[1.10] Mining Drill Right Click

  • Used to be that if you right clicked with the mining drill it would place a torch, but that doesn't work in the newest version (2.6.95-ex110). Could that be added back or made config-able?

  • Can you check when right-clicking with the Universal Cell? If you have a full one, have torches in your off-hand, and you right-click, you lose the contents of the cell and you place a torch. If it was empty, you place a torch... which in lava you don't want to do, because you'll lose that.

  • FWIW, having torches in the off-hand is also problematic when using the mining laser. Personally, I still think it's better to allow the drill to place torches. That way, you only need one hotbar slot to either mine with left-click or place a torch with right-click. Then, if other hotbar slots contain items that do other things on right-click (such as a universal fluid cell, like STrRedWolf mentioned, a mining laser, a Railcraft crowbar, etc.), you won't risk unintentionally placing a torch as well when using those.