Electric sorting machine Tier

  • In the Electric sorting machine, the (i) information hover icon tell that upgrades are possibles, but I did not found space where to put them.
    It is a huge disadvantage to be required to bring different tier cables, just because the sorting machine do not accept tier upgrade.
    Is there a solution for that? Am I doing something wrong here?

    Note: using the last (now a day) version, pulled just a couple of week ago.

  • Minecraft 1.10 with IC2 2.6.35 ex110


    Sorry, all is fine.
    The position of those socket are a bit confusing, I (wrongly) interpreted them as part of the inventory that shows aside.
    Thanks for your help and interest.

  • I actually ran into a problem with the sorter tier myself. The tooltip shows Tier 2, so to connect it to an MFE (listed as Tier 3), I put in one upgrade. BOOM.

    Very confusing so I put two upgrades, works fine. Maybe tooltip is wrong? Connected it to CESU and it works just fine. (Not the best test now that I think of it, since they all work with storage below their own tier.)

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    It's a bug, the machine knows it's a tier two but the upgrades act as if it's a tier one (ie, putting one in doesn't change it's tier, removing it could potentially actually lower it's tier back to 1 until it's reloaded). Just use 2 if you want to upgrade it until the next build.

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