The differece between LSH and RSH.

  • What's the difference between them? does one hold more heat? On the old reactor planner it seems as the RSH last more, but on the new one the LSH see to last much more. which one is better?

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    The RSH can store 20,000 heat and can only be repaired with redstone (for 10,000 heat each). The LZH can store 100,000 heat and can be repaired with either redstone (5,000 heat each) or lapis (40,000 heat each). Better is down to the situation you're using them in, as if you've got lots of redstone but little lapis the RSH is a better deal, but if it doesn't matter using lapis with the LZH is going to be better.

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  • And one more question, i've been testing a bit with reactors, and i have a question. in the reactor planner, it says, excess heat XX. Is that measured in seconds, some special ticks or in-game ticks. i suppose it's real-life seconds, but i'm not sure. i've checked the wiki and i couldn't find anything.