How soon it will be applied?
    Radiation id is not working. Commands like /effect player 24 says that the potion id 24 is not found. (cauldron)
    I'm not asking to make mod boring or easier, i'm trying to find the way to prevent grief.

    Also milk doesn't clear Radiation effects

    I think it's reasonable.

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    Also milk doesn't clear Radiation effects

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  • I have an idea, let's somehow make it so the radioactive stuff won't be picked up automatically unless you're in full hazmat suit or have a containment box with room left for them (which they will head into ), this way the radioactive stuff can only be picked up voluntarily. Can this be made? Any ideas?