Server: Moderncraft [IndustrialCraft² + RedPower2]

  • plz add me to WL plz, ign dixonuk2006
    been playing minecraft since alpha, industrail craft for about 6 - 12 months
    was on Undercraft industies server with darenton2k7 for months, only other server i played on was my own with a few mates
    never been banned and never plan on bein banned
    i am always willing to help and give advice

    nice to see darenton2k7 on whitelist aswell, not seen him since Undercraft Industries server went offline
    hope he still plays this server

  • Not too good with making applications, but here we go.

    Hi, I'm cblack9999, Minecraft player and IC2 server seeker. I just saw that IC2 SMP was out and was looking for a (free) server to play it on. I will follow all rules and always listen to the admin. I am pretty active and know most of the recipes and such for IC2. So um, yeah. Just applying for whitelist.



  • Add me to whitelist!
    I played the last version of Moderncraft
    IGN: Aragin

    We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

  • My ign is gecomol played minecraft almost a year and was using industrial craft around the :Nano-Bodyarmor: or something.Sadly i have to say I've been banned from a server.My last statement probably doesn't help but i will follow the rules.

  • IGN= Sirbrandino
    Time Playing minecraft = been playing since March
    Time playing IC = IC version 1.4
    Age= 15

    I have quite a bit of experience with Industrial Craft, to the point where I don't play vannila becasue its boring. I experiment a lot, especially with solar power and electricity, always trying to be the most effifient. I own my own vannilla server (and am about to open a private IC2 server, but its not the same as a large-scale server) and have never been banned or even accused of griefing (that being said, I've never griefed before. Not very moral by my standards). I want very much to play on an IC2 server, and will strive to the best of my ability to make the server better. Hope to see you soon (in IC2 smp that is ;)!

    P.S. My brother loves Industrial Craft as well, and has been playing about the same amount of time as I have, although I tend to have more experience. He plays on all the servers I play on, and works with me. Sadly, hedoes not have an account, so could you whitelist him as well? IGN = Jakendaker
    Believe me, if he griefs, I will slay him with a nano-saber irl (he sits beside me when we play, so I watch him. Not a problem though, because he is quite mature and have absolute confidence he will not grief. Thanks again guys!

    I5 2500K | 4GB Cosair Vengence | Radeon 6850 | Rosewill 600w PSU | GigaByte Z68MA | CM Elite 311 | Dell 19" 720p (upgrading soon!)| Hitachi 500 GB 7200 HDD | LG 24X |Windows 7 (Genuine!)
    Alblaka in a Lightning Rod suggestion thread...[/size]

  • IGN: cheeseloverswe

    I would like to join this server becuse... well multiplayer IC2 seems awsum

    Also, hope you dont get angry when i control your world :P


  • IGN:Tentwenty
    Griefing a sever with such a master peice of a mod as industrial craft deserves death. Just my opinion

    I'd like to join because i never got the chance to play IC1 online, And IC2 is just epic so, I was thinking of starting small you know some wires here solar's there but my main goal in this server would be to build and own a power plan than can pump out enough Energy to power an entire city and let the masses come and populate and eventually work and pay for Energy making an economy out of the Energy buisness i shall rule the server with an iron fist and an elecrtic attitude.

    Excuse my gramma and english (I'm australian)

  • IGN: Xekrom337

    Hello, i'd like to join the server. Im a good builder, been playing IC since way back :D and mostly know a lot of the mechanics of IC2.
    Never been banned, admin on a few servers, mod on another, and yeah.

    Also, I can't find any good F2P IC2 servers floating around :(

  • Hai I was accepted on the prevous server also minecraft name : plaxina i wasnt playing that much cause of other problems anyway i would reealy like to join your server beacause i have some experience with ic and buildcraft i will follow the rules i was banned only once cause of arguing with the server owner :D but nvm would really like to join hopefully see ya

  • I.G.N:Xxxangel17xx



    other info:

    i have never been band from any server never greifed any server am a goo arcetect love mining /building i like to be i a groupe of nice ppl also i will try to help the server famley as much as i can and I have been playing a lot of IC2 SSP. I am aware of how things work and I don't want to be alone anymore. (sorry bad engerlish im dislexic)

  • Been playing IC ever since 7.16, and I love IC2 so much.
    I've built factories before, (with BC of course), so I know how to effectively wire, as well as redstone.
    Would absolutely love to join your server.


    IGN: M11xStryker