Suggestion:[SMP Item Spawning]

  • In IC² 1.15 many Blocks are damage values of other blocks.

    Example: Every generator block is just a damage value of the basic Generator, which ID is 246
    So Solar panels ID is 246-3.

    The Problem is the normal SMP Vanilla Server has only a /give command with ID
    and quantity, but the not the Damage Value.
    In fact: You cant spawn some(quite important) IC² items on SMP Vanilla Server.
    I got no idea of how coding/java works, but if its possible please add a command
    in the Server-side IC² which let you spawn Items with Damage Values.

    If you wanna build a super awesome IC² City on a Server with some Friends,
    this Command stuff is really annoying.

    PS: If there is already a Way to spawn items/blocks with Damage Values on SMP Server,then I'm sorry.

    PS2: Sry for bad English.

  • I dont' know much about java code either, but I doubt thats easy to do, and i also doubt that they wanna spend time implementing it.

    Worst case just spawn the materials for the items you want, and build them. /give glass, /give coal dust, /give generator

    Put them all in the crafting table - shift-click (if you have convenient inventory installed) -- sure it takes 5 seconds longer, but not a big deal :). You can spawn yourself all the items in stacks, and make 1 stack (64) of solar arrays in about 10 seconds, instead of 1 second :).

  • although I have not tryed it, I believe Too many Items will allow to do that in smp. Don't quote me tho, I've yet to test it.

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  • It doesn't work with TMI either, because TMI in Mutliplayer just uses the /give Commands ,if you click glass, it make /give (yourname) (glassid) 64 to console, so it also depends on the commands,you can change the settings, but without a command of the Server it doesn't work.

  • Use flan's Mp Utils ?

    Thx with this it works fine.

    For everyone who want to use TMI with damage value items in multiplayer, insall the utils mod, then go to your .minecraft folder, there is the toomanyitems.txt
    In it there is a line with "/give {0} {1} {2}" change it to "/i {1} {2} {3}" (without the ""). Dont change the part before the /!