► Gult's Gorge - 1.6.4 Free2Play | HOSTED | NO WHITELIST | Buycraft | Teamspeak ATLAUNCHER EASY INSTALL IC2, PROJECT RED, Buildcraft, Forestry, Applied Energistics, Bibliocraft, Binnies mod, Compact solars,Extra Cells, Gregtech, IC2 Nuclear Controls,

  • *Public Server Since 8/26/2010

    Visit our forum at: http://www.GultsGorge.comfor the latest modpack.


    IP address is: s42.hosthorde.com:25863

    We are a non-pvp server with a great community! We encourage you and others to assist when ever they can and we constantly want to provide the best place for minecraft players!

    We run a selected list of mods so make sure to download the modpack at our forum!


    Mod List:

    Industrialcraft 2, ProjectRed, Buildcraft, Forestry, Applied Energistics, BiblioCraft, Binnies Mod for forestry, CodeChickencore, Compact solars, Extra Cells, Gregtech, IC2 Nuclear Controls, Iron Chests, Modular Powersuits, Natura, Railcraft, Steve's Carts 2, Open Blocks, Extra Utilities, Enchanting plus

    Mod Installation:

    We are now using ATLAUNCHER to simplify the mod install processes. To download the new mod pack please goto

    and visit GultsGorge.com for more information.


    Now with Buycraft!!


    We also have a TEAMSPEAK SERVER!
    30 Slots

    (Find the password ingame)


    Server Info:

    OS: Linux/Ubutu AMD64
    Dedicated Server
    3.10Ghz octo-core
    Ram: 12GB /10GB Dedicated 1600mhz
    Sata 3 SSD Harddrive
    Fast Connection, Low/No lag
    Location: USA
    (30 slots)


    The Staff:
    Founding Admins: The_Doctor Levint7012 and The_Master Parasyte10282
    Admins: The_Companion Fundevin, Dalek mason1370, and The_Judoon ndagger
    Moderators: amaromarn, stewythe1st, Nectura,.
    Minor Moderators: Kozackthewolf, NinjaAssassin42.
    There are Multiple Player Moderators so you should be able to find yourself online with at least 1 admin/moderator at anytime, since we have moderators from many places around the world.



    Home of the famous Minecraft Let's Player: Ndagger


  • All Players:
    /ci - clears your inventory
    /tpaccept - accept a teleport
    /tpdeny - deny a teleport
    /whisper (player) - Privately messages someone.
    /money - Check your wallet's balance.
    /ignore (player) - Ignore a user.
    /motd - Message of the day.
    /pay (player) (amount) - Pay some one money.
    /rules - Check the server rules.
    /sell (hand:all) - Sell any item.
    /mail (read:clear:send) - Send, clear, and read your mail messages.
    /afk - Shows your status as away from keyboard.
    /spawn- Returns you to the spawn.
    /jobs list - Lists the jobs you can join.
    /jobs join [job name] - Join a job.
    /jobs leave [job name] - Leave a job.
    /jobs [job name] - Find the amount of money you earn for your jobs.
    /warp (spawn) - Brings you to the market or the front gate.
    The creation of Doors and elevators from craftbook and there use

    Home Info(Reg and VIP):
    •/home - Takes you to your home.
    •/sethome - Sets your home to your current position.

    You will become a Regular just by playing!!

    /lastseen (player) - findout the last time someone else was on the server
    bank command:

    • /bank - Help for the bank commands
    • /bank help - Shows the ingame help
    • /bank balance - Shows a players banked money
    • /bank balancexp - Shows a players banked XP
    • /bank deposit AMOUNT - Deposits AMOUNT money on your account
    • /bank debit AMOUNT - Debits AMOUNT money from your account
    • /bank depositxp AMOUNT - Deposits AMOUNT XP on your account
    • /bank debitxp AMOUNT - Debits AMOUNT XP from your account
    • /bank transfer PLAYER AMOUNT - Transfers AMOUNT money from your account on PLAYERs account
    • /bank transferxp PLAYER AMOUNT - Transfers AMOUNT XP from your account on PLAYERs account
    • /back - takes you to the place you just teleported from

    Server VIP:
    Exclusive VIP Perks:
    /Time - View the time
    /Weather -Set weather
    /back return to your last location when you warp
    /hat -wear a block of your choice as your head
    /seen <player>
    /tpa <player>
    /wb OR /workbench- pulls up a work bench
    Check the forums for more features to being a VIP

  • IGN: cblack9999

    Hello, I'm cblack9999, trying to find an IC2 server. I've used IC (and IC2) for a long time. I was very active in a IC server, until it died because of lack of players. So yeah, I will follow the rules (as best as I can) and respect admins. Better stop typing before I start rambling. So yeah, applying for whitelist.


  • I see that you removed red power from requirements, due to this, i guess i am all ready to join whenever it is up.

    edit: it appeared online for me, and i got the crash you did, my theory is you were building the map under the assumption that you were gonna be using red power (as i saw from it originally being listed), and there is still a piece from it somewhere on the map.

  • IGN: Scrapmaster87

    I'm an engineer by profession. My last home server is no longer up, but while there I made a name for myself doing very large tedious and complicated projects without assistance of any kind. I became a mod down the road but I found the role more burdensome than empowering (seldom used the powers). With BC and IC2 I'm stoked about doing some mega-projects to share!

  • IGN: Timmie3054

    I ran my own IC1/BC/RP server for 1.7.3 for me and my friend. For about a month.

    I have been playing a lot of IC2 SSP. I am aware of how things work. . I am 19.
    I don't want to be alone anymore.

  • I'm not sure if I have to whitelisted again, but if you can whitelist me and my friend again if we have to that would be great.

    Me: Killspammer
    Him: Flowqtz

  • I.G.N:Xxxangel17xx



    I have been playing a lot of IC2 SSP. I am aware of how things work and I don't want to be alone anymore.

  • IGN: Xekrom337

    History: Ive been playing MC since 1.3, then IC since 1.4_01. I know 99% of all the mechanics inside out, am somewhat good with redstone, im bad at building things, and would like to join this server :D

  • IGN: robgru

    just to say i will follow the rules and i have never ever griefed a server

    My history is so :D : i'm looking for a server to play with my friend's and i just love IC2. so when i saw it was updated yesterday i couldnt wait to get on a server and play with my friends. ^^

  • Hi i saw the server and since i love playing IC2 and when my friend robgru
    said that IC2 was updated we agreed to play multiplayer together.
    IGN: stifte1001

  • I am sorry if I am not on for a bit, I am having slight trobles, it is failing to load industial craft from a file inside the .jar

  • Hi there, my IGN is N_igma
    I played on vminecraft.com (Nossr50's server-- the creator of McMMO) for a long time, and then on a string of other servers that our community of about 20-30 people migrated to for various reasons over the past year and a half. Despite the updates notch keeps coming out with (infrequently), I find myself becoming more and more bored with vanilla minecraft as well as many other mods-- except for IC. It adds so much more depth that I can really satisfy all my autistic inclinations (read: it entertains me when I'm bored out of my face). Anyhow, I tried playing ssp, but found that it was much too dull as well. I've looked over a lot of servers with IC on them, but the majority are dead. Except for this server.
    Beyond my MC experience, I'm 20, and generally easy to get along with, or so I'm told. I'm very honest, and can't lie when asked a question directly, which makes it somewhat difficult to escape from incidences with authority figures, which doesn't happen that often in the first place. But before I digress further, I'll wrap this up.

    TL;DR: IGN= N_igma
    looking for an IC server, bored with everything else


  • So i think the chunk me and Pokenar are on is broken... Can't connect at all now X(

    yeah, before that placing blocks would crash our clients, now i can't log into the server at all, i blame the fact he left the magnetizer running despite it being bugged ALOT, and it broke the chunk.